The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness

The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness – Chapter 118.1, The Mirage King (5)


Translator: Nonon

Editor: Silavin


I remained calm in front of the purifying light that could destroy the undead far and wide.

They’re strong. I suffered the damages one-sidedly during our first match. When I went to Epée’s inn to return the sword, they were shaken up so they weren’t in a perfect condition.

But this time they’re attacking head on. I don’t know what kind of method they used, but they have perceived our existence and have come with a firm will to kill us.

Even if they’re third class, they can manipulate the blessing and are undoubtedly heroes.

Looking at the light bullets that were pouring down on me like rain and Neville, who charged at me from the other side, I was convinced.

They’ve become stronger – than when we previously met.

They’re planning on wounding me with ‘Photon Rain’ and using that opportunity to continuously attack me.

In contrast to that, I didn’t even have to worry, I only had one choice.

The light was hailing down evenly. I resolved myself, rebuked my hurting body and jumped sideways.

Lufry let out a small voice.



The light burns my flesh. The pain as if being scorched by the hellfire, a different kind of pain from Sable’s curse, bursts forth like shock.

I continued protecting Senri, hugged her and rolled.
I understand that the light is trying to return me to the corpse I’m meant to be, my vision is blinking because of the pain and I can’t even scream, yet – my thoughts are calm.

They’ve become stronger. Maybe they started training from the day when Senri disappeared with me.

But nothing has changed.

The sharpened killing intent in their attacks is splendid, but that’s it.

They’ve become stronger, but that’s it. They haven’t changed at all.

“Kuh… He was hit by ‘Photon Rain’ but he took almost no damage! Be careful!”

“I know!”

I feel a tingling fighting spirit from my back. I feel a strong power of light.

My old self had almost no combat experience of fighting with enemies stronger than me so I could only desperately run around. Right now I have an index to judge them by. An index called Senri.

Lufry and Neville have definitely become stronger. But I’ve become even stronger.

I know that even if I take a direct hit from all bullets from Lufry’s ‘Photon Rain’, it can’t fill my abyss.
A beast-like roar rises from my back. A holy silver weapon, that’s handed to all Death Knights, is swung down.

 ―― Senri, who slipped out of my arms, intercepted it.


I rolled to the side, as if toppling over, and checked the progress of the battle.

Senri’s swordsmanship is elegant no matter how many times I see it. Her straight and quick continuous attacks are probably because force isn’t needed to purify the undead.
Her swift swordplay, so fast that it carved several flashes in a moment, is something that even I, with my superhuman abilities, can barely manage to match.

A violent sound resonates. Neville roars.

“You! You still haven’t woken up?!”

You’re barking up the wrong tree. Senri’s eyes ―― have never been clouded.

Senri’s blow greatly repels the mace. Neville’s expression distorts.
Senri and Neville have different physiques and gender, but for Death Knights, who can strengthen their bodies with blessing, that’s irrelevant.

“I won’t let you kill him!”

Do they think that Senri’s unwillingly accompanying me because she’s being threatened?
There’s no way that could happen. Senri isn’t foolish enough to be manipulated by somebody of my level. That’s why I’ve been doing everything possible to avoid betraying her.

Just how are Lufry and Neville planning to kill me, while I’m being protected by Senri who’s stronger than them, the very same Senri they’re trying to save?

“Are you okay, End?”

“Some… how.”

It hurts. It hurts so much that if I were a human, I’d definitely be dead, but I’m already dead so it’s not a problem.

Right now I’m probably stronger than these two.
After all, I have vast combat experience. I’ve learned the tricks of the Death Knights through Senri. 


Perhaps instantly sensing the situation, Lufry shouted.

“Neville, hold her back! ‘Photon Rain!’”


How naïve, way too naïve. In that sense, Epée’s ‘Soul Release’ from a very far distance was an excellent tactic.

Epée most likely has a precise understanding of us.

The Order of Death Knights is definitely not evil. That’s why, time will heal the tragedy. Even if I’m killed, Senri will eventually come to terms with it.
But Senri’s not the kind of person who will sit idly by and silently watch people who’ve come to kill me in front of her.

If I were in their position ―― I would have planned an assassination. It would be impossible to persuade the stubborn Senri head-on.

I swung down ‘Blood Ruler’ towards the rain of light that had become denser because its range was narrowed down to me.

My heart was groaning. The power of the vampire is the blood power and its source is the heart. The invasion of my natural enemy is making my vampire instincts roar with fighting will.

Senri said that Blood Ruler was also made with the metal that sucked in blessing.
The jet-black blade produced the exact results I was anticipating. The light that touched the blade disappeared, as if sucked in. Some couldn’t be erased and passed through, but if I resolve myself, I can endure it.

Good grief, the Lord really left something good.

“He erased it?! Impossible, why didn’t he do it the first-“ 

Yeah, that’s right. I could do the same thing to the first shot. But Lufry doesn’t understand it.

“I’m madly in love ―― with Senri!”

That’s why, it’s only natural that I would act in a way that made her stay with me. I’m expressing that sentiment with my whole body, risking my life!


‘Head over heels in love with your natural enemy… I could never imagine that this would have happened.’


The Lord is lamenting for some reason. Immediately after, I strongly step forward.

I pass by Neville, who’s exchanging blows with Senri. My target is – Lufry.

His clean-cut face stiffens in astonishment for a second. 

Did they believe that I was still on the pursued side?
The fear, engraved from the time when I was left as just a head, had already disappeared. If they knew the path I’ve walked since then, they’d surely be convinced.


“I won’t kill you! Senri would be sad if I did!”



Think carefully. I don’t kill innocent humans. I’ve received blood from Senri, but I’m still chaste.
Vampire, who doesn’t do anything and the Death Knights that are trying to kill him. For the public, Death Knights are in the right, but it’s different for Senri.


How ironic it is that, the virtue, that was surely one of the reasons why Senri was valued, is protecting a pitiful vampire.


Lufry readied his sword. The light dwells in the sword that’s slightly wider and longer than the one Senri has.


It’s the sword that cut my head. The wound from when I was once decapitated aches.


I know it. The sword of the Death Knights is for evading and warding off. I’ve fought against it many times. 

Lufry – are you confident that you’re stronger than Senri?

The sharp pain is running through my brain.  It’s Sable’s curse. But I won’t cut corners.
I rebuke my knees that are about to shatter and slam Blood Ruler on the floor in front of Lufry who’s standing ready.




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