The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 803, Asking Around


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The silence was deafening.


Everyone here looked at each other then at Zhuo Fan with a dumb look, though neither budged an inch.


The waiter was sweating now, shaking like a leaf next to Zhuo Fan and on the verge of tears.


[What’s wrong with me? The least I could do was check his level before I let anger take me.]


Only now he saw that his Bone Tempering cultivation wasn’t enough to see through him. This was an obvious sign the other’s level was way higher. 


The people in the restaurant sized Zhuo Fan up, then lamented their fates.


[We can’t tell anything! We can’t even touch him as we are.]


They all stood stiff in the same spot, while Zhuo Fan snickered, “What’s the hold up? Didn’t you want to kill me?”


“No no no…”


Everyone shook their heads. Passersbys like them would never reach his level. They’d just be mowed down if they attacked now.


Zhuo Fan shook his head. “I was wondering why the Quanrong Emperor would be so impulsive as to step into Tianyu’s unrest. Now I see Quanrong are all brawn, attacking before even looking. It might sound like bravery, even heroism, but it’s just a fancy way of calling someone an idiot. Before you start attacking, you should start flexing that thing you have for a head. Well, I guess you lost those hundreds of miles fair and square, ha-ha-ha…”


Zhuo Fan’s mockery made everyone’s faces turn red.


Zhuo Fan started off with defending himself but now he was openly disregarding their emperor and their entire people.


It made the Quanrong so angry and filled with hatred.


Though not enough to attack, not when Zhuo Fan had the biggest fist around.


Seeing them all so tense, Zhuo Fan smiled, though no longer toyed with them, since he had no intention of quarreling with the common folk.


“Since you guys won’t do nothing, I’ll…”


“Attack?” The waiter shouted, scared to death. A Radiant Stage cultivator could kill them with a thought. They’d be slaughtered.


The others panicked and fell to their knees, begging for their lives.


Rolling his eyes, Zhuo Fan huffed, “Who’d kill you? You’re not even worth it. I was gonna say that since you won’t start anything, I’ll ask some questions and then you can just scram.”


[Oh, just questions. Who the hell jumped the gun and said he’ll attack?]


They relaxed at once, but then, they recalled their panic and shameful act, looking for the instigator.


[Shit, that scared me to death!]


All eyes glared at the waiter. He lowered his head with resentment. 


[Can you blame me? How would I know this guy is against the norms? Shouldn’t it be if we don’t attack, he will?]


Ignoring their reproaching looks, Zhuo Fan said, “Waiter, I’ll ask you first. What were those fights you were talking about? With who?”


“Eh, you don’t know?” The waiter was stunned.


Zhuo Fan rolled his eyes and cursed, “Why else am I asking you?”


“Yeah, senior asked you a question and you’re quibbling?”


“Hurry up and answer before senior gets impatient.”


“Waiter, cut the crap and answer!”



Everyone in the restaurant began to curse at him and make him feel glum.


[Damn these fools, switching sides at the drop of a hat. They were patriots a second ago alongside me, now they’re this Tianyu guy’s loyal dogs!]


[Since you can’t mess with a Radiant Stage cultivator, you take it out on a waiter?]


Zhuo Fan frowned and glared at them to quiet down.


The waiter bowed, “Sir, we’re at war with Tianyu. Since you’re from Tianyu, I thought you knew…”


“They’re fighting again? Why? For how long?”


“Around a month, the rumor is His Majesty received the full support from the guardian sect, vowing to get our land back.” The waiter sighed, “And His Majesty wanted to make up for his mistake eight years ago, so there’s been a martial law in place at the borders, to prevent any Tianyu spies from coming in. That’s why when sir…”


The patriotic waiter forgot who he was talking to, forgetting he was giving a strong guy from Tianyu a report.


So he sewed his mouth shut. Something had to be wrong with his head, to talk when he was aware of the situation.


[He may be…]


“Don’t worry, I’m no spy.”


Zhuo Fan smiled, “Have you ever seen a spy exposing himself like me? Besides, it’s common knowledge what you told me so far. I’ve been away from Tianyu for so many years and want to return. I couldn’t know these things.”


The waiter sighed, relieved. 


[I haven’t sold my country.]


Zhuo Fan pondered carefully, “There’s a serious problem here. I saw the Luo clan’s power and Quanrong didn’t have the strength to invade Tianyu. Also, Beast Taming Sect is offering full support? Humph, it is only one sect while the other has three helping it. Unless something fishy is going on here. Did the higher powers reach some debased deal?”


“What are you talking about, sir?” The waiter asked puzzled.


Zhuo Fan waved his hand, “Nothing, it doesn’t involve you anyway. Quanrong won’t win in any case. There’s still something I want to know. Ha-ha-ha, do you guys have some wonderful scenery around, of immense beauty?”




The waiter was stumped, the people puzzled. He shook his head, “Sir, Quanrong isn’t like Tianyu, with rich lands and great sceneries. We’re barren, so where can there be such a place here? If you want to enjoy some places, you’re better off going to Tianyu. They have far better sceneries.”


“Then what about harsh mountains? Which is the most treacherous area, the place where livestock vanishes the most?” Zhuo Fan squinted.


Where the wind tunnel gathered spiritual energy, it did not mean paradise would always form. It might not be unlike the local areas, making it truly a danger zone.


The waiter was still looking lost, “Sir, where have you heard this? We’re barren, but not in hell, with a poisoned land. Wouldn’t we have died off by now?”


Frowning, Zhuo Fan pondered. 


[Were the ol’ dragon’s senses out of whack when he made the sketch? There’s no sign of the wind tunnel here.]


That would mean all the other spots were wrong as well.


[How am I supposed to find eight wind tunnels on these huge lands? ]


Zhuo Fan was worried.


The waiter and the rest did not make a peep, afraid he would kill them.


Everyone waited there for his words.


“Where’s the owner?”


In this tense mood, heads turned as loud footsteps were heard coming into the locale. Two built men in lavish clothes walked forward, their strong physique clearly making them out to be at peak Profound Heaven Stage. 


“The sixth prince has booked this place. All of you are to leave!”


The two tough guys stuck out their chests, looking smug and cocky. Though they did not see the panic that unusually followed. In fact, the people were making shushing gestures in a rush.


“What’s going on here? Are you all deaf? The sixth prince booked this place. Get out now!”


The two barked once more and the people looked at the two tough men, trying to hint at them.


[See him? He can’t be offended so keep it down. Don’t disturb him or we’ll all get it.]


However, the two muscles did not get to shout again as Zhuo Fan’s cold tone echoed, “Who are the crazed dogs barking in my ear?”



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