The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 915, Big Dipper Flinging Array

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The truth of being tortured and toyed with by the same person he hated and despised the most made this young master Shangguan Yulin more humiliated than anything in the world. 


He couldn’t budge from the serious injuries on his body, but that did not stop him from shivering in regret as tears of shame streaked down his face, fueled by the bitter resentment his heart was now saturated with, all directed at the sicko Zhuo Fan pretended to be.


Even the poorest schmuck out there had his own self-respect. Even the frailest of bugs had their own limits. He could accept being a slave to some demonic expert, since he was weaker.


But Zhuo Fan was his peer with whom he never saw eye to eye. Knowing that this peer was stronger, the shock to his mind made him feel sick.


He was the young master of the best clan in eastern lands! How dare he be shamed by some nasty scum of society?


Thus if he knew from the start the sicko who enslaved him was Zhuo Fan, he’d never have caved in until death, or made sure to plot from the shadows against him.


The fear he always felt towards the sicko was due to not knowing anything about him. It was why Zhuo Fan used him by hiding his real face.


The more Shangguan Yulin was spasming and sobbing in regret, the more Zhuo Fan found his course of action the right one.


A mastermind should have his own style, to build up an air of mystery and strength. Honesty and coming clean helped no one with intimidation and forcing others to capitulate into being used.


The others saw Shangguan Yulin’s creepy movements and felt off.


[What’s wrong with him? What’s the problem? It’s not like he’s the only one the punk got. We’ve all been duped.]


[To cry over something like this goes to show your mind is weak…]


Baili Jingwei could somewhat relate to Shangguan Yulin’s pain. It was a royal and noble humiliation, in their blood.


None of the other spectators could feel it. Only by being toyed to such an extent by a mere boy would one come to understand this deep shame. It was no different from a beggar spitting on the face of an emperor in broad daylight.


Nothing could wash it away, not even killing all the people here.


Baili Jingwei squinted and focused his cold gaze on Zhuo Fan, “While the fake report came from Shangguan Yulin’s misguided interests, it’s all due to Mister Gu!”


“Ha-ha-ha, oh, thank you, but all I did was threaten him a little, just enough to want to get rid of me and thus complicating things. Though everything is just as I speculated, and as I wanted it.”


Zhuo Fan beamed, “Prime Minister sir, is, in fact, right when you say it’s due to me.”


Shangguan Yulin, in his hole, bawled harder. Zhuo Fan has struck another mighty blow to his feeble psyche.


He only wanted to kill Zhuo Fan, but he played right into the guy’s hand, helping instead. 


It was the harshest blow an egomaniac could receive. 


[Scared and terrified, all that work I put in it went in another’s favor!]


[Oh, my poor ego, it’s not just bruised, but in pieces…]


Shangguan Yulin howled, the tears flowing unabated as he cried like a baby…


It was so pitiful that even the hatred others felt for him was slowly turning into anger at this guy for wallowing in sorrow at his wretched fate. Even Shangguan Feiyun felt as such towards this spy nephew of his. 


[This punk is no big player. Look at him, how can he climb on to the glorious seat as lord of eastern lands?]


“Mister Gu sure played a great hand. I shall never forget this and admire your feat.”


Baili Jingwei understood everything and actually attached more value to Zhuo Fan. Only this time, it was born out of weariness and not cherishing. Anyone that could make Baili Jingwei dance to his tune was not to be trifled with.


Baili Jingwei looked around to see he had no other helpers and signaled the guards to surround Zhuo Fan. “Mister Gu is brilliant and has directed the play in the best possible way for your benefit. This leads me to believe you have left yourself an exit, right?”


“Ha-ha-ha, Prime Minister sir sure is clever. Since you know, why waste time talking and telling the men to surround me?”


“Knowing something and doing what’s necessary are different things. There is also the matter of contingency.”


The two looked each other in the eye and burst out laughing. Zhuo Fan was sneering while Baili Jingwei had a cold laugh.


Seeing the two at odds, only seeing each other as worthy adversaries, left Shangguan Feixiong and the mighty venerables shunned and disregarded.


Their faces twitched, feeling their self-respect taking a blow alongside Shangguan Yulin.


[Come on, can’t you at least glance here as well? We’re also experts of eastern lands’ Shangguan clan. We’re starting to feel bad with you ignoring us like that.]


Though who the hell cared about some four old bags of bones? Not them two and certainly not Shangguan Feiyun.


They didn’t have the Soaring Sword, now did they?


All eyes were only focused on one person, Zhuo Fan. They were weary and tense for any sudden moves by the Grandmaster Gu who toyed with them all night. How was he going to get away? How was he going to give so many great experts the slip? Why was he so confident he could?


The unknown always had a knack of putting everyone on edge, praying on their dark imagination.


Shangguan Qingyan’s pretty eyes regarded the know it all and disparaging Zhuo Fan with shock.


She found him a total stranger, a stranger that made her heart race and her face red.


It went beyond anything she ever thought possible. The frail and disregarded average Radiant Stage alchemist that once saved her turned out to be a control freak and an ungodly hero! 


Zhuo Fan’s attitude was one of dominance, a stark contrast from her father’s air of righteousness, but the vibe of one that ruled.


Zhuo Fan’s haughty style was a killer for girls like her, drawing her deeper into his web.


For now, though, her obsessive eyes went unnoticed to Zhuo Fan. Especially since hundreds of other eyes were also watching him.


Zhuo Fan looked around then settled on Baili Jingwei, “Prime Minister sir, my script is set the moment it plays. There’s no contingency.”




With the sharp yell, Zhuo Fan’s hand weaved into a sign.




A ripple spread from his feet and the Big Dipper shone bright from high in the sky. A blinding light was cast down from one of the stars right where Zhuo Fan was standing, holding him safe within.


Everyone cried out in shock and stepped back in fear and weariness.


“T-that’s the ancient star array! It should’ve been lost ages ago! Just how…” An aged voice sounded.


“You know this array?”


Baili Jingwei shook and turned to one of the ten 11th grade array grandmasters he brought from the imperial capital. He shouted in anxiety, “What does it do?”


Watching the bright light curtain with stunned eyes, the man’s gaze also held obsession. He only reacted when Baili Jingwei shouted at him, “Prime Minister, there are many star arrays with varying effects. It is only my first time seeing such a marvel. As for what it does or what is for, I do not know.”


“Then why talk so much?”


The always respectful Baili Jingwei lost his temper and cursed.


Zhuo Fan smiled behind the curtain of light, “Prime Minister sir, you should watch your temper. He doesn’t know but I do. Since it’s the end, I don’t see any harm in sharing with you this star array, the Big Dipper Flinging Array! It…”


Zhuo Fan grinned, looking mighty smug, “Teleportation!”


“A teleportation array?!”


Baili Jingwei jerked and barked orders, “Stop him now! Don’t let him get away!”


“Yes, sir!”


The men acted but Zhuo Fan shook his head, “It’s too late for that. This star teleportation array is focused on speed. Once it’s activated, it’s instantaneous. Even Genesis Stage experts can’t reach its speed. I only have to shift my fingers and…”


Zhuo Fan smirked as his hands moved and faded out.


Baili Jingwei’s eyebrows rose and clenched his fists in hatred…


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