The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 885, Old Friend


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Shuddering, Zhuo Fan was rooted in place. Looking back, he saw a dry smile and a pair of teasing eyes.


[What the hell is Danqing Shen doing here?]


Frowning hard, Zhuo Fan’s heart was racing. 


[This coot knows who I am. What am I supposed to do if he exposes me?]


The fact Danqing Shen started off with Grandmaster Gu showed he had no intention of doing that, for now at least.


He breathed easier.


Zhuo Fan calmed himself after that analysis…


“Yes, Sword King sir!” The guards obeyed, leaving at once.


Danqing Shen held his beard, content that Zhuo Fan was here. But Shangguan Qingyan was stumped, “You’re the Sword King, Shangguan Feiyun? You look nothing the part. So old too.”




Danqing Shen shook and chuckled, “Young miss, central area’s Sword Star Empire has Nine Sword Kings. Shangguan Feiyun isn’t the only one, ha-ha-ha…”


“Nine Sword Kings?! Then you’re…”


“Dragon Cleaving Sword King, Danqing Shen!” With a grin, Dragon Cleaving Sword King announced himself. 


Shangguan Qingyan was frightened, her heart sinking. 


[Why is there another Sword King in Flying Cloud City?]


It was bad enough dealing with Shangguan Feiyun, needing them to be very cautious, but now there was another one just like him around, would their ambush work the second time?


Shangguan Qingyan looked white as paper.


Zhuo Fan spoke in a way to ease her worries but also get her to go away, “Cousin, are you still angry? Can’t you accept that you can’t just waltz wherever? This is Flying Cloud manor, not your backyard.”


Shangguan Qingyan squinted at him, only to see his look. Then he touched her cheek, “Look at your pretty face. Being sour is ruining it.”


Shangguan Qingyan was enlightened. The sudden appearance of Danqing Shen had her make weird faces, giving her away. Zhuo Fan was watching her back.


So, acting angry, she twisted away with a pout. Zhuo Fan’s warm touch lingered on her cheek, making her blush at once.


Danqing Shen raised an eyebrow, picking up on his meaning and chuckling, “Ha-ha-ha, young miss, don’t be cross with Grandmaster Gu. I may be just another guest in the Flying Cloud manor, but at least everyone knows to show respect. Look, take my token and you’ll get to go wherever you want and stroll the manor how you like it, ha-ha-ha…”


Danqing Shen took a metal brand, with the ‘dan’ character  carved in it. 


Shangguan Qingyan peeked at Zhuo Fan.


“Dragon Cleaving Sword King cares for you. Go ahead, take it. Play around, but not go overboard. You better bring that token back in one hour.” Zhuo Fan looked like a big bro looking after his baby sister, ruffling her hair.


Shangguan Qingyan nodded and said thanks before leaving in joy. But she still took a glance behind, at Zhuo Fan, to tell him to be careful.


He would be alone with a Sword King. Caution was a must.


Not that she needed to know Zhuo Fan and this Sword King had met before. The third wheel here was her, also why Zhuo Fan found an excuse to get rid of her and Danqing Shen played along.


She wanted to stay, but the two worked together to get rid of the extra, though she didn’t know that, and probably never would. Her thought was she might expose them with her reaction, so Zhuo Fan had used this excuse to get her act together.


Zhuo Fan sighed, easing up. Danqing Shen eyed him hard with amusement, “What, is someone watching you?”


“What makes you so sure, senior?” Zhuo Fan glanced with a chuckle.


Danqing Shen shook his head, “How else do you explain finding an excuse to send her away? Ha-ha-ha, boy, you’re still up to your old tricks. You shooed her while faking concern, when you’re using her for your own greed. Though you better watch out and not let greed be the end of you one of these days. “


“Thanks for the compliment.”


“That was a warning!” Danqing Shen’s eyes flashed, “The girl is from Shangguan clan? Better keep your distance.”


“Oh, you know this too?”


“Ha-ha-ha, the only one with the nerve to just waltz in here is Shangguan clan.” Danqing Shen spat,  “From the girl’s attitude, I could tell she’s hiding something. Baili Jingwei would’ve singled her out with one look if it weren’t for you covering for her.”


Zhuo Fan gasped, “You mean Sword Star Empire’s wisest man, the Prime Minister Baili Jingwei? He’s here in Flying Cloud City too?”


“Not just that, but the host of the Pill King Convention.” Danqing Shen smiled, “You two have even met and he looked quite eager to get you back to the imperial capital. Though he’s quite suspicious in nature and only if you’re not a Shangguan clan spy…”


Zhuo Fan paused, then gasped, “Oh, it’s that guy. I just knew his demeanor wasn’t fit for a steward of the manor. So he’s the Prime Minister. No wonder he’s so familiar with Zhuge Changfeng, ha-ha-ha…”


“You’re still laughing?”


Danqing Shen rolled his eyes and sighed, “Kid, Baili Jingwei is shrewd and sharp. Capable of twisting the board and manipulating everything. You got lucky to fall under his radar, but he’s bound to grow suspicious in a couple of days. That’s when there’ll be no escape from his sight!”


Zhuo Fan nodded, “I know that much. I’ve heard quite a lot about him ever since I came to the central area. He sure looks the part now that I saw him. Though it won’t take nearly as long, in just a couple hours he’ll know who I am. Oh, my Gu name and connection with Shangguan clan…”




Danqing Shen shuddered and cried out, “In two hours?! How are you so sure?”


Zhuo Fan shrugged, “Because I saw how he closed the net. The Pill King Convention is only in name, as he found excuses to throw away the real alchemists and let the spies around. Oh, Old Dan, did you know Shangguan clan sent two spies? I’m the sub while the main is in the net, awaiting capture. I reckon Baili Jingwei will get him in two hours and, by extension expose me.”


“Why are you so calm?” Danqing Shen was stunned, “Not even I can save you if Baili Jingwei finds out about you.”


Zhuo Fan chuckled, “Senior, I didn’t know you cared so much. I’m truly touched.”


“Who the hell would? It’s because of our once friendly dealings. I just don’t want you to come to an abrupt end, is all.” Danqing Shen huffed.


Zhuo Fan shook his head, “Senior sides with me I see. I’m relieved, ha-ha-ha…”


“I just don’t get what’s going through that head of yours. I may side with you, but I have no say in this place.”


“No worries, senior, I’ll be safe and sound.”


Grinning, Zhuo Fan said, “I’ve already thought it out. Judging by his nature, Baili Jingwei cherishes talent beyond question. I showed my hand just now to make him sorry about offing me. On top of that, me and the Shangguan clan met by chance, giving enough room to wiggle me out. So you tell me, will he still kill me? “


Danqing Shen huffed, “Ha-ha, you sure are confident. Baili Jingwei is known to be harsh and decisive. One moment he’s smiling and the other he’s a devil. Confidence can lead to conceit, falling right into his hands.”


“Not likely. When killing someone, it is either out of emotion, like strong hatred, or having the grounds to do it.”


Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed all-knowingly, “My excuse will be emotion, and if that is not enough to budge him, the logical reason he’s using is to catch Shangguan clan. He wants the big fish, not just the spy. Getting the spy is only the first phase of his plan. And since he wants to use me, there’s no need to spill blood. Ha-ha-ha… “


Squinting, Danqing Shen stared at him for long then shook his head, “You’re as twisted as that Baili Jingwei. What if he loses it and wants to kill you, what then?”


“Then I’ll be in senior’s care.” Zhuo Fan paused and showed a crafty look and a sly smile…



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