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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 842, Overlord Nine Serenities

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With his hair billowing in the wind, a tall and bright man stood on a tall peak, looking free and easy. 


This made the deep sigh that came after from this eminent middle-aged man as he watched the sky uncharacteristic.




Three people suddenly landed in front of him and bowed, “Elder Du!”


“Have you learned anything from your investigation in Tianyu?” Elder Du looked at them and asked, “Is the destruction of the Beast Taming Sect, Demon Scheming Sect and Mystical Heaven Sect related to Zhuo Fan? Or did someone else have a hand in it….”


The trio shook their heads with a sigh.


Elder Du was confused, “Was that a tough question?  If Zhuo Fan has a strong force behind him, we’d continue our investigation in this direction. If not, that leaves our revenge and we can focus on the powers coming into western lands. This may very well be the first time western lands has been assaulted and requires the Exalted’s full attention in looking into the three areas. Once again, people are suffering…”


Elder Du gave a bemoaning sigh while the trio hung their heads with heavy looks.


Elder Du was curious, “What’s wrong with you? Just what did you find?”


“Uhm, Elder Du, we have found something about Zhuo Fan’s background, although…” Wu Qingqiu hesitated, “Luo clan, his home in Tianyu, has now gathered many clans and formed the Luo Alliance. Their growth is swift, beyond anything a small nation could become. It’s steadily heading towards becoming a top empire…”


Elder Du cut him off impatiently, “I know of Luo Alliance. No matter how fast it grows, it’s nowhere near capable of destroying even the weakest sect of western lands, especially not without some noise. Only an absolute power can pull it off, They, ha-ha, are way behind. They may have the motive, but since they lack the power, they’ve been ruled out. Now, is there any other power?”


“Uhm, well, there might possibly be just one.”


The trio exchanged looks and Wu Qingqiu hesitated.


Elder Du found it strange, “Wu Qingqiu, you’re always calm and collected about everything so why are you dawdling? Speak up, what did you find?!”


“Elder Du, have you heard of Devil Mountain or Overlord Nine Serenities?” Wu Qingqiu probed.


Elder Du asked, “Where is that supposed to be? Who’s Overlord Nine Serenities?”


“I just knew sir hadn’t heard of them either.”


“You think I’d know every damn name in the vast western lands? You think I have time to learn some nobody’s name?” Elder Du huffed. 


Wu Qingqiu sighed, “If only he were a nobody. The master of Double Dragon Gathering’s best disciple, Zhuo Fan, is Overlord Nine Serenities from Devil Mountain. Being the master of the future best in western lands can’t be said to be a nobody in some way…”


“You’re saying he taught Zhuo Fan?”


Elder Du turned solemn, “Since Zhuo Fan had always been showing remarkable and bizarre skills, some of the likes western lands has never seen, then the master has to be just as monstrous. But the name and location…”


Elder Du frowned, while the trio waited for him to come up with a response.


As he was wracking his brain, an elder and three familiar figures came over, Yan Mo, Wen Tao and Xie Tianshang.


Double Dragon Manor had formed three investigation teams. Chu Qingcheng’s went to Tianyu, to look into Zhuo Fan’s avenger, while Yan Mo’s checked out Beast Taming Sect’s side, in Quanrong. 


The Beast Taming Sect was the only one unrelated to Zhuo Fan. If the investigation in Tianyu reached a dead end, at least over there could offer some clues.


But by the looks of them, it was plain to see nothing came of it.


“For god’s sake! What kind of ridiculous power did the attackers on the Beast Taming Sect have? It’s too crafty. There’s not a trace left in the Beast Taming Sect, with the entire Quanrong being clueless as well. The imperial capital had lost a large part of imperial members overnight yet none was the wiser. This definitely stinks!”


The fat elder shook his head while whining about his lack of results. Chu Qingcheng bowed, “Greetings, Elder Ou!” 


“It’s fine. Ugh, so damn annoying!” Elder Ou waved her off while still whining.


Yan Mo sighed, “What a waste of time, the culprit left not one damn thing behind, none! I’m really starting to think a western lands outsider did this!”


Wu Qingqiu frowned. Besides outside influence, the only viable suspect would be Zhuo Fan’s avenger, though his investigation had hit a snag…


Alas, they had let the clues slip right through their fingers.


Zhuo Fan had wiped Beast Taming Sect and Demon Scheming Sect from this world, down to the last soul while none saw him, though he did leave a trail in Quanrong’s imperial capital. They just had to look closer and they’d have caught a glimpse of Zhuo Fan’s ghost appearing among mortals.


Though the Quanrong emperor censored anything related to him in the imperial capital right after.


He didn’t fear Zhuo Fan being found out, but that the destruction of the Beast Taming Sect had something to do with his clan, earning the ire of Beast Taming Sect’s elders.


It was best keeping a scandal in the family, or they might even be overthrown if word got out they were involved.


Quanrong emperor covered for Zhuo Fan, but more for his scandal since there was common interest.


With all of Quanrong tight lipped, Yan Mo’s team had no success.


“Old Du, what are you mumbling about? Can’t I even get a hello?” Elder Ou saw Elder Du pensive and found it odd. 


Elder Du said, “Old Ou, ever heard of Devil Mountain or an expert calling himself Overlord Nine Serenities in all your years roaming the western lands?”


“Where did you hear that taunting title?”


Elder Ou asked, “Anyone calling himself Overlord Nine Serenities is asking for it. He’d be thrashed the minute one was foolish enough to utter it. Only that Invincible Sword dares call himself like that. Though no one in all the lands could beat him. This Overlord Nine Serenities sounds just about the same. But that would mean peak Genesis Stage!”


Elder Du shook his head, “Right? If Overlord Nine Serenities is so powerful, he’ll be a calamity upon western lands. We can’t go looking into this case any longer. We best stay far away from it instead.”


“Who is Overlord Nine Serenities anyway? Did you piss him off?” Seeing Elder Du so helpless, Elder Ou asked.


Elder Du was vague, “I know not how he looks or his cultivation, so how could I piss him off? Demon Scheming Sect and the rest probably did though, to earn their destruction. They say he’s Zhuo Fan’s master…”




Elder Ou cried out, “You’re telling me that his master destroyed sects out of revenge for his disciple? Just who is Overlord Nine Serenities? How strong is he? I don’t recall any in western, uh, the whole world bearing that title!”


Elder Du sighed, “I know that, but to call himself such, he can’t be a pushover. You said it yourself. To use such a taunting title, he had to be able to back it up. What’s most important is that he’s Zhuo Fan’s master. With the disciple such a monster, what would that make the master? “


“This clears things up.”


Elder Ou spoke firmly, “This is a classic case of revenge by annihilating sects. Demon Scheming Sect and Mystical Heaven Sect are done for which means the next is…”


“Heaven Trailing Sect!”


Everyone cried out.


“But Heaven Trailing Sect isn’t a lower-three sect like the others. It has a dozen Soul Harmony experts and the renowned Heaven Trailing Sword with his Heaven-reaching Sword protecting it. Taking it out will be harder!” Elder Du analyzed.


The others nodded, with Elder Ou looking tense, “However, if that Overlord Nine Serenities is in Genesis Stage as we surmised…”


Elder Du’s heart sank and his face was hard.


Shui Ruohua’s team, lead by her elder rushed over, shouting, “This is bad! We went to check Heaven Trailing Sect only to find that the entire sect is destroyed just like the others!”




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