The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 757, Killing Xuan Shaoyu


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“Shit, their lovey-dovey display is so blinding it pales to my 24 karat eyes!” Fiend Yang cried out and held his eyes.


The others chuckled, give the lovely couple a queer smile.


Zhuo Fan just shrugged at Chu Qingcheng, “Looks like we need to shake off these blind fools or they’ll ruin our mood.”


Chu Qingcheng giggled.


However, a shout was heard and a familiar figure came leading tens of thousands of worn out soldiers.


“Brother Zhuo, did we win?” Luo Yunhai asked in joy.


Sticking out his chest Gu Santong spoke with pride, “Of course. When I go, nothing can stop me. The one to blame is my dad for letting me out so late, or I’d have long since wasted them!” 


[Oh, so you did it. No wonder so many died in this fight, with thousands experts from my clan as well.]


Luo Yunhai broke into cold sweat as he watched Gu Santong’s prideful face, “Young Sanzi truly is amazing. But maybe could you give us a signal the next time you fight?” 




Gu Santong was startled while the others shook their heads. 


[This kid is that ignorant of his raw power?]


[Give us a signal to get some cover.]


But seeing Gu Santong so oblivious, Luo Yunhai did not explain, lest he get the little ball of rage angry.


“Big brother Zhuo!”


Luo Yunhai turned to Zhuo Fan, “Although we didn’t need to attack the treasury, since it fell under young Sanzi’s move and we had no chance to use the resources, we still managed to get some spoils of war and got to rob it.”


Demon Scheming Sect’s hearts twitched. 


[The Mystical Heaven Sect has been around for millenia. Their treasury must be loaded.]


They won the battle but were so focused on the joy that they forgot something so basic. 


[How stupid of us!]


So Fiend Yang was the first to jump in, “Oh, Clan Head of the secular world, we’re all allies here. We should settle the accounts, since we did so much hard work ourselves. We should get the biggest share. “


“Ha-ha-ha, relax, we only came to help brother Zhuo. All of it will be yours.” Luo Yunhai waved his hands like it was nothing.


Fiend Yang raised an eyebrow and nodded. 


[This kid is upright and good. What kind of ally doesn’t want to be paid after being asked for help?]


The other elders were also admiring him.


Zhuo Fan, who would fight for every stone shook his head, “Yunhai, I’ll make it up for Luo clan for their help.”


“Brother Zhuo, we’re all a family. What make it up to us?”


Luo Yunhai waved his hand, glancing at Chu Qingcheng, “Brother Zhuo, we did find something in the treasury you might want to see.”


Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow, “What?”


Luo Yunhai gave Qiu Yanhai a look and he presented a ring.


Zhuo Fan received it and took out its items. It had three jade slips. Zhuo Fan looked over the first and was stunned, “Heavenly Cycle Dragon Array?”


“Yes, it’s the one the Heavenly Cycle Elders used!” Luo Yunhai spoke, “Keep reading…”


Zhuo Fan took the second one with doubt, “Four Elements Cycle Array?”


“Yes, the array from which the Heavenly Cycle Dragon Array was developed…” Qiu Yanhai spoke carefully, “Steward Zhuo, check the last one.”


Zhuo Fan gave the two a long look then scanned the third jade slip. 


Only this  time, his eyes exploded wiht bloodlust.


The crowd looked puzzled.


Not far, Sect Leader Xuan held his son up and gave him a recovery pill. His eyes flashed, “Shaoyu, don’t worry, I’ll surely get Chu Qingcheng back…”




However, he did not finish as a black figure appeared in front and punched him. 




Sect Leader Xuan and Xuan Shaoyu had no time to react. Xuan Shaoyu was reduced to pieces and blood as he splattered on the rubble.


With the blood and gore dripping from Sect Leader Xuan’s face, he was still to stunned to register it as he looked at the hard and cold face of Zhuo Fan.


“Y-you…” Sect Leader Xuan’s eyes were filled with tears, choked with emotion to speak.


Zhuo Fan gave him an icy look, “Sect Leader Xuan, thank you for your help with Ning’er. By letting Mystical Heaven Sect go, all accounts are settled.”


Zhuo Fan left with a dead face, walking to Chu Qingcheng and the others. Sect Leader Xuan’s white hair was a mess, his eyes lost.


He did not know why he thanked him for saving the girl nor why he came back to kill his only son.


Seeing the blood around, Sect Leader Xuan crumbled to his knees and howled in pain and sorrow.


Zhuo Fan was back among his people, who were curious about why he first let Xuan Shaoyu go only to kill him now.


Only Luo Yunhai and his men knew.


“Yunhai, destroy it. I don’t want anyone to see it.” Zhuo Fan spoke.


Luo Yunhai nodded.


Letting out a relieved chuckle, Zhuo Fan came to Chu Qingcheng and held her waist as they walked.


She just looked at Luo Yunhai curiously, “What’s that?”


“Nothing of importance.”


Zhuo Fan shook his head, “Qingcheng, you have your own principles that I will protect, taking on me all the sins and crimes. But…” 


Zhuo Fan gnashed his teeth, “If you are in danger, no matter the principle, even my path, I’ll cross them all!”


Chu Qingcheng gave him a long look and smiled, leaning her head on his shoulder in happiness.


[I don’t want you to give up everything for me. I only want to help you achieve your ambition…]


Seeing them go, the others looked at Luo Yunhai. Fiend Yang was smiling from ear to ear, “Uhm, Luo Clan Head, what was that? “


“Nothing you should know about.” Luo Yunhai spoke in a hard tone, “Brother Zhuo wants this destroyed so no one can see it. Or the ending of Mystical Heaven Sect’s young master…”




They all shook and coughed, looking at Zhuo Fan. Since it was so dangerous, they could stall their curiosity. It was much better to live.


Once all were gone, Luo Yunhai looked at the third jade slip. He let out a long breath and shook his head, “Empty Spirit Body, the desire of every cultivator. It can even help gods, but look what disaster it brought.”


“But one thing is certain, the Heavenly Cycle Elders sure were geniuses to come up with such an array.”


With a smile, Qiu Yanhai sighed, “From Heavenly Cycle Dragon Array to Four Elements Cycle Array, to come up with… ha-ha-ha. I bet it was made to fit the young sect leader like a glove.”


Nodding, Luo Yunhai sighed, “Yeah, why else would brother Zhuo go back on his words and kill the one he just spared? As long as he’s around, the Mystical Heaven Sect would never let go of sister Qingcheng, the best cauldron.”


“But even so, there may be one coming later on who would want her.” Qiu Yanhai’s eyes shone.


Luo Yunhai nodded, “That’s why brother Zhuo wanted it destroyed. This is an array to exchange a life for a life.”


Qiu Yanhai gave a heavy nod, then had the three jade slip hold in his hand and used his power. Hot energy was released, “If you just crush them, someone dead set on it might recover them. Allow me to destroy them.” 


However, a beautiful figure appeared, “Wait.”


“Sister Qingcheng!”


“Miss Qingcheng!”


The two looked shocked, “What are you doing here?”



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