The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 96, Vicious Pill King

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Those words were made by a man in a green robe entering the guest hall.


His hair was green, his eyes were green, and even his beard was green, painting a particularly strange image.


He had a violet gourd strapped to his waist. His appearance caused Elder Lin and the fifth elder to show respect. 


“Master, you are amazing beyond words. Not even Hell Valley and Merry Woods dare utter a sound in your presence, ha-ha-ha…”


A youth in his twenties came following behind the elder, he was at peak Bone Tempering Stage. Yet, his tone lacked the respect and manner one should have when talking to the three other people present there.


The trio’s faces turned ashen, their anger was slowly rising, but they held their tongue.


This scene would shock anyone. Three Profound Heaven experts were mocked by a Bone Tempering pup. And they didn’t even retort, despite the rude tone.


Fifth Elder, who was known for his quick temper, was also silent. A scene that even his disciples would find hard to imagine.


“Elder Yan, you should mind your disciple, he doesn’t seem to have any manners. Is this how a junior speaks to his elders?” Fifth Elder said unhappily.


Yet, the elder in green caressed his beard with a smile, “Hell Valley’s fifth elder, why argue with a child? It doesn’t befit your status, ha-ha-ha…”


“Exactly, you’re totally not acting as a senior should. So, why should I treat you like one?” The youth’s brash voice was tinted with mockery.


Fifth Elder shivered and his face turned red, itching to pry this fool’s head from his body. But he forced his anger down and resumed to clenching his fists.


With a crack, a piece of the table was vaporized.


Lin Zitian eyed the fifth elder’s anger and secretly sighed. He had some reservations when looking at the elder in green as he forced a laughter, “Ha-ha-ha, I’d never guessed such a small meeting will bring together four of the Seven Houses. With Elder Yan attending, the meeting will run smoothly!” 


“He-he-he, Lin Zitian, you don’t need to give me lip service. I know none of you see me eye to eye. But who told you to name it as the Hundred Pill Meeting? You think it’s worthy of the name ‘Hundred Pill’ if I, Vicious Pill King, is missing in attendance?”


The elder in green didn’t give Lin Zitian any respect and even mocked him to the point Lin Zitian turned his head away.


Peony Overseer was livid, but on top of her anger lied a deep seething hatred.


“Elder Yan Song,” Peony Overseer spat, “Drifting Flowers Edifice doesn’t seem to have extended Pill King Hall an invitation. So why have you graced us with your uninvited presence?”


“Ha-ha-ha, Peony Overseer, you’re as fiery as ever!”


With his eyes flashing green, Yan Song snorted, “In the Tianyu Empire, I can go wherever I want with no one daring to oppose me! Now that I’m here in your Drifting Flowers City, are you going to kick me out?”




She was poised to attack, but Lin Zitian stopped her, “Peony Overseer, calm yourself.”


Eying Yan Song cautiously, Lin Zitian sighed as he gave her a look, “Before Edifice Lord comes, be careful of devolving the situation!”


Peony Overseer snorted, turning her body away, easing Lin Zitian’s worry. 


“Ha-ha-ha, Peony Overseer is like a lass, so spiteful. So, it is a wonder to me how you still became an overseer? Master, you were right. A bunch of broads can never accomplish anything. Drifting Flowers Edifice is the worst of the Seven Houses by far.” The youth ridiculed.


The eyes of the three turned sharply. [Vicious Pill King is too arrogant and his disciple belittles anyone he sees.] 


Their ‘friendly’ conversation was interrupted when a sound came from outside the door.


“Little brother, Drifting Flowers Edifice may have only women but it has stood strong in Tianyu Empire for a millennia. It has its own principles, it is not something anyone can criticize.”


A beauty in blue floated in, the Iris Overseer, Qin Caiqing!  


“Senior Sister, you’re back!” Peony Overseer cried, regaining her confidence, “Where did you go? We have someone barging uninvited and I am powerless to stop them.”


Peony Overseer’s eyes snapped to Yan Song but Qin Caiqing simply smiled, “Shouldn’t you be taking care of your precious disciple instead? I once told you to raise your disciple better, not to disgrace Drifting Flowers Edifice’s reputation.”


“Who did she offend?”


Shaking her head, Qin Caiqing simply clapped.


Two female disciples brought Xiao Dandan who was still wrapped in the blue ribbon. With her curves full-on display, she earned the youth’s fiery gaze.


Then two more disciples brought an unconscious Lin Tianyu.




Lin Zitian jumped next to him, then his look was filled with murderous desire, “Who hurt him?”


The youth cut her off before she could reply, “Master, is that kid’s injury grave?”


“He-he-he, that’s putting it mildly. If not dead then a cripple. The culprit sure had no restraint.” Yan Song enjoyed others’ misfortune.


The youth laughed in ridicule, “Merry Woods’ disciple can’t even take a hit. And his master is no different either.”


Lin Zitian gnashed his teeth, glaring at the youth.


Qin Caiqing smiled, “Little brother is wrong. The one he met was an even younger man, whose strength is above all the Seven Houses’ genius disciples. Little brother is Elder Yan’s disciple, but even you will meet the same fate.”


The youth frowned, filled with rebuke. Qin Caiqing secretly smiled.


“Senior Sister, why didn’t you bring him? Is he stronger than you?” Peony Overseer jerked.


Shaking her head, Qin Caiqing said, “Perhaps not, but you know how I am, staying outside others’ affairs. If someone messed with my disciple, I’ll intervene, but…”


Qin Caiqing sighed as she looked at Xiao Dandan, “Dandan, you explain. And be honest. I already know everything that transpired.”


“Yes, Senior Aunt!”


Xiao Dandan sobbed a nod, then retold the events.


The people there sighed at the conclusion. Not for the humiliated Dong clan though, since none of the Seven Houses gave a damn about these people. They were considered slaves in their eyes.


And their disciples were of the same mind. Some might be even more ruthless than Xiao Dandan. It was only thanks to the Drifting Flowers Edifice’s restrictions on their disciples that made them far more restrained.


What was on everyone’s mind was Zhuo Fan’s conduct.


Not only did he end the humiliation the Dong clan received but turned the humiliation back at Xiao Dandan and her fiancé. With such a savage method.


Fifth Elder couldn’t help associating him with a familiar figure.


Didn’t his actions resemble that of Zhuo Fan who killed the seventh elder?


He stroked his beard as he stated, “Ha-ha-ha, what is wrong with the Tianyu Empire? With Zhuo Fan as the origin, many more are starting to belittle the Seven Houses, assaulting our disciples again and again. If we don’t keep them in check, none will fear us.”


“He-he-he, isn’t it all because of Hell Valley’s incompetence? You have yet to find that insolent brat too. You’re making us, the other six Houses, look bad!” Yan Song mocked.


Fifth elder wasn’t angry as he turned to the youth behind him with a smile, “Yeah, it’s all our fault. But for an elder to step into a disciple’s conflict, isn’t it more shameful? Lin Zitian, too bad you didn’t bring another disciple to take revenge for Tianyu and save that Dandan girl’s reputation.”


The youth jumped in front of Xiao Dandan before Lin Zitian could reply, and took her arm, “Come with me, I will avenge you!”


And with that short declaration, the two were gone, causing the fifth elder to show a broad smile.


“Insolent! That brat has no manners at all. He even ignored my presence and took my disciple away!” Peony Overseer’s lip trembled in rage.


Yan Song waved his hand as he walked off, “Ha-ha-ha, in this world, a woman’s fate is to land in a man’s arms. Drifting Flowers Edifice wouldn’t have lasted so long without this!”


When Yan Song was gone, the fifth elder’s eyes squinted as he too took the initiative to leave. “That old fool must have also sensed it…” 


Peony Overseer was confused, “Why is everyone leaving?”


Lin Zitian frowned, eying Qin Caiqing with a profound gaze, “Iris Overseer, are you certain that troublemaker isn’t that demon Zhuo Fan?”


“What? He’s Zhuo Fan?” Peony Overseer jerked.


Qin Caiqing’s eyes showed a peculiar light, “I am unclear. The kid is outstanding, but not enough to kill Profound Heaven experts!”


“Maybe he is faking it…” Lin Zitian then laughed, “I see now why even Vicious Pill King is impatient to watch the fight. If he really is Zhuo Fan, his disciple is as good as dead! At that time…


“Yan Song will make a move. However…” His lips traced a cryptic curve. Qin Caiqing finished, “It is unclear if Zhuo Fan can kill a man viler than even You Guiqi. After all, he is called the Vicious Pill King for a reason!”


Lin Zitian nodded with a mutter, “I just hope he is Zhuo Fan…”


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