The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 889, To Each With Their Own Greed


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Squinting, Shangguan Yulin spoke hesitantly, “You know Shangguan clan is staying at Gu household, so why not attack? Why…”


“Ha-ha-ha, young master Yulin, you still don’t get my idea.”


Baili Jingwei smirked, “Shangguan clan has many experts. Even if we attack, they’ll scatter and we’d hardly get any of them. But even if we do, experts aren’t so quick to give in. By setting traps around the household, they’ll soon notice as well. This leaves the best solution to use the manor. We’ll take adequate precautions so once they come in, they’ll never get out.”


Shuddering, Shangguan Yulin gasped, “You want to kill them all?”


“Ha-ha-ha, it does sound greedy when you say it like that. You either do it right or not do it at all.”


After sipping his tea, Baili Jingwei smirked, “Most of Shangguan clan’s strength will be crushed here and thus weaken eastern lands. As the sole survivor of this disaster, you’ll be our eyes and ears inside the eastern lands. This will be its downfall. When Sword King Feiyun will rule it, young master will become the first minister, showered in endless glory. Getting some cousin couldn’t be easier. It’s all up to you what image suits you. You can be the grieving hero or a sufferer as you become Sword King Feiyun’s right hand. I can make it happen, I can make it so you will have the right to embrace any girl you want without repercussions.”


Shangguan Yulin’s brow shook, betraying his excitement.


Baili Jingwei peeked at him and continued, “Young master, to the survivor goes everything. Regardless of morality and name, it’s at the whim of the winner. History is written by the victor. So young master need not be concerned that the death of these Shangguan experts will label you a traitor of eastern lands because we have the power to make you its hero. Everyone will bow at your feet, even your cousin. If you keep this secret, we won’t speak a word of it either.”


Baili Jingwei’s name as prime minister of the Sword Star Empire wasn’t just for show. He could read Shangguan Yulin like a book, twist his words and paint a fantastic future the clueless youth would get lost in.  


The kid knew that an attack on Gu household would result in heavy losses on Shangguan clan’s side, but his uncle and the venerables were too strong to be captured. Not even if Shangguan Feiyun was included.


Baili Jingwei wanted them all gone, an entirely different problem. Not to mention, Shangguan Feixiong was his uncle who looked after him since young, as well as his cousin’s father.


If one day Shangguan Qingyan learned that her father’s death had something to do with him, her hatred would know no bounds.


But now, Baili Jingwei’s intricate speech hit home, right at his core.


[Weren’t you scared of being found out and end up shamed for your betrayal? Well we have a solution. You’ll not only be worry free, but gain all the glory too.]


[Ain’t that a good deal?]


[The best!]


Shangguan Yulin’s mind made instant peace with his betrayal, all under the cover of fame and fortune, willing to become the devil’s right hand.


Without blame or guilt, men would be damned for all eternity.


He was still caught up in that fantasy of his and oblivious that once Baili Jingwei helped him rise, he could also crush him as well. Having your weakness exposed tended to do that.


You would be nothing more than his puppet, the whole point to the saying, one mistake lead to ruin. The only chance of overcoming it was by embracing it, facing it head on, or forever be bound by it.


Or maybe it was simpler than that. He might have figured it out, just that he was looking for excuses to let Baili Jingwei use him.


Since being used meant Baili Jingwei needed him alive.


At the heart of all his desire, it was not fame, glory, uncle or even cousin, but himself.


“That settles it, young master Yulin!”


Baili Jingwei cupped his hands at Shangguan Yulin with a smile. The youth replied in kind and left.


Baili Jingwei finally showed his disdain once he was gone, “Hypocrite.”


“Also beyond selfish.”


Shangguan Feiyun added looking at the extra blood around, “Misery loves company. Even if there’s no friendship involved, there’s no rush to finish them off. More like he’s to scared to lose his puny life.”


Baili Jingwei nodded, “I never planned on letting them leave, only testing your cousin’s character. And what a test. This guy is a good pawn, but not trustworthy. Guard, have someone watch the Gu household. That guy in particular!”


“Yes, sir!”


The guard obeyed. Shangguan Feiyun called before he left, “And that cousin of his. Since he thinks of himself a lover, then let’s give him a shameless reason to give his life for us, ha-ha-ha…”


Baili Jingwei nodded, “Good one, Sword King Feiyun, but there’s some things I wish Sword King would clarify for me.”


“Prime Minister, there’s no need for such a courteous tone. Please speak.”


“Sword King sir, are you that close to his mother?”


Shangguan Feiyun’s mouth twitched and mocked, “The hell I am. She’s always been a shrew that one, and a tomboy. The mere sight of her annoyed me. Who knew she’d have a son? Humph, the guy who had her must be one poor devil to deal with all that craziness.”


“Ha-ha-ha, sir Sword King is quite the actor, making yourself a friend of the dead.” Baili Jingwei chuckled, then frowned in all seriousness, “It’s clear Grandmaster Gu is only stopping over in the central area, but I never consider him to be tied to Shangguan clan. At least they’re not too close. I have to get him on my side. It’ll be such a loss to this world for a grandmaster to die along with these rats. My heart would bleed.”


Baili Jingwei sighed as he walked towards the manor. Shangguan Feiyun followed.


[Prime Minister sure loves talent…]



Fifteen minutes later, one old man and a youth were casually sipping tea in a gazebo close to the manor. No one was around to disturb them.


Zhuo Fan checked the sun’s position and said, “Old Dan, they should be finished by now. Baili Jingwei should’ve gotten his spy. Don’t worry though, nothing will change. I wager he’ll be even more differential.” 


“Humph, like a true egomaniac. You should thank your lucky stars that he won’t kill you.” Danqing Shen rolled his eyes.


Laughter broke out, “Ha-ha-ha, Grandmaster Gu, Dragon Cleaving Sword King, so this is where you were! You had me look all over for you.”


The two turned to Baili Jingwei walking over with Shangguan Feiyun.


Zhuo Fan stood up and bowed, looking afraid, “Prime Minister sir, forgive my early disrespect, having not realized who sir was.”


“Grandmaster Gu, you’re too modest. There’s nothing to forgive, ha-ha-ha. Please, get up, or I’ll feel guilty.”


Baili Jingwei had a bright smile and looked quite respectfully at Zhuo Fan. That stunned Danqing Shen.


[The boy’s right. Baili Jingwei didn’t mention the spy, but treated him even more courteously than before.]


[Does Baili Jingwei even know who he really is?]


[It’s like two weasels are fighting to better the other…]


Zhuo Fan was quite humble as he noticed Shangguan Feiyun, “Sir is…”


“He is the lord here, Sword King Shangguan Feiyun!” Baili Jingwei introduced.


Shaking, Zhuo Fan gasped and bowed again, “Sword King Feiyun sir, forgive me, forgive me!”


“It’s fine. Sir can rise.” Shangguan Feiyun helped him.


Straightening his clothes, Zhuo Fan beamed, “Ha-ha-ha, I’m a mere Radiant Stage cultivator but actually got to meet two Sword Kings and the Prime Minister in one day. I’ve never been more excited in my life. Prime Minister, when Sir Dragon Cleaving Sword King said he was defending his home, he almost shocked me to death. I’m truly ashamed.”


Danqing Shen frowned in silence.


[This boy’s acting is out of this world. Even I’d buy into his role if I didn’t know his ruthless nature.]


“Ha-ha-ha, Sir Gu is truly funny. Come, sit!” Baili Jingwei laughed and started, not letting him make a fool of himself, but also quite appreciative of him.


[By the looks of it, Grandmaster Gu is a simple man who only knows alchemy. Shangguan Yulin was right, the Shangguan clan made him a spy and he’s unrelated to them at all. ]


Shangguan Feiyun and he shared a nod. This neophyte spy was the best pawn to use and implement their counter. 


As smiles traced beneath the gazebo, each hiding their greed and plans…



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