The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 85, Hundred Pill Meeting

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“What is it?”


Zhuo Fan asked as he turned slowly. He noticed the elegant beauty, yet he didn’t bat an eyelid. Song Qian was the one to be affected by his gaze instead, blushing and lowering her head.


“I have yet to know little brother’s name. One day, the Song clan will repay you for saving our lives!”


“No need!” Saying so, Zhuo Fan started leaving.


Startled, Song Qian felt somewhat discouraged in her heart. All males in a hundred miles of Song clan would be speechless in her presence, yet Zhuo Fan gave her the cold shoulder. This led to the rising discontent inside her.


She skipped before Zhuo Fan and stopped him by raising her hand.


But he just frowned, “Is there anything else?”


[This fool!] Song Qian was cursing inside but showed an enticing smile on the outside, “Little brother, where are you planning on going?”


“None of your business!” Zhuo Fan bypassed her with a snort. Song Qian’s mouth was twitching as she shouted, “We are on our way to Hundred Pill Meeting. Why not join us?” 


Zhuo Fan paused, then turned, “Drifting Flowers City, the home of Drifting Flowers Edifice, one of the Seven Noble Houses?”


“Exactly!” Song Yu nodded as he rushed over, “Drifting Flowers Edifice holds the Hundred Pill Meeting once a decade. It is a gathering where famous alchemists from clans around the empire compete over their refining method. If luck would have it, the Drifting Flowers Edifice would take notice of you and take you in as a vassal clan!”


Zhuo Fan scratched his nose. [Hundred Pill Meeting is bound to have plenty of rare ingredients and the chance is high for me to find the treasures to restore the egg.]


He made a lopsided grin, “You’re words caught my interest. I would very much like to see the Hundred Pill Meeting.”


“Great! Let’s go together,” Song Qian jumped in joy.


Zhuo Fan smiled, [Asuming another identity while entering one of the Seven Houses isn’t a bad idea.]


The Song siblings were glad he agreed. With Zhuo Fan’s strength, nothing would stop them from reaching Drifting Flowers City.


“Oh, what do I call little brother?”


“Uh, Luo Fan!” Zhuo Fan scratched his nose.


He could no longer risk giving his real name, not since Blue Expanse City. He figured the entire Tianyu Empire was privy to his name by now. Then again, he was Luo clan’s steward, and using their name was perfectly normal.


“Song Qian, Song Yu!” The two introduced.


Zhuo Fan then followed the sister and entered the carriage, which had various ingredients strewn about, while the younger brother drove it. 


But Zhuo Fan didn’t even spare these plain items a glance.


Song Qian kept making eyes with Zhuo Fan, but seeing her efforts hit a wall, she turned awkwardly to look out the window.


But then she burst into a giggle with a red face.


Seeing this, Zhuo Fan rolled his eyes, [She has either lost it or is smitten. I wouldn’t have gone with them if I knew.]


Throughout the trip, Song Qian treated him like a rare breed, eying him at every chance. He tried his hardest in switching places with Song Yu, but the kid turned him down and he was forced to endure the doe eyes from Song Yu’s sister. 


After a long half a month, the carriage slowly approached a city’s gates. Song Yu laughed, “Brother Luo, sister, we’re here!”


“About freakin’ time!” Zhuo Fan stepped out in a rush from the red hot gaze of the other passenger. But then he cursed when he noticed the gate, “How in the hell is this Drifting Flowers City? Why did you even stop here?” 


The plaque above the gate read: Orchid City.


This wasn’t under any of the Seven Houses’ jurisdiction, but the Imperial family.


“Ha-ha-ha, brother Luo, calm yourself. An old friend of my father stays here. We’ve come to Orchid City to buy ingredients from him before setting out to Hundred Pill Meeting.”


Hearing this, Zhuo Fan could only sigh. [Will my suffering ever end?]


Song Qian stepped out and glared, “Do you hate being around me?”


Zhuo Fan just shrugged.


But Song Yu laughed and revealed a vulgar smile, “Brother Luo, I know exactly how you feel. I am the same, itching to get to Drifting Flowers City. They say the 15 Overseers of Drifting Flowers Edifice are like fairies, and the Edifice Lord is an outstanding beauty, proclaimed as the number one beauty in the empire. If I can see her once, my life is fulfilled.”


Song Yu wore an intoxicated look. It was as if he could really see them, but then he woke up and noticed his sister looking glum and disdained, “But even my sister’s beauty is hard to come by. Although, how could a man pick just one, when the world is filled with ravishing beauties?”


“Xiao Yu, what did you say?” Song Qian heard him and her glare sent him shivering. Zhuo Fan just shook his head.


[They’re a pair of clowns, one love-struck, the other a moron. I need to get far away from them or I’ll find myself at their level soon.]




Their conversation was interrupted when they heard a shout. Song Qian stiffened, knowing who the person was.


It came from a finely clothed young man, who looked casual and confident in his demeanor. He was around 20 years old and in the 4th layer of Bone Tempering Stage. Song Qian however seemed not too eager in seeing him, giving an awkward greeting, “Brother Tianlei!”


Song Yu also stiffened, whispering to Zhuo Fan, “He is Qi Tianlei, Orchid City’s top clan’s young master. The Qi clan is an old friend of ours, but they are a second-rate clan and they always make a point to show it. Also, Qi Tianlei is crazy for my sister…”


Zhuo Fan sighed, already feeling regret following this pair.


The Luo clan and Song clan were similar, but the former had the privilege of Demonic Emperor gracing them with his presence, elevating it to a first-rate clan. 


[Similar people, different fates!]


“Qian’er, who’s he?” Even as Qi Tianlei was caressing Song Qian’s fair hand, he was always watching the other two. But while his eyes were filled with contempt for Song Yu, it revealed only hostility towards Zhuo Fan.


“H-He is Brother Luo, our friend,” Song Qian was fearful of Qi Tianlei, but even with a tremor in her voice, she tried to protect Zhuo Fan. She then rushed to change topics, “Tianlei, how did you know we’re coming today?”


“I received Uncle Song’s letter and estimated when you’d arrive,” Qi Tianlei spoke casually then marched before Zhuo Fan, pushing aside Song Qian who blocked his way, “Who are you to Qian’er?”


“Brother Qi, he is my friend…”




Qi Tianlei slapped Song Yu away, “I wasn’t asking you!”


He turned toward Zhuo Fan with a wild look, “Speak, what is there between you two?”


Zhuo Fan saw Song Qian helping her brother. Looking at their terrified states, he knew they were oppressed by this young master of the Qi clan.


“On our way, we ate together and slept together. We practically never left the carriage. You tell me if there’s anything between us!”


Song Qian was shocked, knowing he did it just to spite Qi Tianlei.


And Qi Tianlei’s eyes were now bloodshot as he unleashed his power.


“Wretched filth, I will have your head!” He declared as he threw himself at Zhuo Fan.


But Zhuo Fan remained calm and unmoving.


Then, a sudden sound was heard and a ripple spread from Zhuo Fan’s chest.


Ice-cold killing intent swept everyone’s minds, freezing them. They were scared as rabbits, powerless to even resist it.


Qi Tianlei looked as if he was seeing a demon from hell, shivering all the while. As for his fury, it vanished into nothing.


Killing with intent was a Radiant Stage expert’s absolute power.


Zhuo Fan was no Radiant Stage expert, but his soul was strong enough to train in the Wraith Style’s Necro Dragon’s Screech. It was far from being able to kill with intent, but enough to scare. 


This was a feat not even a Profound Heaven expert was capable of, yet a freak of nature like Zhuo Fan could…


Strolling before the shivering Qi Tianlei, Zhuo Fan whispered in his ear, “The next time you try showing off before me, I will end you!”


Qi Tianlei hit the ground with a thud and couldn’t stop sweating.


While the Song siblings stood shell shocked…


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