The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 909, Seal


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“Baili Jingwei!”


Shangguan Feixiong’s eyes shook, howling curses like a mad beast consumed with hatred. As he looked from Danqing Shen and the three venerables to his clansmen, Shangguan Feixiong’s energy left him, regarding Baili Jingwei and his hundreds of guards.


In the deadlock that he was with the enemy, having lost numerical advantage as well, he knew defeat was certain. 


[The only option…] 


Shangguan Feixiong’s eyes flashed and shouted as he led the charge with his broken body, “Get the head! Capture Baili Jingwei and we may survive!”




The men grew spirited and followed their Clan Head into battle.




As the Shangguan clan got filled with valor and approached, Baili Jingwei remained utterly calm around his Genesis Stage expert guards. In fact, he didn’t even register them.


“Ha-ha-ha, get the head, is it? Not a bad idea. But can you do it?”


Baili Jingwei smirked, fearless in front of their ruthless charge. He felt in complete control, merely shrugging as he said, “Attack.” 


“Yes, sir!”


His guards went to meet the charge, leaving thirty behind.


The two forces howled at the top of their lungs, to hide their fear, to spur themselves on, all for survival or for orders.


In this barrier, the battlefield was split in three areas. Danqing Shen fighting Shangguan clan’s three venerables, the hundred experts of Shangguan clan against the pursuers behind and Shangguan Feixiong leading his men to catch Baili Jingwei through the latter’s guards. Though one recurring theme to all these locations was the hellscape that was painted with every drop of blood and loss of life. 


Shangguan clan found its force split in three, the worst situation one could have on the field of battle and a result of Baili Jingwei’s plan. The highest danger came when being flanked.


The only chance of survival lay with Shangguan Feixiong and if he could grab Baili Jingwei.


A pity that chance was nil. Ignoring the fact they were fighting more and better guards than them, even if they reached him, there were still thirty guards keeping him safe.


Regardless of how one looked, everything was pointless. But it was human nature to seek survival, to seek for a way out where there was none.


This led to Shangguan clan’s obsession…




Two guards presented from nowhere an imperial tutor chair and a square table carved from a pear tree before Baili Jingwei, along with tea. 


Baili Jingwei quietly sat down, sipping his tea and watching the bloody act live, with the howls and wails reaching his unfiltered ears. None of which managed to even make him twitch.


[Shangguan clan’s strong are dealt with like this and their position in eastern lands is shaky. Eastern lands’ days are numbered. Only…]


Baili Jingwei frowned, surveying the lively battlefield with unease. 


[Where’s this feeling coming from? And why?]


[Everything’s going like clockwork so why do I feel like I’m missing something?]


Baili Jingwei frowned. His demeanor exuded calm, covering the inner turmoil he didn’t know the cause of.


This had never happened before in his long career of schemes…


Near the Jade Falls, ten Soul Harmony Stage guards were on their patrol. When the sounds of battle reached them, they rejoiced, fortunate to be stuck as night guards and able to keep their lives.


Sometimes, danger would come knocking instead.




Something black landed in front of them, startling them into shouting, “Who’s there?”


“It’s me.”


Panting, Zhuo Fan revealed his frantic face in the moonlight.


The men reacted in shock, “Grandmaster Gu? What are you doing here?”


“There’re not enough men so I’m passing Sword King’s order!” Zhuo Fan took a deep breath and pointed in the direction of the battle, saying with scorn, “Can you hear that? The thieves are much stronger than anticipated and sir Sword King has ordered all of you to help. And…”


Zhuo Fan’s eyes darted around while urging them to go.


The men were skeptical, “There are many other Genesis experts around so why come to us, Soul Harmony experts? What can we even do?”


“That’s why I came to you, to give you the lord’s secret order!”


Zhuo Fan grew more nervous as he said, “With the enemy’s great force, Sword King wants to limit the casualties and outsmart them. What are you afraid of?”


Doubt still lingered in their eyes. 


[The manor hasn’t run out of men so why send a new alchemist to pass orders?]


But from Zhuo Fan’s frantic look and Radiant Stage cultivation, they could understand it and let their guard down. What else could this pipsqueak do than be an errand boy? What if they failed Sword King’s big plan?


[Let’s at least wait after we heard the message.]


The ten men went over to Zhuo Fan.


“Yes, now hurry up, we can’t have anyone listening on lord’s secret order!” Zhuo Fan called them over constantly, but his mouth curved into a devious smile.


As the ten guards reached him, waiting for the message, what they heard instead was a creepy tone, “Sword King’s order is for all of you to die!”




In a flash of black, Zhuo Fan made a full circle around them. They watched in shock as their bodies twitched once and folded. 


They fell backwards yet saw their legs still standing straight. Zhuo Fan’s black sword was gone before they could see it, walking away. 


All that remained were pair of legs, frozen in time.


“Now I can seal the World Wind Tunnel with none the wiser.”


Looking at the wonder of waterfalls in front of him, Zhuo Fan’s eyes shone with success.




A scarlet blade flashed again, coming to take Zhuo Fan’s life.


Zhuo Fan was amazed. 


[For god’s sake, that damn Shangguan Feiyun knew Shangguan clan is after the Soaring Sword so why the hell didn’t he move it? Is he that bored, wanting someone to just take it?]


[Or is he that confident in Baili Jingwei’s plan that there’s no point?]


Sighing, Zhuo Fan shook his head and his right eye flashed in seven golden halos. 


The murderous sword suddenly shook in midair, halting in place. It even looked scared.


Grinning, Zhuo Fan said, “I’m not here for you, but it’ll be a pain if you mess things up midway. I’d better get rid of you first, 6th grade sacred weapon, Soaring Sword!”




As his evil tone fell, the space around him shook and warped in the sword’s direction.


The mighty pressure made the haughty sacred weapon give up its plan and flee back to its lair, behind the water.


[Shit, how did it know that? Wasn’t it some basic animal? How…]


Soaring Sword’s core crumbled just then, having lost its scarlet edge and sharpness.


Even so, Zhuo Fan was not about to stop there. Who knew what that thing would be planning later?


“Divine Eye of the Void’s 7th stage, Void Seal!” 


Zhuo Fan’s right eye shone with seven golden halos. The space slowly solidified as it put pressure around the Soaring Sword. 


It was forced to be stuck in place once more, only able to shake all over and hum as if to plead.


Zhuo Fan showed no quarter, amping the pressure some more and placing it all on the Soaring Sword.


The sword stopped moving and fell to the ground lifeless.


A 6th grade sacred weapon, the divine sword of eastern lands, had its spirit sealed, loosing its power…



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