The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 848, Back to Allbeast Mountain Range


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The howls and cries of animals of all kinds shook the forest.


The densest area in the Tianyu Empire, while also the most dangerous, was Allbeast Mountain Range. Any average person setting foot in it was tantamount to suicide, with even the stronger ones not faring any better going deeper. 


Rumor had it that the range held some true supreme beasts that no cultivator could defeat or escape its claws.


Over the ages, it gave this range the thickest air of mystery humanity had yet to unravel even though people trekked it now and then.


Or maybe there had been some, only to never escape its domain with the truth.


Now though, a man in a black robe was walking casually deeper in, with only the spiritual beasts howling and growling as company.


In the end, there were always some ignorant beasts baring their fangs and pouncing on the man’s flesh. 


One got pretty close to him, but the spiritual beast’s eyes blanked out, slumping dead.


The man though, went on without a care, his smile vile.


The sudden weird intruder stirred up all the spiritual beasts in the Allbeast Mountain Range. Some savage ones scrounged up their courage to challenge this interloper, only to fare no better than the first foolish creature. 


It went all the way to the 6th level spiritual beasts. Only after three 7th grade spiritual beasts fell dead at his feet did the beasts of Allbeast Mountain Range finally know fear and the demonic power of this man.


As if on cue, the beasts scattered, the birds fled, leaving no one but the interloper in this wild environment.


Finally, with no beast around to growl, the Allbeast Mountain Range’s true king descended…


“Who are you? How dare you venture deep into the Allbeast Mountain Range?”


With a reverberating roar, the man looked up and the huge shadow bearing down on him.


A three headed bird looked at him in fury. On its forehead was an azure flame, flickering around.


Snickering, the man said, “Three-headed Crow, it’s been a while.”


“You know me?” The Three-headed Crow started.


The man in black lifted his head and showed his smile, “Forgot me already? Remember when you took me and young Sanzi here, to see senior Kunpeng?”


“Sir Zhuo?”


The Three-headed Crow was stunned then landed with a bow, “Forgive me for not welcoming you, Sir Zhuo. You honor us with your presence. I only heard there was a human making a scene and was unaware it was you.”


Zhuo Fan waved him off, “Ha-ha-ha, it’s fine. I only came to see Kunpeng. Since you’re here, take me there.”




The Three-headed Crow looked conflicted, “Sir Zhuo, a thousand pardons, but I need to inform master first of your sudden arrival. Please wait here for a moment. No beast will harm you with the master’s azure flame protecting you.”


Zhuo Fan raised an eyebrow, hearing the scorn.


The Three-headed Crow sounded respectful, but it was just veiled mockery. What he meant by ‘master’s azure flame protecting you’ was in fact telling him he was nothing without it. 


[How else would you have had an easy time coming here? You’d have long been a spiritual beast’s meal by now. Don’t get cocky!]


[He’s clearly mocking me for only coming here thanks to Kunpeng’s power.]


[He couldn’t be more wrong…]


Zhuo Fan squinted, “Three-headed Crow, I’ve met senior Kunpeng before, so why make it so hard? Just take me there.”


“Can’t do. Allbeast Mountain Range has rules. To see master, all must be announced first. You can only see him with his permission. Master would otherwise punish me for bringing you unannounced.”


The three heads shook, his stance clear.


Zhuo Fan sighed, “That’s such a waste, going back and forth when I’ll meet the old guy anyway. How about this? You take me and I’ll take full responsibility. Just say that I forced you.”




The Three-headed Crow cracked up, his eyes shone with disdain.


[Please, and here I thought humans have brains. Why sound so dumb then? I’m a great 9th level spiritual beast and you think you can force me?]


[You’d have a better chance with any other spiritual beast, thanks to the azure flame, but that treasure won’t work on me. I have it as well! Forcing me? What a joke, ha-ha-ha…]


It was plain to Zhuo Fan what he was thinking, so he smiled.


While his left eye shone with the black thunderflame, unleashing its dreaded aura.




As if smacked by a mountain, the Three-headed Crow slammed into the ground, its azure flame flickering to stay alive before dying out. 


The six beady eyes widened in shock.


The greatest gentle flame, Chaos Flame, belonging to the lord of the sacred beasts, the head of five great sacred beasts, was just destroyed. 




It was one of the five greatest powers born out of chaos, so how could it just cave?


The Three-headed Crow refused to believe what happened, but looking back at the blackness burning in Zhuo Fan’s eye made his heart shudder. It felt like staring death in the face.


[This human has the power to kill sacred beasts!]


The Three-headed Crow was smart enough to figure all that out instantly, its feathers standing on end, sweat trickling down.


With a nasty snicker, Zhuo Fan stepped on the still shaking spine, “Now you can raise your head high and declare to Kunpeng that I forced you.”


The heads shook in fear. This overlord of the Allbeast Mountain Range, in the 9th level, was scared to death.


“Then let’s go.” Zhuo Fan’s right eye closed and the aura faded.


Without terror seeping into its bones, the Three-headed Crow slowly got its feet under him and took flight without a peep, spreading its five hundred mile long wings as he flew to Kunpeng.


The man and beast arrived in fifteen minutes, the familiar cave appearing in view, like a beast ready to swallow you whole.


The Three-headed Crow landed next to it, since he couldn’t just bring someone unannounced, having already defied his rules.


Not like he had a choice, not when the human was stronger.


The Three-headed Crow braced and shouted, “M-master, Sir Zhou has come to see you!”


“Dad’s here?”


The first to shout was a cheerful youth, followed by a flash of red. Gu Santong shot out of the cave and into Zhuo Fan’s arms, “Dad, you came at last!”


Zhuo Fan softened and smiled, “Young Sanzi, I didn’t come just to see you, your old man will always be by your side!”


“Really?” Gu Santong cheered, “Great, dad will stay with me! Awesome, dad is…”


A bright laughter announced Kunpeng’s buffed body coming out as well, “Ha-ha-ha, brat, are you so free to see me? You didn’t even drop a hint you’re coming. I’d have sent the crow to bring you.”


“Thank you for that.” Zhuo Fan nodded.


Kunpeng sounded polite, but Zhuo Fan read in his eyes a grudge. 


[What kind of king has people coming and going as they please…]



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