The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 821, Abyssal Swamp


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The skies were filled with the cries of those dying. Zhuo Fan wielded the demonic sword like a certified reaper, taking life after life in his hunt for Beast Taming Sect Ethereal Stage experts, all while the enemy was panicking. Every time the enemy even tried mounting a counterattack, the golden dragon would step in with its fire breath.


It was akin to David and Goliath, with the expection here being that the giant had its arms and legs stuck, letting the tiny guy peel away. The sect had all that power yet it was unable to put it to use.


How were they supposed to know he had a crowd control skill?


They all looked helpless, while Zhuo Fan was bouncing around the battlefield for more lives to take. 


The golden flame wall was just too tough to crack.


“Sect Leader, we’ve got heavy casualties. It has only been half an hour and yet a hundred Ethereal Stage experts are dead. We can’t keep doing this or we’ll all die!”


An elder reported in panic, pleading all the while.


Sect Leader gnashed his teeth, “Why, why can’t all the power Beast Taming Sect employed deal with just one damn brat?”


“Sect Leader, he’s just that strong, with hardly anyone his match. Also…”


A venerable bowed, “Our power is based on our beasts. The sect might have fewer experts but by working with our spirit animal, we double our power, no less stronger than the Demon Scheming Sect. But in this current situation, our spirit animals are rendered useless by the enemy’s devious tricks. They are scared to death and won’t come out. This is the real reason why we can’t do anything. So…”


Sect Leader looked at him, “What are you trying to say?”


“Sect Leader, in this situation, we can’t use all our potential. Stepping down won’t be a disgrace. Our image will stand…”




Sect Leader cursed, “You’re saying it’s fine for brats to barge into a great sect? Spirit animals aside, we have more than two hundred experts here, yet we still failed? No matter how you look at it, the rumors will be anything but pretty!”


The man jerked but still muttered, “Sect Leader, what then? Does sir want to lose everyone?”


As the wailing continued in the background and the stage took a more and more pronounced red hue as body parts were flung away, Sect Leader took a deep breath with a tightened frown. 


[What do I do? Give up and let some brat conquer a sect? We’ll become the laughingstock of western lands!]


“Sect Leader!”


As he was stuck in a conundrum, another shout came, and the newcomer’s eyes flashed, “Isn’t the Crescent Pool in the Abyssal Swamp? As long as we trap him inside, no matter how strong he is, he’ll end up as bleached bones. Let’s draw him there, then…”


Sect Leader’s eyes lit up, he nodded and grinned, “Ha-ha-ha, great. Didn’t he want to go to our eden? Then let him become its fertilizer.”


“Though we will need a proper bait for a monster like him.” Eyes flashing, Sect Leader glanced over. Zhuo Fan was still having a field day, killing all over the place. Just a thousand meters behind him, three weaklings stood. 


Frowning, Sect Leader said, “I found our bait. Since they came with the kid, they must be connected. But which among them is the most effective?”


“Sect Leader, why not get all three?”




“Yes.” The man whispered in Sect Leader’s ear, to which he nodded and grinned, “We’ll do just as you said!”


The man bowed and went to work…


In the meantime, Zhuo Fan’s kill count only grew, the situation developing completely opposite of when he faced the Universal Righteous Sect. He was relaxed and fast, with the Ethereal Stage experts unable to surround him. Adding to that was the strongest soul’s help, Decimating Golden Heaven Dragon King. 


He had been fighting for so long yet not one attack reached him. The slaughter was completely one-sided.


Scared by this development, the other side’s mounting casualties forced them to withdraw, making the battle shift further away as Zhuo Fan and his dragon soul were chasing them.


Sixth prince and the Touba siblings ducked in a forest, looking at the chaos, “That’s my idol, beating Beast Taming Sect by himself. What do you guys think, will Sir Zhuo kill them all?”


“With his nasty temper? It’s more than likely.” Tuoba Liufeng paused then nodded, “I used to think he was a strong and shrewd marshal, but his strength is beyond anything I’ve seen. And it’s only been eight short years. If he returns to Tianyu then I swear to never battle Tianyu in this life.”


The sixth prince nodded, all excited. Only Lian’er’s mind was elsewhere as her cheeks turned rosy…




Three white-haired elders appeared behind them just then, grabbing them by the throat.


“Agh! You…”


Sixth prince cried out, only to be choked as the elder covered his mouth. 


Even with Zhuo Fan so far away, he was still aware enough for the cry to reach his ears.


Zhuo Fan shook and stopped his chase. Turning around, he saw three panicking looks and the elders’ panicked faces.


“He spotted us! Run!”


The elders turned away with their hostages. Sect Leader shouted and the men surrounding Zhuo Fan scattered.




Zhuo Fan frowned and called the dragon soul back to him. He now understood why they were falling back while he pushed on. It was all to distance him from the trio and capture them.


Though they miscalculated. 


[Do they really think I care?]


While the trio were getting further and further away, Sect Leader was gloating, “Zhuo Fan, if you want them alive, follow me.”


Sect Leader left.


“But I don-, huh…” Zhuo Fan saw nobody around him for miles and scratched his head, “There was no point in doing that. They came here by themselves. It has nothing to do with me. I haven’t the slightest inclination to fall for your trap for them.” 


Zhuo Fan pondered, then came to a decision. 


[Their business, their problems. Knock yourselves out.]


Zhuo Fan ignored everything and looked at the flower spirit, “Point the way to your birthplace.”


Afraid of Zhuo Fan, the spirit pointed to Zhuo Fan’s right where all people fled.


Zhuo Fan went that way too, but only because the paths intersected.




Half an hour later, in a place filled with flowers, a stone platform a meter wide with three pillars lay in the center; a thing of beauty.  


Sect Leader landed first on the platform, while the rest appeared just shy of the field of flowers.


“Did those elders come back?” Sect Leader shouted.


Everyone shook their heads.


Sighing, Sect Leader asked, “What of Zhuo Fan, is he chasing?”


Another round of shaking heads.


That puzzled him greatly. 


[Doesn’t he want to save those three? It can’t be. They came here together, so they have to be close.]


Just then three people and the elders returned. Sect Leader lit up, “Tie them to the pillars, hurry! We’ll be trapping him soon!”


“Yes, sir!”


The elders laughed and did as ordered. 


“He-he-he, the punk’s done for.”


One elder snickered while tying his hostage. Sixth prince glared and kicked his stomach, “A bunch of shameless old rats dare to trick Sir Zhuo?”




The kicked elder was caught off guard and the kick folded him, right as he fell in the field of flowers.


Everyone panicked, “Look out!”



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