The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 758, Countering Demon Scheming Sect


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Half an hour later, Zhuo Fan unsealed Han Qianying and Shui Ruohua’s cultivations. The two quickly opened the sect array and the Demon Scheming Sect with the Luo clan left after taking care of their wounded and burying their dead. 


Even after everyone left, Zhuo Fan stayed behind. He had unsealed Chu Qingcheng’s cultivation a while back and yet she immediately went away saying she had something to do. Now he was waiting for her.




Chu Qingcheng’s amazing figure came back before Zhuo Fan with a smile, “I’m back.” 


“That’s good. Let’s go as well.” Zhuo Fan nodded and held her hand tightly.


Chu Qingcheng was startled, “Aren’t you going to ask me where I was?”


“Ha-ha-ha, no matter where you go, as long as it’s not dangerous, I won’t ask and I’d even let you go.” Zhuo Fan chuckled, “You’re my wife, not an underling, nor a prisoner. You have your own freedom.”


Chu Qingcheng beamed with joy.


[We truly know each other best. He knows me and I know him.]


They also did not want all their affairs to be known either, to feel like they were being watched. So Chu Qingcheng did not ask about Zhuo Fan’s matter and he didn’t ask about hers either. This was mutual respect.


However, the two’s silent agreement hadn’t lasted three steps, as Zhuo Fan said with a frown, “Uhm, Qingcheng, just where did you go?”




Chu Qingcheng rolled her eyes and giggled, “DIdn’t you say you won’t ask? Why are you going back on your word?”


“Ha-ha-ha, sorry, I know that I shouldn’t restrain you, but I can’t help but know everything about you, down to the last detail. This is such a complicated feeling…”


Zhuo Fan shook his head, “It’s my first time feeling like this and I don’t understand. It feels so impulsive. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I respect your wish…”


However, Chu Qingcheng stopped him and flashed the Thunder Ring on her finger in front of him, “I went back for this. After Mystical Heaven Sect trapped me they even took my storage ring. I went after it.”


“I see, so it was nothing, ha-ha-ha…” Zhuo Fan nodded.


Chu Qingcheng glared, “What nothing? This ring comes as a pair, a proof of our relationship. How is it nothing?”


“Yeah, you’re right, ha-ha-ha…” Zhuo Fan nodded, his heart warm and fuzzy. Despite being a Thunder Ring, this ring of his was also a sacred ring, unlike the one she had which was simple, even though he made it.


Chu Qingcheng cared for it because it represented their bond which filled him with happiness.


However, their little warm bubble was soon broken as Chu Qingcheng recalled something and mocked, “Oh, I was wrong. The ring isn’t a pair since there’s another one. Something similar is worn by Miss Luo…” 


“Uhm, well…” Zhuo Fan was sweating.


Chu Qingcheng went on with a smile, “These three rings will be together later on and we will live happily together!”


“Uhm, Qingcheng, she isn’t like that. She’s just family, and the ring was already passed to Yunhai, the keepsake of Luo Clan Head…”


“Oh, I see. Then Shuang’er, Yongning, Lian’er, Miss Xue…”


Zhuo Fan’s mouth twitched, “Qingcheng, you’re the leader of Drifting Flowers Edifices, a person of power…”


“Yeah, but sometimes I’m impulsive too. I don’t want to limit you. It’s just that when sister Peony sent me those sending jades containing strange information, my heart felt heavy…” Batting her eyes, Chu Qingcheng showed her mischievous side.


Zhuo Fan’s eyes shook, cursing Peony for being a busybody. Then he shook his head.


Chu Qingcheng’s assault never relented as she kept asking awkward questions and putting Zhuo Fan on the spot. This was how they walked out of this place, hand in hand.


In this moment, the two were unlike the high cultivators they were, nor deep schemers, just a loving couple.


They bicker, they nag and they flirt…


Seeing the two go, Luo Yunhai and Qiu Yanhai shared a pained look.


Luo Yunhai sighed and said, “Brother Zhuo asked us to destroy the jade slip before anyone saw it, but in the end sister Qingcheng saw it too. What now?”


“Uhm, Clan Head, it’s all fine.” Qiu Yanhai pondered, “Steward Zhuo wanted no one to set their eyes on Miss Chu. Now that the jade slip is destroyed, Miss Chu can’t be hurting herself, right? It’s fine.”


Thinking it over, Luo Yunhai nodded, “I hope so. But brother Zhuo’s order was to not let anyone see it. Now that sister Qingcheng did, how do we tell him?”


“Miss Chu said it herself, to just not include her. They’re together anyway, so it won’t matter, ha-ha-ha…” Qiu Yanhai scratched his head, “Clan Head, I’m a knowledgeable old man and some things are better not taken so seriously. It’s best to gloss over it. When you have a lady yourself, you’ll know what it means to be love struck.”


Giving the old man a long look, Luo Yunhai nodded.


[Since sister Qingcheng and brother Zhuo are family, it’s fine if there are some things hidden from the husband or wife.]


The two then nodded, reaching a decision, and hurried to catch up.


However, to Chu Qingcheng, she had lied to Zhuo Fan for the first time and due to their trust, Zhuo Fan did not suspect anything.


But this, however, was foreordained to become Zhuo Fan’s biggest regret of his lives…


After leaving, they rested for half a month ten miles from Mystical Heaven Sect and continued onward.


Zhuo Fan had given Li Jingtian and the elders pills and helped them recover faster. The Demon Scheming Sect was jubilant in the meantime from the spoils of war they got after that big fight. 


The happiest was Kui Gang. His darling son, Kui Gang, was seeing his mother for the first time.


He now knew that his father prepared this surprise for him. They hugged in tears and in joy, holding each other close.


Venerable Qi was very much against Kui Lang and the girl from the Mystical Heaven Sect getting together, but this time they seized Mystical Heaven Sect and cut their arrogance down to size, not to mention they got a little something extra for their troubles. He didn’t even mind seeing Zhuo Fan happy with his lady.


Moreover, since Steward Zhuo managed to get a girl from a righteous sect to join him, his disciple couldn’t? Maybe this victory would be enough to make Sect Leader overlook it. 


Anyway, the result was better than the fault, leaving room for discussion…


And so, the whole group continued on. Zhuo Fan did not separate from them and went back to the Demon Scheming Sect with the Luo clan. 


They then arrived at the valley where the two teams met for the first time. Shuang’er and Yongning, were anxiously waiting under Yue Ling and Qi Changlong’s care. 


After all joined up, the girls were overjoyed to see Chu Qingcheng was saved. The girls all gathered around and talked, being close sisters with Chu Qingcheng.


Chu Qingcheng also joined the conversation with a smile.


However, while they were still lost in their victory, Zhuo Fan suddenly shouted, “Listen up, the fighting isn’t over!”


They all turned to Zhuo Fan with a puzzled look. 


[What do you mean the fight isn’t over? Isn’t Mystical Heaven Sect ruined?]


“First of all, I’ve been hiding something from all of you…” Zhuo Fan was dead serious as he pulled Chu Qingcheng in front, “I’ve attacked Mystical Heaven Sect for my personal reason, to save my wife. I thank you all for your help!”


Zhuo Fan cupped his hands before them.


The people were stunned, then laughed, “Ha-ha-ha, Steward Zhuo, we already figured it out. What’s the big problem?”


“Yeah, with your merit, fighting to get a woman won’t make Sect Leader say anything.” Venerable Bai laughed.


Zhuo Fan shook his head and watched the crowd, “This was what I wanted to tell you. Sect Leader Xie Wuyue doesn’t know about our fight with Mystical Heaven Sect. It was all me.”




They all stood dumbstruck, hardly believing Zhuo Fan’s words. 


Impersonating the Sect Leader was a serious offense. To even take all of the sect’s experts and fight another, that was inexcusable.


With Xie Wuyue’s temper, they could see how this wouldn’t end well and they shook all over.


Seeing them react like that, Zhuo Fan squinted. He spoke something that gave them the biggest shock of all. It almost blew their minds.


“That’s why, we are now going to counterattack the Demon Scheming Sect and seize power!”


[Proofreader note: Woah, the author really planted several flags in this chapter.]



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  1. I’m guessing Chu Qingcheng sacrifices herself for Zhou Fan sometime in the story? Sorry it’s just my guess, i don’t know if it’s spoiler but seeing that red flag planted i can only believe like that. Too many old enemies have been spared now.

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