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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 908, No Escape

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The two gaudy sword waves clashed in the air for a moment before canceling each other out. But the storm of power they unleashed threatened to send everyone flying. Even Soul Harmony Stage and Genesis Stage experts felt they could take off any second.


Let alone the lavish buildings around, now turned to rubble. 


For fifty kilometers there was nothing but sand.


Once the storm faded and the winds eased, the people saw three elders standing next to Shangguan Feixiong.


They were helping him to his feet, using Yuan Qi to speed his recovery. Their cold eyes however, were always on Danqing Shen, cautious.


Danqing Shen smiled and cupped his hands, “The three greatest guardians of eastern lands, I presume, Shangguan clan’s strongest venerables, Three Cloud Swords. You give me much honor seeing me. My masters have spoken many times of you, that you were equally renowned. Today I see how true that was.”


“Humph, Exalted Double Dragons sure picked a fine disciple.”


The elders looked at Danqing Shen with satire, “In the end, those two old guys are the heads of western lands, part of the four lands alliance to resist the central area’s incursion. Isn’t it ironic how their disciple ends up Sword Star Empire’s lapdog?”


The elders mocked and the other people held him in equal disdain, despite the fresh show of power. Danqing Shen though, let it go over him, nodding, “Seniors are most right. I did shame my masters and become Invincible Sword’s lapdog. Though with so many people out there, who’s to say there aren’t clans with a couple of black sheep? At least I am only Double Dragon Manor’s disciple, while the lord of this humble abode is the grand successor to the Shangguan clan, yet doesn’t he wallow in the same filth as I? Didn’t he become a lapdog too? Ha-ha-ha….”


“Why you…”


The venerables were red with anger, wanting to retort.


[Danqing Shen is a traitor, but only to his Exalted Double Dragon masters. They aren’t kin.] 


Every group had their own disgrace.


But Shangguan Feiyun to Shangguan clan was the second young master, with the noblest blood in eastern lands flowing through his veins, revered and admired. 


[With someone like him turning traitor, you have the nerve to point fingers at me?]


The elders choked on the humiliation.


They should’ve known better than to speak up. Their image wasn’t clean yet they started pointing out another’s.


[What a disgrace, being talked back and unable to refute.]


Shangguan clansmen shook at Danqing Shen’s attack and lowered their heads…


Shangguan Feixiong spat blood again, feeling much better. Yet he didn’t try to continue recovering and grabbed the venerables’ hands, “We’ve been duped and must flee at once or we’ll all die!”


“I know, Feixiong, don’t worry. You have us.”


A venerable shouted, “Men, protect the Clan Head as you retreat. We’ll cut them off!”


“Yes, sir!”


Some men grabbed Shangguan Feixiong’s arms and fled. Danqing Shen turned cold and waved, “After them!”


The men behind him released their bloodthirst, “Yes, Sword King!”


“Don’t even think about touching our Clan Head!”


The venerables shot forth, their mighty auras locking the pursuers in place.


Danqing Shen’s eyes shone and stepped in as well, releasing his own power to counter theirs, “Seniors, I’ll keep you company.”


“Then we’ll get rid of the Exalteds’ shame for them!”


The three joined hands and sword energy exploded straight for Danqing Shen’s head. 


He wasn’t one to sit still, as draconic roars sounded and a sword wave swept the sky.


The four tangled up in an ongoing brutal fight. Sharp sword waves, killing moves all, littered the now dazzling sky. Each clash warped the space around them, threatening to cave in on itself. 


None of the guards even entertained the thought of getting near, not with that hellshow going on. Danqing Shen’s Soul Harmony and Genesis Stage experts were even more wary, winding around their fight before going after the Shangguan clan. 


“The enemy’s coming! A hundred Genesis Stage experts stay behind to hold them while the rest protects Clan Head’s retreat!”


One high clansman shouted seeing the pursuit closing in. The others nodded and broke off from Shangguan Feixiong.


The pursuers were no freaks like the Nine Sword Kings while Shangguan clan’s men were all elites. They would have no trouble dealing with them.


The retreating party experienced an odd feeling as they went on. One second they were seeing the black night and the next they were back to the ruined manor. 


This was no defensive array, it was actually directed inward, turning it into a trap with them in it. 


“We’re stuck here. Break it so we can flee!”


Shangguan Feixiong panicked and ordered.


The hundreds of men worked, unleashing their all out attacks on the barrier. While the banging felt constant on the ears, there was not even a sign it had the expected effect. 


They were all overwhelmed by the barrier’s strength, unlike the first one they passed through to get in.


The three venerables fighting Danqing Shen noticed this and became restless. When they finally got a breather from the fight, they unleashed a hurried sword wave at the barrier as well.




This time, the sound was definitely much louder and the barrier shook all over. But that was it, soon settling back to normal.


It was now the venerables’ turn to be shocked.


[What the hell is this? How can a barrier be so strong?]




A bright and colored sword wave appeared then, slashing a venerable’s shoulder and forcing him to spew blood.


Danqing Shen eased his fingers and spoke, “I thought you’re fighting me yet you have the luxury to mind something else?”


The venerables gnashed their teeth in hatred.


[Danqing Shen is too damn strong, just like Shangguan Feiyun.]


They had a mere faint lapse in focus when they tried helping the Shangguan clan with the barrier, but it was enough for him to capitalize on it.


In a battle of experts, it could all end in seconds. This only goes double for fighters of Danqing Shen’s level.


They knew that the next time they let their mind wander from the fight, the best in western lands was going to be their end.


Their moods were heavy, no longer looking relaxed around Danqing Shen.


[Sorry, Feixiong, we got our work cut out for us dealing with Dragon Cleaving Sword King. We can’t help you. You’re on your own.]


The trio ignored all else and focused on Danqing Shen, pouring their every bit of energy on fighting a Sword King.


Danqing Shen met them halfway…


Shangguan Feixiong’s group kept attacking the barrier with little use. It was hard as a mountain, not even shaking like it did when the venerables attacked.


This proved they were just too weak to make a dent in it. They were now stuck here, with no way to retreat. They had to think of another way fast if they wanted to survive. 


Shangguan Feixiong was sweating, his eyes bloodshot…


“Ha-ha-ha, don’t bother. There’s no escape for you!”


In their great crisis, their danger only mounted as hundreds of men appeared out of nowhere, led by a youth, cutting off their retreat.


Baili Jingwei mocked, “Shangguan Clan Head, save your energy, I had brought ten of the best 11th grade array masters from the imperial capital spending half a month and sacred stones to set up this 11th grade array, Bound Heaven Array. It compares to a 12th grade array in hardness, taking no less than ten attacks of a Sword King. That means all your venerables have to do is just strike it ten times and it will break. Though, by the looks of it, they have their hands tied with Dragon Cleaving Sword King, so no chance there. I’m willing to bet they’ll breathe their last on the third attempt if they were ever foolish enough to try, ha-ha-ha. You have no way of getting out of here alive!”


Baili Jingwei was like a judge from hell, proclaiming Shangguan clan’s fate and robbing them of any hope…


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