The Strongest Cultivation System

The Strongest Cultivation System – Chapter 5, The Might of a Punch

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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The manager had also come over after getting the news and felt alarmed after looking at Chen Hui! He rushed over with a smile.


Brother Hui, what happened here? Why are you so angry? Calm your anger, and enjoy the meal. I’ll take responsibility and waive off your bill!”


Chen Hui didn’t even look at the manager, “This daddy doesn’t care about this bit of money! I don’t need you to waive it off, but this girl must sleep with me today!”


The manager was in a dilemma, “But, Brother Hui, that’s…”


Shut your trap. Didn’t I tell you I’ve had a drink with your boss before? If you stop me, I’ll make him fire you!”


The manager shut his mouth after hearing this. Afterward, Chen Hui became evermore rampant and ordered the black-clothed men. “What are you standing there for? Cripple him!”


The black-clothed men had hesitated to act after the manager arrived. But after Chen Hui ordered them again, they lost all misgivings and pounced towards Han Hao together!


Han Hao’s senses had become sharper after reaching the Prime Mortal Realm. He could see the locus of their punches in his mind!


You’re too slow!”


Saying so, Han Hao, who stood still with a smile, revealed contempt and moved.


Wham!” “Bam!” “Argh!”


In just a few breaths, the black-clothed men that besieged him had all begun screaming in pain while lying on the floor.


What the…” Chen Hui was planning to watch the show, but after seeing Han Hao beat up the black-clothed men, the smile on his face froze!


These men were all retired military men he had hired at a high price. He wasn’t expecting the bumpkin before him to subdue them all in mere moments!


After settling the black-clothed men, Han Hao patted his hands, “Not even one can fight decently. They’re too weak!”


Afterward, Han Hao looked towards Chen Hui and sneered, “Didn’t you want to cripple me? Since they couldn’t do it, why don’t you call someone stronger, or else I’ll just cripple you!”


Ruthlessness flashed through Han Hao’s eyes!


Chen Hui’s expression turned ugly. After hearing Han Hao’s words, he revealed a venomous expression, “Humph! So, it seems like even a bumpkin like you has some strength! But that isn’t enough! Master Jiang, it’s your turn to appear!”


Master Jiang was Chen Hui’s personal bodyguard. This retired commando had won the runner-up position in the national wrestling competition. He had fought all his life and held disdain for others! 10 experts had once surrounded Chen Hui, but he remained safe thanks to Master Jiang! He had knocked them all down with his bare hands and hadn’t even used his full strength. They hadn’t even touched a hair of his!


He felt confident that this bumpkin would submit if Master Jian acted!


The man sat in the chair behind Chen Hui with his eyes closed. He played with two solid steel handballs that kept making clinking noises. After Chen Hui walked to the side, he slowly opened his and looked at Han Hao.


You’re just an amateur with brute force! Kneel and apologize to Brother Hui, and also hand over the woman behind you. I’ll spare you then! If not, you won’t be able to endure it if I act!”


After Master Jiang revealed his face, his appearance and build came into Han Hao’s view. His packed muscles seemed to burst out of his clothes! They contained terrible power within them!


Han Hao replied lazily after hearing this, “You’re just a brainless wild man. Kneel and apologize to me and then compensate me for causing me emotional distress, I might spare you then!”


Master Jiang was a commando and hated when someone called him a wild man the most. It was akin to his reverse scale. He felt enraged after hearing Han Hao say it in such circumstances.


Since you wish to court death, I shall cripple you first!”


Saying so, Master Jiang leaped up from the chair and took a few steps forward. He bent his right hand back to accumulate strength in his muscles!


The viciousness on Chen Hui’s face bloomed after watching Master Jiang act. He had the fortune to see Master Jiang brandish his fist once over the years under his protection. He had broken the opponent’s arm with a single punch, crushing the bone!


It was clear he felt enraged right now and planned to cripple Han Hao!


Han Hao welcomed Master Jiang’s fist with a smile, “Not bad. Better than those trash lying down. The punch seems like it packs some power too! But it’s still nothing to me!”


Let me give you a taste of your own medicine!”


Han Hao remained calm and waved his fist towards Master Jiang, meeting force with force!


Ignorant fool! No one in Qingshui City dares to receive my fist! Take this!”






The fists collided. The confident Master Jiang’s face turned colors as he screamed!


His fingers were all broken, and his arm’s bone had also fractured as his body flew backward, dropping on the floor after spinning a few times!


Fear filled Chen Hui’s face, and his eyes opened wide!




The man he viewed as a battle god had lost to the youngster before his eyes in a single move! He found this hard to accept!


But he reacted quickly after Master Jiang flew out. He knew he had offended someone he shouldn’t have and planned to flee!


What? Didn’t you want to cripple me? How come you’re running now?!”


Han Hao had crippled his ultimate protection, so Chen Hui had already lost his previous arrogance and kneeled before Han Hao.


Lord, I was blind to offend you, please forgive me!”


Han Hao looked at the kneeling Chen Hui and sat down while putting one leg over the other. He whistled internally, feeling endlessly excited. “F••k! It feels damn good to flex with the system’s help! Haha!”


Beep – Congratulations to the host for obtaining the achievement, ‘Cultivation is Meaningless Except For Flexing!’ Obtained five cultivation points as a reward!”


Just as he reveled in ecstasy, the sudden notification from the system stunned Han Hao, “What the heck! And these cultivation points! Just what are they for? I ought to take some time to familiarize myself with this system!”


After sitting down, Han Hao looked at Chen Hui with a mocking gaze and clicked his tongue, “Jie’er, say how we should handle this guy? Shall I crush his little bro or break his arm or foot?”


Looking at this unfamiliar Han Hao, Mo Jie didn’t know what to say, but she still answered in a tiny voice, “Brother Han Hao, don’t act impulsively. This is a lawful society. You can get imprisoned for deliberate harm!”


Listening to her words, the scared Chen Hui also tensed up, “Yes! Please think it over, Lord! You might get imprisoned if you cripple me, so how about we settle this in another way?”


In this lawful society, people could get imprisoned for deliberately injuring someone. Han Hao also felt a headache regarding this, so he wasn’t sure about what to do! But after Chen Hui finished speaking, he kicked him to the floor.


It’s all f••king because of you!”


After seeing that Han Hao had got angry, Chen Hui didn’t dare to speak anymore as he feared he would get kicked again!


Reflecting for a moment, Han Hao said thoughtfully, “How about this? I’ll act like it was an accident and kick his crotch with some force, making it unable for his little bro to work again! I shouldn’t get arrested that way!”


Saying so, Han Hao had even convinced himself of his own reasoning and chuckled!


As for Mo Jie, she furrowed her brows after hearing his words and spoke cautiously.


Brother Han Hao. What are you saying? His little brother isn’t here! There’s no use even if you beat him! Just hitting Chen Hui once is fine!”


Han Hao had known Mo Jie for so long, yet never knew that she was so simple and unable to understand the implication. He could only say this to her, “Jie’er, that… You need not understand it. Just look from aside!”


Okay!” Mo Jie was always relatively obedient and stood behind Han Hao cleverly, waiting for him to hit Chen Hui’s little brother!


Chen Hui turned pale after hearing Han Hao’s words and struggled, “Lord! My Lord! Please spare me and don’t hit my little brother! He is my precious! I’ll give you as much money as you want! Just let me go!”


Money? With my awesome system, I won’t lack that at all!”


Han Hao had no intention to spare this Chen Hui, who planned to cripple him. He had decided he would teach him a lesson! Therefore, he got up and walked towards Chen Hui, looking at his little brother with a smile!


Silavin: I’ve discussed with the translator and we decided to drop this novel. For those that came  from the Manhua, do note that the story is quite different from the Manhua. It seems that the author had deviated the story quite substantially.


Even the personality of the MC has slightly changed. This version is a little… well, if someone reads ahead, they will understand.


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