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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 911, The High Moon Seals the Falls

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Zhuo Fan drifted down to the ground, disregarding completely the pale and dying Shangguan Yulin or the shocked and frozen Shangguan Qingyan. 


His cold eyes were on the falls, his hands raised to start the array…


Shangguan Qingyan’s heart was jumping in her chest watching this proud figure.


[He’s nothing like before.]


He was completely different, like a stranger. 


For some odd reason, this version of Gu Yifan had a certain devilish charm to him that made her not let him out of her sight. The insane power had a part to play sure, but so did his mysterious air he carried himself with.


“S-sir Gu?”


Zhuo Fan was about to work on the signs when she suddenly said, “Young Sanzi is gone. I think he came to the manor to look for you. We should go look for him and leave here before…”


The gestures paused and Zhuo Fan frowned, “Is that why you ran here?”


[You just jumped into danger over something as lame as that?]


The wounded Shangguan Yulin in his crater felt his face twitching at the question.


[Fine, so I came along with you to this place for no reason and ended up half-dead, but I can not accept you still ignoring my plight and only ever thinking about that damn brat!]


[I’m the one in most danger here…]


All kinds of annoyances, grievances and rage got bottled up in his throat. Shangguan Yulin was close to crying, not like Zhuo Fan and Shangguan Qingyan had time to mind a dying man. He might just as well be dead already.


It only worked to fuel his bad thoughts…


“Young Sanzi is still a child and running here is dangerous!”


Shangguan Qingyan spoke heavily, “Mister Gu, no matter what you do, you must first look for him and make sure he’s safe.”


Eying her firm eyes, Zhuo Fan paused and turned around, “You don’t have to worry about young Sanzi. He’s not here. I asked him to leave you and meet me someplace else. I’ll go see him in a moment.”


“What?” Shangguan Qingyan was shocked.


Shangguan Yulin rolled his eyes, his heart aggrieved. 


[Cous, see that? While you’re worried about that thing, his father already left himself a way out.]


[Your kind intentions only make it worse. He doesn’t care at all…]


Shangguan Qingyan’s brow shook and gasped, “You mean, you two lied to me?”


“We’ve been lying about everything.”


Zhuo Fan spoke, “I’m leaving since the commotion will attract Baili Jingwei and the others. Leave as well if you want to live or you’re going to die at their hands.”


Shangguan Qingyan was obstinate as she watched his cold back, “Are you trying to get me to escape? Then tell me the truth first. Talk or not, I’ll know everything if I just stay.  Including those things you two hid from me.”


Zhuo Fan paused and nodded.


“Fine, then I’m not leaving. Let’s see just how much you hid from me.”


“Your funeral.”


Zhuo Fan sighed. 


[I gave you a chance as a favor for all you did for young Sanzi. But since you’re suicidal, that’s your problem.]


Zhuo Fan ignored all and his hand weaved signs.


With every gesture that left Zhuo Fan’s hand, his fingers looked like dancing fireflies in the darkness, stealing Shangguan Qingyan’s breath away. 


The smooth movements showed his expertise in arrays and astounded the little girl to no end.


The formidable alchemist she thought Zhuo Fan was turned out not to be his only talent. Arrays were part of his repertoire as well. 


[Just who is this man?]


Shangguan Qingyan had dumb look on her face…


Zhuo Fan’s eyes were icy regardless, focused on the endless falls and his dancing hands.


“Rise, oh moon, in the sky, letting the waves climb and reach for your height. Let them enter the Moon Palace as mist, my nature frozen within!”


Zhuo Fan finished by extending a finger.




The Jade Falls surged, trembled and moved, the water splashing everywhere in fine mist.


The moon above, drawn to something, sent its cold rays on the falls.


The bright moonlight stung the eyes, the icy air chilling to the bone and making everyone close to the falls shiver. The falls shook harder now, like the rumblings of a huge wave.


Shangguan Qingyan’s lost eyes watched the spectacle in shock.


[W-what kind of array is this? And why did Mister Gu set it up?]


Shangguan Qingyan cast her curious eyes on Zhuo Fan, whose icy face finally revealed a faint smile.


The gaudy moonlight flashed brighter before fading for good, revealing an astounding sight to Shangguan Qingyan. 


The majestic and wondrous falls froze in a glittering ice sculpture that ran for miles.


The magnificent view touched this girl’s heart.




Zhuo Fan poked it with a finger and the ice crumbled, scattering to pieces.


With this, the frozen falls were no more and the Jade Falls were gone.


The World Wind Tunnel was now sealed, making sure the drawing array inside would not be damaged. His job was done here…


“What did you do? How could you destroy something so beautiful…” Shangguan Qingyan huffed at the loss, complaining to Zhuo Fan. 


Zhuo Fan shook his head, “What an ignorant lass. With that commotion, those guys should be making their way here. Yet you don’t care about your wee life but some scenery. I see you’re as sharp as a marble.”


Zhuo Fan listened to the slaughter dying down.


“What do you care? Can’t I just die with that image as the last thing I see? Humph!” Shangguan Qingyan huffed at him, but sighed in the end. 


Regardless, she was not one to see the reality. But at this time, going against her very nature was her desire to know this man’s secret. So she was stubborn.


Shangguan Qingyan peeked at him with a bitter smile.


The Shangguan Qingyan who disdained men finally did such a dumb thing as well…


Sounds of people getting near were heard from the battlefield, now that the fighting stopped.


Going back two minutes, the Shangguan clan and the guards were entangled in a fight to the death. Blood flowed like a river and casualties piled higher and higher. Yet not even the gory display could sooth Baili Jingwei’s worry.


As for the venerables, with one of them wounded, their stance was growing shaky against Danqing Shen.


Coupled with Baili Jingwei’s Bound Heaven Array, the Shangguan clan was done for. None would leave this place alive, not Shangguan Feixiong or his venerables. Eastern lands’ power would fall, a house divided against itself. It would present Baili Jingwei with the perfect moment to strike.


The four land alliance would sport a crack as result and the central area would have the best chance to go to war with them. By the looks of it, the odds stood with Baili Jingwei in seeing the lands united in his lifetime.


The fight this night affected the unity of all the lands. Baili Jingwei held it in very high regard. Just that there was this one nagging feeling, even as victory was around the corner. Something he couldn’t shake.


“Where is the problem? What have I missed?” Baili Jingwei sank in thought…


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  1. now i understood all plot
    ZF made eastern clan fight bali jingwei with dean sequan.
    and shangguan yulin let shangguan feyiun wait in his room to fight his master zhuo fan.
    Everyone’s movement was planned by ultimately ZF.

        1. Nah it’s fine along as they don’t make them “love interests” then kill em off or forget about them, just don’t add em or make them likeable characters with unique personalities

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