The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 820, Perfect Harmony


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The pitch-black edge flashed like lightning in their vision. The elders had no time to react as it mowed through eight of them, spilling guts and blood into the air.


Not even their souls escaped, destroyed along with their bodies from the black blade.


The Beast Taming Sect in its entirety was shell shocked and the wave of elders stood there overwhelmed.


Zhuo Fan and his blade was all that was reflected in their eyes.


“Ha-ha-ha, told you so, just two hundred Ethereal Stage experts. A lower-three sect can only get so strong without a Soul Harmony expert around.”


Snickering, Zhuo Fan taunted the Sect Leader, “Beast Taming Sect’s leader, tell me I’m wrong.”


Sect Leader’s face twitched as he stared at Zhuo Fan’s smug look. That blatant disregard was getting to him so much, he felt his blood rising.


But more than that, he was simply overcome with shock from having eight Ethereal Stage experts killed like that, something no average Ethereal Stage expert could do. 


[Is he even a disciple?] 


They knew that the superior-three sects’ disciples, especially the core ones, were much stronger than the lower-three sect’s venerables and elders.


The problem with Zhuo Fan wasn’t one of power, but being on another level entirely. Killing Ethereal Stage experts so easily was not something anyone could do. 


[But he…] 


Sect Leader’s eyes trembled as sweat trickled down his brow, “Freak!”


“Sect Leader, he came first in the Double Dragon Gathering. He’s no pushover. Shouldn’t we just settle it peacefully?” One elder tried as he neared Sect Leader, “We know his goal and it jsn’t so hard to accommodate. Let’s just…”




Sect Leader snapped in rage, “And what about the name of Beast Taming Sect? What will become of us once word gets out a mere traitorous disciple of Demon Scheming Sect ran amok within our own home?”






Sect Leader waved him off, “He’s one man. How strong can he be anyway? Everyone, release your souls, we’re going to stall him until he breaks!”


They all cupped their fists and bowed at his order, “Yes, Sect Leader.” 


The sky reverberated from all the roars that followed as all kinds of beast souls littered the heavens, with Zhuo Fan’s team in the middle.


Lian’er felt like she was in the middle of a horde. The power these souls gave out crushing her chest, their eyes filled with the desire to swallow them whole. 


Only Zhuo Fan was laid back.


“Top profound ranked combination art, Song of Paradise!”


Two elders led the charge, making signs as they made their souls go for Zhuo Fan.


The two large beast souls were a hundred meters tall. One was covered in green flames, the other had a crimson glow.


The two birds revolved around each other until they became a red and green fire tornado.


This was a combination attack, not the kind those random attacks from before could compare with.


Even Zhuo Fan frowned, holding the sword tighter in his grip.


“Venerables Hu Yan and Zha Huer’s combined art?”


A person cried out, filled with hope, “The two venerables are in the 6th layer and they’re always so close to each other, like one person. This combined attack is as strong as ten 6th layer Ethereal Stage experts. No matter how strong he is, he can’t block such a flawless attack!”


An approval came from the crowd.


Sect Leader was grinning now. Zhuo Fan only got to kill eight in the first attack because his men went at him without coordination, far weaker than what these two venerables were doing.


[The boy will be heavily wounded, and then, humph…]


Squinting, Sect Leader grinned just as the fire tornado exploded on contact with Zhuo Fan.


The sky took on a red hue, making everyone gasp at the sheer might of the shockwave. 


Lian’er was the closest and could feel the scorching heat suck all the moisture out of the air, shaking her heart. 


How would Zhuo Fan fare against such an attack?


Sixth prince’s brow shook, staring intently at the aftermath while his heart thumped hard in his chest.




The fierce flames reached high into the sky. There were two distinct shapes of birds spinning around in the inferno, acting like a large furnace, to refine Zhuo Fan alive. 


The two venerables’ signs changed, “Sect Leader, we have the boy trapped. He will be burned to ashes in a few minutes. It’s best if sir lets the elders go back. It’s not worth wasting time on a disciple, ha-ha-ha…”


“Venerables are amazing. I won’t ever forget what you did today.” Sect Leader smiled.


The two smiled, “It’s nothing, it’s, ugh!”


The two shook and slumped dead.


“Venerables, what’s wrong?” Sect Leader shouted in fright.


A shockwave was his only answer as the fireball was split in two perfect halves.


The two bird souls fell from the fire, also cut in two like the flames. They faded away slowly, returning to the skies.


Zhuo Fan held his sword as he walked out with a smile, “Not bad at all. Even the souls were good. A shame nothing works when faced against me, ha-ha-ha…”


Startled, everyone turned to Zhuo Fan. The two venerables were among the best Beast Taming Sect had to offer. Yet…


“Z-Zhuo Fan, you’ve gone too far!”


Sect Leader shouted, pointing at him, “Attack, use wave tactics and kill him!”




The people shouted as they settled on attacking as a whole.


The sky was filled with souls, drawing closer and tightening like a net, all to take Zhuo Fan down. Even he would have to have a hard time fighting so many at once.


A gap might form in his defense that would let someone strike a heavy blow. It was common knowledge that there was strength in numbers.


Zhuo Fan might have been tense before, but not this time around.


With a sign, a draconic roar echoed and the still Almighty Scarlet Dragon King shifted. Golden flames lit up all over it and it turned the heaven dragon soul into its strongest variant, Decimating Golden Heaven Dragon King.


Receiving the Decimating Golden Flame, Zhuo Fan now knew how to turn the heaven dragon soul into its fifth form.


This form exploded in power. As the horde of souls were getting closer, the golden dragon roared and released a torrent of golden flames from its wide maw.


Half the sky took a golden hue from the flames’ brilliant display, as if there was a wall in place. 


Some overexcited souls had no time to stop and went right into the golden flames. Their bodies shook and wailed as their weak souls were burned to nothing.


The rest were shocked and made their souls stop the attack. More than a hundred souls were now watching the huge golden flames.


On the other side, Zhuo Fan grinned and attacked with the demonic sword.


In a flash of golden flames, Zhuo Fan appeared in the middle of those souls, relishing in the slaughter as he reaped souls with every slash and hack.


The souls wanted to attack, but moments later, he broke the encirclement again. When they wanted to chase, the golden dragon blocked them with its fire breath.


The man and dragon worked in perfect harmony to cull the opposition.


The Decimating Golden Flame was a fierce and brutal flame. Zhuo Fan had his body remade by the dragon ancestor and his speed had grown as well. All the others could catch was his shadow as he darted around, having harvested dozens of poor souls already. And every time some got close to surround him, the golden dragon would spew flames.


Zhuo Fan and the dragon soul worked to chip away at their numbers, one soul at a time, while they could do nothing.


More than a hundred experts watched helplessly as Zhuo Fan’s death toll reached fifty.


They were dumbstruck at how this man worked so well with his soul to toy around the two hundred enemies.


While the previous two venerables were experts in a combined art, Zhuo Fan and the dragon were relying on tactics, taking care to plug every weakness while taking the enemy down.


Looking from another angle, the two hundred people’s pointless efforts at catching one guy only to end up losing instead had the disciples of Beast Taming Sect in despair and regret. Even the Sect Leader looked to be crying.


This had got to be fate. Using heavy numbers against one guy, only to be suffering in the end… 



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