The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 917, Scarlet Fist


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Shuddering, Zhuo Fan signs stopped and gasped in a low tone, “Young Sanzi, what is he doing here and not at our meeting place?”




Even as the power was gathering and the gaudy moonlight shone, Zhuo Fan was frozen behind it, watching in shock.


Now his foolproof plan was in ruins!


The rest heard the childish voice as well and looked in its direction with surprise.


[Where did the kid come from?]




The weeping sounds were followed by a red and small figure, sniffing and running for Shangguan Qingyan. As he staggered and stumbled in his frantic rush, the locket on his neck dazzled in the moonlight.


Zhuo Fan was floored at young Sanzi’s sudden appearance. Feeling restless the more he was acting like a real and frail child.


He knew young Sanzi was doing it for a reason, but with all the Genesis Stage experts around, even a Qilin’s son would find himself overwhelmed fast.


Zhuo Fan’s heart froze, his attention fixed on his cute figure as sweat trickled down his brow.


[Young Sanzi, don’t be rash, don’t be rash…]


His prayer didn’t reach young Sanzi as the child ran under everyone’s gaze to Shangguan Feiyun and started waving his wee fists around, “Meanie, let my auntie go…”


“Run, young Sanzi…”


Shangguan Qingyan panicked and forced herself to shout despite the grip on her neck. She cared too much about him.


Gu Santong wasn’t just half faking it, making sure his punches were that of a child. Shangguan Feiyun was blissfully oblivious of the monster lurking beneath that adorable facade. His eyes lit up and hoisted him, “Ha-ha-ha, I heard you had a son, Gu Yifan. This must be the twerp. Now I have your son as well. You might not care about the girl, but that can’t go the same for your son!”


Zhuo Fan winced, his fist clenching as he looked worried at young Sanzi.


[You shouldn’t have come, young Sanzi…]


“Meanie, let my auntie go…”


Gu Santong was still feisty even as Shangguan Feiyun held him in the air, waving his hands and feet at him, but they didn’t even make an impact. It was all so funny to Shangguan Feiyun, “Gu Yifan, I’ll count to three. So you keep that sword and I won’t kill the girl, but instead your son. You think about that.”


“Shangguan Feiyun, you rotten bastard, you call yourself a Genesis Stage expert by hitting a seven year old child?”


Shangguan Qingyan raved despite her heavy breathing in his clutches. Shangguan Feiyun ignored her rants, only staring at Zhuo Fan with a dark look, “Three!”


Zhuo Fan’s face shook, stuck in indecision.




Shangguan Feiyun called out again, the bloodthirst in his eyes thicker. Zhuo Fan clenched his fists, sweating as he watched young Sanzi in worry.


Baili Jingwei mocked seeing him unmoving, “Grandmaster Gu, are you that empty inside? You said you didn’t know the girl for long to care, but now it’s your own son. Are you going to say he hasn’t been around for long either? Humph, what a father you are, caring more about a dead object than your own flesh and blood. Unlike you, your son is so touching, being around the girl as long as you have yet to see how attached he’s grown. Are you sure you’re even related? How come you’re so different, ha-ha-ha…”


Baili Jingwei mocked and laughed at his expense, even though it was all true. Zhuo Fan and young Sanzi were not related.


It actually went beyond blood relation.


Zhuo Fan’s hesitation stemmed from not knowing how to play along young Sanzi’s act and save him. Saving was only possible if he timed it right, especially with young Sanzi’s strength.


So he waited, waited for the right moment for the father and son to act.




Shangguan Feiyun finished but Zhuo Fan didn’t budge which made him shout, “What a heartless father, not even caring about his own son’s fate. Then allow me to help you by removing this bastard…”




A loud sound broke his rant, followed by a sharp pain to his chest. He spat blood and was sent flying, letting the hostages slip free. The mighty power surge spread out and kicked up a cloud of dust as it level everything in five kilometers. 


Though with everyone being Genesis Stage experts, there was no fear of any life being harmed when the surge hit.


As the dust settled, Shangguan Feiyun was revealed to be bleeding from the mouth and looking in shock, “H-how? T-the child?”


The others were just as shocked as he was.


[H-how can a child harm Sword King Feiyun? T-that’s impossible!]


Gu Santong panted, his young body covered in a red glow, still in a punching stance. He looked to be looking at Shangguan Feiyun with equal shock.


Since it was his first time against a Genesis Stage expert, and a top one at that in the form of a Sword King, he went all out.


Despite that and the fact it was a flawless sneak attack, his almighty Qilin power proved to fall short as it only gave Shangguan Feiyun a flesh wound.


This never happened before, ever. It then dawned on him Zhuo Fan’s concern about Flying Cloud City being packed with Genesis experts and just how dangerous it was. There was no room for them to punch through like always.


“Young Sanzi!”


As everyone was riveted in shock by the wee child, a shout reached their ears. A ripple echoed around young Sanzi’s area as Zhuo Fan behind his curtain of light showed a golden right eye. Shift!


Young Sanzi knew his enemy was beyond tough and let go of any intent of following up, choosing to grab the still stunned Shangguan Qingyan with a rare hard face, “Auntie, relax and let it come. Dad’ll save us!”


Shangguan Qingyan was still baffled but seeing such a serious look on the seven year old’s face made her bob her head in reflex.


“Bastard, you’re going to pay for that!”


The air shimmered as Shangguan Feiyun unleashed the Soaring Sword Art in his rage.


The world shifted as a huge sword came down on the two, unleashing its dreadful power and robbing everyone’s breath away.


It was unclear how a Qilin’s tough body would fare against such a grievous strike, but one thing was sure, there would be nothing left of Shangguan Qingyan afterward.


Shangguan Feixiong cried out in pain, “Shangguan Feiyun, how can a Genesis cultivator kill a child and an Ethereal Stage girl? What will the lands think of you?”


“You call that a child? That’s no child but a monster! Have you ever seen a child with such brutal strength? He made me bleed with a punch! There’s no way that’s normal even for a sneak attack!”


Shangguan Feiyun snapped back and silenced Shangguan Feixiong with his retort. Now he waited in anxiety as to what would follow.


Zhuo Fan was the most worried of them all. He had to strain himself and give his all in his Divine Eye of the Void working faster than Shangguan Feiyun’s sword. He had to…


[Young Sanzi!]


Zhuo Fan’s eyes grew bloodshot as he screamed in his mind. As he forced himself to jumpstart the skill, his eye was bleeding, but none of this mattered as his gaze was fixed on Gu Santong and the space around him began to move. 


The huge sword was mere hairs away, ready to take their lives as well. Who was faster among Shangguan Feiyun and Zhuo Fan determined young Sanzi and Shangguan Qingyan’s fate…



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    1. His sole parent was an ancient beast equally dumb. Because he’s not a 300 years old human who gets stronger through insight and Dao comprehension, he’s a beast that gets stronger by eating stuff and doesn’t care about anything he can get out of the way by punching it. Which until today has been everything.

  1. Like for real, why would you take chances against Genesis stage when Zhuo said that this place is a den of monsters. ZF also said to wait at a right place and not do anything stupid, that girl would have been alive even if he didn’t come. Nah its so cliche from an author to make such move.

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