The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 800, Qiao’er’s Transformation

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With a wave of the hand and a flash of light, the three terrifying golden spheres were stashed away in Zhuo Fan’s ring.


Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed.


Dragon ancestor’s Dragon Breath Pills were enough to kill anything beneath Sovereign Stage. It’d be a shame to use it on some nobodies.


Zhuo Fan hesitated. He now had a truly insane last resort, but he found no use for it in the mortal domain.


[When I get ambushed by an army, I’d much rather fight it out than waste it.]


Zhuo Fan shook his head. He’d been throwing his money around for the past years like a magnate, yet now that he had these three killer Dragon Breath Pills, he found himself back to the olden days as a miser.


[They’re just too damn valuable to waste…]


Staring at Zhuo Fan’s happy and worried look, dragon ancestor couldn’t understand it. The dragon had always been indulging in showing off its power and wealth, so how could he understand ZhuoFan’s predicament? 


“Uhm, I know this will be hard for you, but this is the extent of help I can offer.” Dragon ancestor clearly misunderstood, blaming himself.


Zhuo Fan rolled his eyes, driving the misunderstanding home with a sigh and a shameless nod.


[Because it’s hard, the success is that much worth it. Because winning is everything, you’ll do all you can.] 


So Zhuo Fan was back to thinking about how to fleece this mighty dragon ancestor for all he was worth.


But then, as a array grandmaster, he found a problem, “Dragon Ancestor, you want to set up a recoil array. But where does its power come from? The spiritual energy in mortal domain is thin and supressed as well. Even if the array is set, it won’t have much effect. Unless we use the five sacred mines!


“Dragon Ancestor, I urge you to lend me a hundred Dragon Breath Pills and I’ll snatch the sacred mines.” Having found a perfectly logical excuse, Zhuo Fan roared with hope.




Dragon ancestor was about to spew blood. 


[A hundred? What do you take me for, a dispenser?]


Glaring at him, the dragon ancestor shook his head. “No use. Ignoring the fact the five mines have Sword Sovereign’s arrays to block their mining and lower the sacred weapons’ power in killing us when needed, even if we had them by some miracle, it won’t be enough to break this barrier. This is a world in itself, even if a bit smaller than the Sacred Domain.”


“What then? There’s not enough juice to power it.” Zhuo Fan frowned and sighed.


Dragon ancestor said, “I’ve already figured it out. It’s also the second problem of this plan. Setting up a drawing array in the World Wind Tunnel!”


“World Wind Tunnel?”


Zhuo Fan was startled, “What’s that?”


Dragon ancestor explained, “This is the perfect example why despite how great Heavenly Sovereign’s eye is, it’s still in the Sovereign Stage. This mortal domain he created is like a small world, but it has its weakness, tied to the Sacred Domain, the World Wind Tunnel.


“Think about it. With the Sacred Domain’s incredible spiritual energy, it should seep into the mortal domain through this tunnel, but it’s being suppressed by the mortal domain’s barrier. It ends up gathered in one place, leading to the formation of a strange pocket over time. Just how the spot where this prison of mine is placed in a similar wind tunnel, the Ultimate Clarity Sect’s secret realm. Here, the spiritual energy is thick and leads directly to Sacred Domain. That’s why their disciples’ enlightenment comes fast and can form the particular Taiji domain soul.


“That means we can reach the Sacred Domain through this tunnel?” Zhuo Fan cried out.


Dragon ancestor shook his head, “If only it were that easy. It is but a cave that barely lets any spiritual energy pass through. Nothing else can cross it. We can only use its spiritual energy to break out of this place. By using a drawing array it will draw out a lot of energy from Sacred Domain. With this power, we’ll break the barrier.


“But this solution comes with a problem. Because this wind tunnel has created many strange pockets, like this one, while some are good for cultivation, others are deadly. Though there’s one common ground to all of them. Whether they’re a hellscape or paradise, all are under a strong faction’s ownership. So to set a drawing array in them, you not only have to brave their dangers, but also go through any who oppose you.”


Zhuo Fan nodded.


[Since the power supply is settled, the recoil array is feasible. Although…]


“And how am I supposed to find the World Wind Tunnel with the mortal domain as big as it is? You can’t expect me to run around day and night, right?” Zhuo Fan frowned.


Dragon ancestor smiled, his eyes flashing with pride, “Easy, when the Infernal Gorge I am in was drifting across the five lands of the mortal domain, despite the constant strikes from Berserk Purple Lightning, I was still able to sense the rough location of where the World Wind Tunnel is.”


Dragon ancestor raised his huge claw, touching one sharp talon on Zhuo Fan’s forehead.




A visible ripple shot and Zhuo Fan could feel warmth on that spot. A crude sketch appeared in his mind, with eight dubious markings on it. 


“Uhm, Dragon Ancestor, the sketch ain’t much to go by. Who knows where these tunnels even are?” Zhuo Fan’s face twitched. Aside from the eight spots, the surrounding landscape could hardly be distinguished, whether they were mountains, forests, or plains. 


Dragon ancestor reddened and snorted, “I’ve been stuck all this time in the Infernal Gorge while under constant attack, unable to see the outside world. The fact I got their positions is already a blessing, yet you still nag? Anyway, once you go there, you’ll definitely find some secret pocket realm, the place where the World Wind Tunnel resides.”


Zhuo Fan nodded and sighed.


“Hey, kid, you’re Nine Serenities’ successor, don’t tell me now I also have to teach you a drawing array?”


“No, I know how to set it up.” Zhuo Fan sighed longer, “Let me out. I’ll get right on it and get you back to Sacred Domain.”


“That includes you as well.”


Dragon ancestor smiled, “Don’t ever forget, we’re on the same boat.”


Zhuo Fan nodded. Dragon ancestor grinned and swiped his claw, making a tunnel in space for Zhuo Fan to pass, “Wait!”


“What is it now?”


Frowning, the dragon ancestor asked, “For case of minor matters, I’ll have Ye Lin assist you.”


Zhuo Fan shook his head and waved. Qiao’er came out with a flash in this infernal place. Only this time, Qiao’er  was still unconscious and fading.


Dragon ancestor started, “This…”


“My daughter.”


Zhuo Fan spoke firmly, “She has remained in this critical state ever since she took on Ye Lin’s heavy blow. No matter what I tried, nothing could help her. I hope Dragon Ancestor has better chances.”


Sizing Qiao’er up, the dragon ancestor cried out, “This spiritual beast’s source of power is the Berserk Purple Lightning! Is it the same as Thunder Phoenix’s? And that old coot Kunpeng opened her mind?”


“Yes, Qiao’er was born from purple lightning…”


“Ha-ha-ha, I see. Heaven truly helps us, sacred beasts! There’s now thirty percent higher chances we can fight Heavenly Sovereign!”


Zhuo Fan did not finish as the dragon burst out laughing. “Kid, I don’t know how you made this miracle happen. Any common sense has within them powers of life and destruction. When hurt, the life energy would recover. But she is different, she hasn’t recovered because she lacks such energy. She’s imbalanced. Pills will do for minor scratches, but the Decimating Golden Flame’s damage is no small matter. With her heavy injury and having no life energy in her, any kind of pill won’t work.”


Zhuo Fan pondered, “Yes, I had used her to absorb purple lightning through her. Demon Transformation Art is no healing art. At that time, the power she absorbed, whether the Demon Transformation Art’s demonic energy, or Berserk Purple Lightning’s brutal force, all are elements of destruction, with no life in them…”


“How else would such a pure seed of purple lightning germinate in her? How else would she become the next generation of Thunder Phoenix!”


“T-Thunder Phoenix?” Zhuo Fan was shocked, “Dragon Ancestor, what are you saying?”


“That the five great sacred beasts will once again gather. At that time, Heavenly Sovereign will have no chance of getting away, ha-ha-ha…”


Dragon ancestor spewed golden flame on Qiao’er, “I shall help you open your mind once more, so you’ll transform into a true sacred beast!”


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