The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness

The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness – Chapter 13.5, The Death Knights

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Translator: Wisteria

Editor: Silavin


We picked up what had been requested and made our way towards the exit of the town.


Huck was very surprised when he saw me with Roux but he didn’t say anything.

He has a generally favourable impression since despite his shady business, he has a principle of not prying into his clients’ affairs.


The object that the Lord had requested was wrapped in a thick cloth, so I could not tell what it actually was.

Except that it was about a meter long, with a narrow tip and wide bottom. The shape was too peculiar for it to be a weapon and it was rather heavy for Roux to carry.

However, it must be quite something for the Lord to take the risk of sending me into town.

Huck only spoke of relevant details so I have no clue what it actually is . It could perhaps even be the Lord’s secret weapon.


In the end, I could not look around town.

But if I manage to survive, I am sure there will be more chances in the future.

Very reluctantly, I followed after Roux.


—-And thus, I encountered the living sun.


It was near the exit that it happened.


Just a glimpse made me lose consciousness for a moment. I could feel the strength leaving my body and my arm losing grip on the object I held on to.

I felt dizzy, like what happens when you stand up too fast, which makes me lose balance. I frantically force myself to regain composure. Roux shoots a puzzled look over her shoulder.


Standing there were a number of Death Knights. Clad in shiny, pure white armour, all armed with different kinds of weapons.

At a glance, they look like ordinary knights. However, what sets them apart from other humans… is the amount of positive energy they possess.


I, as an undead, am capable of sensing the positive energy in humans, who are food to me.


They far surpassed any human I have encountered thus far in that regard. Although they were still a good hundred metres away, they were too dazzling to look at directly.


It’s not that they were actually radiant. No other humans directed their gaze in that direction.


However, I understood now. Despair was too feeble a word.


If I had to compare, they were the light, the moon, the sun… a marvel.


My limbs began to quiver, and even though it should already be a thing of the past, I found myself fighting for breath.

If I were to get any nearer, I am sure someone weak as me would be blown away to bits. My brain, my instincts were desperately signalling me to run.

Although I do want to escape, my legs simply would not move.


I will vanish if I get closer. Even if I do not, I will be killed the second they lay eyes on me. The curse on my body screamed as such.


That is… the archenemy of the undead. The Heroes. The Warriors. The Apostles of Light. The ones who bring death to necromancers.


… The Death Knights.


I always wondered why they were all that fearful to the Lord who possessed a hundred and twenty lives.

Although not as vehemently as Roux, I had not doubted the Lord’s victory.

However, now that I have seen them in person, now I understand from the bottom of my soul, why the Lord considered them the archenemy.


I had known they were heroes. And I had admired them dearly. But I had not truly comprehended their existence.


That… cannot be won against. Simply too impossible, as I am now.

How is a ghoul whose only talent is to devour corpses supposed to defeat beings that shine far brighter than the very sun?


“… What is it? Pick up the package, quickly.”


“Aa, ahh…”


Roux’s voice brings me back to my senses. I burn their image into my mind as I slowly lean over to pick up the fallen package.


Nevertheless, we have to defeat them. If they do attack, even if I have to devour the light in order to survive, then naturally, I should do it in order to prevail.

Although the Lord referred to them as his archenemy, he did not flee from them. Since there’s no way that the cunning necromancer knows nothing about his enemies, he must have the means to defeat them.


I try with all my might to ignore the light that eats at my body even at this distance.


It’s alright, I will not be discovered. I am still quite far away from them and I also have the amulet from Lord, which was prepared in the event that I should encounter them.

An amulet with a black crystal. The amulet stops the negative energy within me from leaking out, thereby preventing the Death Knights from sensing it.


I clasped tightly the amulet inside my pocket, and headed towards the gate, gradually picking up my pace, while at the same time, gathering as much information as I could.


Maybe it’s because I already endured its impact once, I could somehow push my body to move despite the heavy pressure.


There were six of them. They were of different genders and ages.

Three very large, knightly looking men and a blonde woman. The weapons I could see were a mace, a staff, a sword and a shield, a bow. All of the knights radiated more light than the average man.


I have heard that the Death Knights are classified into three ranks.


It’s likely that they are knights of the third rank. Ahh, indeed. The Lord was right. I do not think I can defeat them.

However, still, they paled in comparison to the other two.


There was a girl with a silver blonde bob and a beautiful silver treasured sword on her hip. She looked younger than the other four, but the light around her was far more radiant than the other three. It’s only my intuition, but I would wager she was two or three times stronger than the other four.

She did not look human in any way. Her appearance outclassed anyone I had ever seen before, she was on a completely different level. If we were to face off, I am sure I would be killed before I could even make a move.


She was… the moon. Uncanny, strong, and yet enveloped in a soft light. An apostle of the moon.


And the most troubling thing was, the whole reason I judged the first four to be of third rank and could not help but conclude that the silver blonde girl belonged to the second rank was because incredibly enough, there was someone even stronger in their midst.


Their soul, their body, their very being, and just about everything was blindingly radiant.

The other five put together would still not be able to hold a candle against that radiance.


It was someone as old as the Lord. But unlike the Lord, his back did not stoop and he had an incomparable physique. His white hair was swept back, wrinkles etched on his face, but his eyes shone with warmth.


That man… was the sun. An apostle of the sun, who could reduce my whole existence to dust through mere proximity. 

A glimpse made me realize the disparity between us, he was an invincible hero. I could not win against him even if I trained diligently for a hundred years. That was the impression I got from his overwhelmingly, imposing presence.


If he was not a knight of the first rank, then who else could be?


Any beings of the darkness would flee upon witnessing his figure. I wonder how many gods bestowed their blessings on this man.


Oh what fate is this! For there existed a man like me, who was struck by a strange illness, met with a painful death, chained to his bed. While there existed an old man with such incredible positive energy.


Oh how unfair… is this world.


After the initial shock had subsided, what was imprinted on my mind, was not fear. But anger. And envy.

My purpose is survival. Survival and freedom. As long as I manage to secure both, I have no intention of clashing with the Death Knights.


However, putting that aside for now, he cannot be permitted to live . Even if I do not wish to fight with them, I cannot possibly yield either.

I could not stop myself from feeling indignation at the thought that a blessed existence such as himself was actually coming after a pitiful existence such as myself.


I keep my face impassive and quell my heart.

No. I have to endure it. I cannot win against that. At the very least, … not as yet.


Enduring, to bear patiently was my forte. It is the privilege of the weak, the only forte of someone who has managed to endure everything fate threw at him up until now.


I override anger with reason. I keep my legs moving, and trail after Roux who shoots an enquiring, puzzled look at me.


Nevertheless, how in the world does the Lord intend to deal with the Death Knights? Is there even a chance of victory? 

The Lord has countless other subordinates other than me, but they are simply too insignificant in front of them.

The Skeleton Knights are certainly strong but I doubt they can win against the third rank Death Knights. The disparity in strength is simply too much.


Shit… I don’t know anymore.


The Lord is certainly strong. However, the Death Knights are also simply too strong.


Undoubtedly, it’s the ultimate battle… the battle between light and darkness. I do not know how the Lord intends to use me in this battle, but if I clash against them… I will die. I would be wasting my precious second chance at life.


As if I had gone back to being human, my head started throbbing. I felt very nauseous, my knees wobbled and my vision got blurry.


It was no good. I could not get my head together.

I need to get away. Now… somehow… I need to… retreat–.


Somehow we manage to get into the line of people waiting to leave town. When I was about to heave a sigh of relief thinking all that was left was to follow them out, I suddenly heard someone call out to me from behind.


“Excuse me… you don’t seem to be very well. Are you alright? Sir?”




The cool voice makes my breath catch in my throat. I force my body to not tremble and slowly turn around.


Standing near, with their gazes fixed on me, were the second rank female knight enveloped in moonlight and the other four third rank knights.


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