The Strongest Cultivation System

The Strongest Cultivation System – Chapter 1, Uglies Often Do Mischief

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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Han Hao couldn’t help but sigh after receiving a message from his boss to report at his office for a chat. He had brought such a huge loss to the company this time, so he feared he couldn’t continue with the part-time job anymore!


As expected, he saw a moody face as soon as he entered the office. The boss gave him the ultimatum after seeing him enter, “Little Han, get your salary for this month from the accounting department. You need not come from tomorrow onwards!”


This part-time job was very important for Han Hao. But he had already brought a disastrous loss, so he couldn’t stay here. Therefore, he could only turn around helplessly and prepare to leave.


But just when Han Hao turned around, the boss suddenly patted his shoulder from behind, “I was kidding with you just now, you really took it seriously?”


Han Hao turned jubilant with the situation’s reversal and was about to thank the boss, but before he could do so, the boss continued his words.


After causing the company such a huge loss, you still want to get paid?! Get the hell out of here!”


Han Hao promptly left the office under the boss’ roar. He put his things in order and left the company! And then prepared to return to university!


Han Hao sighed while on the way back. [If it weren’t for someone playing dirty tricks, the business deal wouldn’t have incurred such losses and involved the entire company!]


After recalling his life until now, he felt evermore disappointed. Han Hao felt like he had never experienced happiness and believed that misfortune had touched his body since he always had bad luck!


He had come to the company first thing in the morning and hadn’t even had breakfast. Hearing the grumbles of his stomach, Han Hao touched the ¥10 bill in his pocket and sighed again. After having some food, he planned to look for another part-time job. Therefore, he walked over towards a street-side stall to fill his stomach!


However, after taking a few steps, a face appeared before his eyes. It almost made people think a door had squeezed it into that shape. The owner of the face was a one-eyed old man with yellow teeth and a drooping nose. When he looked at this person, the words ‘the work of the Gods’ came to Han Hao’s mind immediately.


After barring Han Hao’s way, the old man grinned, which made his face twist uncannily and even moved closer. He used a cryptic tone to ask Han Xiao, “Young man, do you believe in God?”


Han Hao immediately judged that this old fellow was a swindler once he heard this. Looking at the miserable state of his clothes, he guessed that this man was a huckster with a 100% defeat rate. After he felt confident that he had seen through everything, Han Hao planned to refuse. But right when Han Xiao was about to speak, he recalled all the sadness that he had experienced. His playful heart roused up and made him decide he would go along with this old swindler.


Therefore, Han Hao assumed a pious expression and nodded solemnly, “Mmm, I believe!”


Han Xiao’s reaction had completely exceeded the old man’s expectations. Astonishment appeared on his face. He also hadn’t expected that the young man would believe him! A short moment of weird silence appeared between them, and after that…


The old man took out some microchip-like green crystals and said enigmatically, “It’s good as long as you believe. Look at what I have here – Strongest Face-Slapping Flexing System, Strongest Dating System, Strongest Apotheosis System, Strongest Cultivation System, Strongest Banking System… Pick whichever you live. Fate brought us together, so I’ll give you one for just ¥10. With the system, you’ll definitely make a meteoric rise and have boundless prospects!”


Hearing the old man put so much effort into the scam, Han Hao disregarded it all. [F••k you, retard! Piece of shit! Zhou Qingqing has already used this scam before! And you dare show off with it? Loser!]


Faced with the old man’s incessant intro, Han Hao became impatient, “Don’t mention that Strongest Apotheosis System and whatnot. I just surpassed Godlike and reached Legendary in the cybercafe a few moments ago! A Septakill!”


However, after replying to the old man, Han Hao got affected by his own quick-wittedness and humor. All his depression from getting sacked disappeared while he began chuckling.


The old man felt a little resentful after looking at Han Hao’s playful manner and talked to him seriously, “Young man, I’m not joking with you!”


I know you aren’t joking. It’s that thing, right? Uglies often do mischief, they say!” Han Hao burst into another round of crazy laughter after that…


Although Han Hao kept laughing, he had his attention fixed on the old man. He wanted to know what kind of expression the old man would show after getting pissed off by him.


After continuing for a while, Han Hao finally stopped because he discovered that the old man hadn’t got angry and was instead smiling at him and even looking in all directions. The old man’s smile felt a bit ‘wicked’ to Han Hao and even seemed to possess deep malice!


Han Hao felt doubtful and followed the old fellow’s gaze to look all around. Although nothing seemed serious, it almost made Han Hao’s chin drop to the ground.


The people in Hao Han’s surroundings had paused as they were right now. The cigarette in the hands of the man standing closed to him was about to burn his fingers, yet it hadn’t continued burning. The lady carrying a food basket was about to take a step with her left foot, but it hadn’t reached the ground. Even the tree leaves floating overhead had stopped mid-air…


Everything in Han Hao’s vision seemed to have come to a complete halt. Except for his thoughts, he couldn’t budge an inch!


And now, the old fellow whom Han Hao had referred to as one of ‘Uglies,’ had received no such influence and was sizing up Han Hao with that twisted face of his.


A poor devil like you dares to say something like ‘uglies often do mischief’?! Look how I teach you a lesson!” The old fellow raised his wizened right leg and kicked Han Hao!


Han Hao drew in a cold breath after getting kicked since he still had the sense of pain. He hadn’t expected the old fellow’s thin and hideous leg to carry such a powerful kick. It felt like a few muscle men had given him a ferocious kick together.


After kicking Han Hao once, the old fellow looked at his pained expression with satisfaction, “Let’s see if you dare to disrespect the old again! Another lesson will be due then!”


After telling him this, the old fellow looked towards Han Hao’s pocket and carefully rummaged through it. He took out the only ¥10 bill left in Han Hao’s pocket with excitation and flashed it towards sunlight before nodding satisfactorily, “It’s a real bill. Looks like this trip wasn’t in vain! To think you’d dare to refuse buying my wares, such audacity! Since I’ve received the money now, let’s see what system would be good for you.”


The old fellow began combing through the green crystals.


Witnessing the old man take away the final ¥10 left in his pocket, Han Hao screamed internally, [Oi! That’s my food expense for a day! Return it to me! Right now!] However, no matter how much he screamed, it had no effect on the old man!


After examining all of them, the old fellow took out a crystal and nodded convincingly, “Didn’t you say you reached Legendary? I’ll let you cultivate and understand the true might of a god! It isn’t something one can transcend as they wish!”


After choosing the crystal, the old fellow went behind Han Hao and slapped the crystal towards the back of his head. After the crystal disappeared into his head, the old fellow looked at the ¥10 bill in his hand with a wretched smile and exclaimed that he had enough for liquor again and walked towards the other side of the street complacently! And then, he disappeared!


After the crystal entered Han Hao’s body, Han Hao only felt a little dizzy. His limbs felt powerless, but as he watched the old fellow leave with the ¥10, he didn’t forget to comment, “My ¥10… ¥10…” He then felt dizzy and fainted!


  • Host: Han Hao
  • Age: 21
  • Cultivation Points: Zero
  • Cultivation Realm: Mortal
  • Cultivation Law: None
  • Skills: None
  • Missions: None
  • Achievements: None


Han Hao didn’t know how long he had blacked out. By the time he regained consciousness, he could only hear a series of emotionless system notifications in his thoughts!


The Cultivation System has finished merging with the host already. The inspection shows that the host’s misfortune is at max, requesting the host to decide whether to accept a mission to remove current misfortune!”


After Han Hao regained his senses fully, he heard another notification and felt dazed, “Goodness! That old fellow didn’t dupe me! It’s a real system! Has my time finally come?”


Requesting the host to make a choice, if not, it will default to automatic declination!”


Since he could remove his misfortune, Han Hao settled on accepting it, “Accept!”


Host’s mission initiation has succeeded. Please check the mission! Reminder: If you can’t complete the mission according to the requirements, an appropriate penalty shall apply!”


After the process finished smoothly, Han Hao checked it with impatience, but after he finished that, he cursed out. “What blasted mission is this?! And what is the penalty? Old man, don’t kid with me!”


Silavin: Hmm… well, this novel is a pickup.

This novel is a very generic one. I actually picked this up to see how popular this can get.


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