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The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness – Chapter 54, Epilogue Light

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Translator: Wisteria

Editor: Silavin


Good grief, what a wringer I was put through.


The Lord’s creation, the ability called Curse Steal is rather terrifying.

Well it is true that I need to be careful with what I feed on since it is actual substance I take in, but depending upon how I use it, it could make me a whole lot more powerful.


However, the curse I sucked out of Albertus was simply too horrible.

Though younger and of a smaller physique, she could transform into a giant muscular dog, while I transformed into a small pet dog.

Reflected in the mirror Senri lent me, was a truly adorable translucent dog. A pure white dog with long fluffy fur. If I had owned one like this in my previous life, it would have brought a lot of comfort to me.


This is too much. Clearly, I have lost a lot of combat ability than when in human form. Moreover, I have no idea what I am doing wrong, but no matter how much I try, I cannot turn gigantic like Albertus. The only upsides to this is the enhanced sense of smell and not having to worry about being pursued by Albertus since I stole her curse.


What else… oh yeah. A smaller body might come in handy some time.


A tightly shut space where not a sliver of light could slip through. The world was swaying back and forth. 

Since there was nothing better to do, I closed my eyes and cocked my ears. As long as I focus I can discern what was happening outside.


“Is that your pet… in a carry case?”


“It’s a puppy. He’s sleeping so I can’t show him to you right now. Are pets allowed here?”


My ears twitched hearing Senri’s voice come from above. A flustered voice followed soon after her brusque voice.


“Of course. Although there would be extra charges levied if the pet makes too much of a mess…”


“That’s alright. He’s been potty trained.”


“Not surprising. Your pet seems pretty docile.”


The rubber collar around my neck bothered me a little. However, inside the bell on the collar was the night crystal, so I cannot have it taken off either.

Albertus was fine under the sun and did not emit any negative energy, but that was because she is a human at her roots. Even if I am in the dog form now, it does not change the fact that I am a vampire.


I was inside a carry case for small pets.

It was slightly modified to not let a sliver of sunlight seep through. Well, a bit of sunlight would pose no risk though….


Setting my pride aside, I suppose this can be considered tremendous progress compared to when I spent my days shut in a closet.

As for our life on the run, not being able to move during the day had been a huge obstacle, but since Senri was easily able to carry me in my dog form, the distance we cover in a day has improved astronomically. At night, I could carry a sleeping Senri on my back, so our chances of being able to outrun our pursuers have greatly risen.


The Death Knights expect the two of us to be travelling together, so they would look for two people. However, we have now become a person and a dog.


“By the way, what’s the name of the puppy?”


Asked an employee (most likely) maybe because they liked dogs. Senri was silent for a minute after which she uttered softly.


“His name is… Baron.”


“Baron…? How elite.”


“Yes, he is. He’s such a sweet dog.”


That’s too mean, Senri. It made me unhappy and I expressed it by whining sadly.



We enter the room. The curtains are closed and once let out of the carry case, I turn back human. 

My small paws grow bigger in a flash, so does my body and all the fur that was my most attractive feature, disappear. Only thing that remained the same was the flexible collar around my neck.


Although I was not aware of how to turn back into a human soon after transforming into a dog, I soon figured it out. I only had to imagine my body growing bigger.

I had instinctively grasped how to transform into a dog, but the process of turning back felt a bit more difficult . 


Also, my original curse seemed to clash with the new curse I obtained. I heard from Senri that the curse forced Albertus to spend the day as a dog , but that was not the case with me. There are many things that need careful observation.


The faint sunlight seeping through the curtains made my skin tingle. After turning back, I lost no time to find a dark corner to hole up in, when Senri turned away and threw the rucksack at me and spoke in a troubled voice, which was rare for her.


“End… put on some clothes first.”


“It would be nice if I could keep my clothes on when I transform. What an inconsiderate curse.”


“End… you’re a little too… carefree.”


“There’s no point in worrying. Turning into a dog isn’t all that bad. I could perform tricks to make some money.”


However, it did feel weird to not wear any clothes for a long time. Even when I was sick in bed, I was certainly properly dressed. It was rather surprising how Albertus tried to attack me even as she was buck naked.


I cracked jokes as I put on my underwear and ran an arm through the sleeve of the shirt. Senri had her back turned to me as she spoke.


“Do you feel fine? I have never heard of… someone possessing more than one curse. I have no idea… what could happen to you.”


“Looks like… the vampire curse is stronger.”


Well, there is not much I can do about that now.

However, the Lord did intend to take control of my body. I doubt he would have created something that could end up being an encumbrance to him, so all I can do is trust in his abilities.


We successfully made it out of Formet territory. There was no indication of the vampire hunters pursuing us. You could say we had escaped a perilous situation for now.


“Are you okay with not bidding farewell to your family?”


“Yeah, it’s alright.”


I had already heard all the details. Also the fact that father had entrusted me to Senri.


Though we had not seen each other in years, my father helped me a lot more than I had imagined.

I would be lying if I said I had not felt moved. Although I kind of want to meet my siblings and mother… I suppose I should drop that idea.

I am already deceased. It would be better for fewer people to know of my existence. Though it may not hold much significance, I feel satisfied being titled a Baron. 


According to Senri, the Keeper is no longer alive.

Seems the trap started with a smokescreen and ended with poison gas. All kinds of tricks were employed to keep her from leaving with the end result of the whole mansion being blown up.

Though an enemy, he was rather an admirable man. Had he succeeded in his endeavour to keep Senri there any longer, I might have died by Albertus’ hands.


Moreover, despite being blown up, Senri was practically unscathed and even immediately flew over a long distance to come to my aid. That makes her seem a whole lot less human than me.


I do not know what kind of life Albertus will lead upon having lost her Keeper, but though her curse is gone, she still has her memories and experiences. I suppose she will survive. The only thing I do know… is that Albertus will never again stand before us as an enemy.


The fearsome tracking ability of the Keeper seems to have been Albertus’ sharp sense of smell. They probably tracked us fast by the Keeper riding on Albertus or something like that.

Having taken that ability from her and with the possession of the night crystal, there is no one that can pursue us anymore. I can finally relax now.


Luckily, the ability, Curse Steal, was not dangerous for now.

I imagine it would get stronger the more curses I absorb, but at the moment, it holds no danger. Had this been an ability capable of causing uncontrollable destruction, then Senri may have put an end to me, and not to mention, it is useless when fighting large numbers.

I think she will overlook it for the time being.


I walked towards Senri, who still had her back turned to me, hugged her from behind and brushed my nose against her nape.

I could sense the delicious blood flowing under that skin. Albertus’ blood was sweet as well but it could never hold a candle to Senri’s.


Senri did not stir but expressed her disapproval.


“End… no.”


“But you promised me. It’s not nice to lie.”


“You fed on Albertus. So, no.”


“… Ah, fine. I got it.”


My nose brushed against her neck, my lips touched her pale skin and traced her neckline. Her fragrant scent had me drooling.


Senri let out a soft sexy moan.

That brought a dark pleasure in me, so I tightly embraced her dainty, supple body.


Even after all that had happened, Senri had still not protected herself in a veil of blessing.


Senri Silvis’ blood had the power to make vampires lose their mind.


I am surely the luckiest vampire ever to be able to drink her blood when I wish to. But at the same time, it also meant that we could become the target of other vampires.

As long as I am around her, Senri will not shield herself with blessing. Thus, the scent of Senri’s blood, unprotected by positive energy that vampires instinctively fear, can probably be sensed from far away considering how delectable it is.


I shall kill them all. Vampires are Senri’s enemies. And so, mine as well.


Vampire’s Bride.


The term the Keeper used, refers to a person who remains human and offers their blood to a vampire.

Though Senri did not bat an eyelid, to someone who still considered herself a Death Knight, it must have come off as a horrible insult. 


Her silver hair brushed against the tip of my nose. Her pale skin was slightly drenched. A seemingly reproachful voice reached my ears.


“End… turn back into a dog. You were a good boy then.”


“I won’t bite. But being this way… is really—-”


— nice.


As I was about to say that, my whole body was overtaken by intense heat.

That which filled the world in the blink of an eye, resembled a natural disaster in some respects.


The shock made my eyes pop open. The heat was pain. I was being burned by positive energy. It was even more powerful than sunlight itself….


My body, my soul began to disappear. The incredible amount of negative energy that I had accumulated, the most thus far, was canceled out. Returning me to zero. 

The tips of my fingers vanish, then my arms, my legs, as if I had never existed from the beginning.


This is… not Senri’s power. This—.


Senri, who was always calm and composed, had her eyes wide open in surprise. She hurriedly lifted up the upper half of my body as I collapsed to the floor.


“Soul Release… im…possible. There should be at least a distance of a thousand kilometers between us…”


It was Epée. I thought, as my consciousness was gradually fading.

The only one capable of such a feat, emitting energy that could be mistaken for the sun, would be Epée the Destroyer.


I was losing consciousness. I was not allowed to put up a fight. I will be returned to a corpse. I was not the only target. 

It was an indiscriminate attack. A sweeping attack against undead from a long distance.


No, I do not want to die. The abyss in me tries to fight back, but is completely drained by the simply colossal energy, unable to put up much of a struggle.


That is when Senri picked up my head and had my lips touch her neck just like she once did before. I feverishly plunged my fangs into her pale skin.


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