The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness

The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness – Chapter 64, Base


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I enjoyed floating in mid-air while being held by Monica.

Demons can still fly fast even while carrying another person and the flight wasn’t very shaky either, so I felt very comfortable. In addition, they can hold the same flight speed for a long time. Monica’s mobility might be the reason she was chosen from Demon King Rainel’s army to attack the caravan.

Oliver was following us on ground in his werewolf form, leaving behind a  cloud of dust. Evidently, he was much faster than Monica, who was flying in the air.
If we’re talking about pure physical abilities, he’s stronger than me, and on top of that, he doesn’t have to worry about the sunlight. This world is truly unfair.

“My deepest apologies for treating you like this. We, how to say this… aren’t affected by the sunlight.” 

Returning in such a hurry must’ve been out of their plans. I could detect ahint of fear in her voice, but I simply nodded magnanimously.

“No, it’s not as bad as you might think. Flying while being held is a fresh experience for me.”

I was always the one who held others, and the process itself was closer to jumping than flying.
The slightly cool night breeze felt nice. Wasteland illuminated by the moonlight looked somehow lonely, yet very beautiful. It might not be a bad idea to travel around the world if I can escape from Epée’s clutches. I’d go sightseeing at beautiful places.

While holding me close, Monica continued flying. She timidly spoke up.

“Um… to reach our camp before dawn, we will have to either cross the big river or fly over Romberg.”

“Are there any problems with that?”

“Romberg’s barrier is quite strong, so… even if Oliver uses a different route, the moment we pass the sky while defenseless, we will be attacked. We would be the perfect targets for tracking magic.”

Now that wouldn’t be very good. I might’ve wanted to see Romberg, however I don’t fancy being under attack. Magical attacks don’t work on me, but Monica is different… I wonder if taking the form of a dog could save us from being attacked?

The reason she didn’t mention the option of crossing the river first was because… she was looking out for me.

“We can cross the river. The flowing water is certainly scary, but at least we won’t have to meaninglessly make an enemy out of a whole city. It’s fine, I already crossed the river before I came here. Also, I’m fine with sunlight… if it’s just a bit.” 

I could even endure execution by sunlight. Now that I’m full of power, I can withstand sunlight for a couple of hours, unless it’s very strong.
Monica swayed as if shocked by my words, her altitude greatly fluctuating. And, after hurriedly restoring her position, she said with a trembling voice.

“?!…I’m terribly sorry, my liege”

What could… her reaction mean?

I doubted her for a second, but when you think about it calmly, not a lot of vampires can withstand sunlight.
I can bear with it a little only because I’m still a lesser vampire and my curse is still weak. Even a little morning sunlight would be enough to seriously wound any other ordinary vampire. 

“Is this your first time seeing a vampire that can withstand the sunlight?”

“…We rarely get the honor of seeing the King of the Night in the first place.”

Looks like they are quite rare. Now that I think about it, there weren’t any vampires among the Lord’s subordinates either.

“Well, it might sound strange coming from me, but vampires are full of weaknesses, after all.”

“Well, there would be no need to even side with any Demon King if one had as much power as the King of the Night.”

Monica’s tone was serious, contrary to her lascivious appearance,

Another vampire, huh… I’m sure we wouldn’t be able to get along.
If I got close to other vampires, Senri would definitely catch their eye sooner or later.

Even I have the feeling of possessiveness. It’s unthinkable for me to share her blood with another vampire.

After a while, I saw something huge and black. Light blinked from time to time. Monica soared higher, significantly increasing her altitude.
And, the scenery opening up before my eyes left me speechless.

It was a wall. This man-made structure seemed to almost cut through the wasteland and continue to the end of the horizon. Lights were flickering everywhere on the wall.
I had never seen anything like this before. As I looked down upon bean-sized humans busily moving around, I felt like I had become a higher being.

My heart throbbed.


I want to go there. I want to see it nearby, I want to go sightseeing!
The only thing that lasted long was the wall and I couldn’t see anything resembling a town. Perhaps noticing the change in my demeanor, Monika started explaining. 

“This is the great wall of the abominable Lomberg. It was originally created for the turf war of humans, but today it only remains as the fortress that hinders our troops.”

“I can’t see a town.”

“The city is further west – near the Burg river that’s known for its strong currents. However, please rest assured, if we move away slightly, we will be able to cross the river without being seen by anybody.”

The fort is different from any other city I have seen. It’s somewhat futuristic.
I’m really frustrated. I’m sure the city would be full of things I had never seen before.

“Hey, Monica, can’t we look around the city? You can take on a human’s form, right?”

At that time she was wearing proper clothes, unlike her erotic appearance right now. Well, how I can sneak in is a different matter, but the caravan shouldn’t have reached the city yet so maybe if I can use my dog form…

Monica returned a troubled reply to the question I asked excitedly.

“That’s… my deepest apologies. That city has the perfect countermeasure against vampires and they are extremely vigilant towards visitors that arrive at night.”

“…What a pity. I wanted to see the city.”

If not for Monica and Oliver, I could go sightseeing with Senri…
Now, as for how to convince the caravan, is it too late to start over?

As I was on the brink of seriously changing my mind, Monica hurriedly added.

“However, our base is not any worse either. I am sure you will enjoy it more than any human city.”

“I was enjoying living as a dog too.”

“…Lord End, you are… quite unique.”

I might have attained a body that can move freely, but things still don’t quite go my way.
I sighed lightly and saw off the lights that were gradually becoming more distant with painful reluctance.



We crossed the broad Berg River, which had a rapid stream that you could say even came from the sky, which also cut across the wasteland.
The sky gradually brightened and the Sun bore its head from beyond the horizon.

My body started tingling but I didn’t pay it any mind.

The scenery changed completely from a moment ago. Monika flew straight towards a big mountain range.
But it wasn’t just a mountain. A huge base, big enough to be clearly visible even from a distance was built on the mountainside.


Crudely made buildings seemed to have been added repeatedly without much thought and the stench of blood, flesh and iron tainted the drifting wind.
Dawn hadn’t fully arrived yet, but there were still fires lit and even looking from above, it was noticeable that a group of clearly non-human beings were shouting creepily. Some of them seemed to have noticed Monica and howled in greeting.

“As you may know, Demon King Rainel is also known as Lion King. Intelligent beasts make up most of his subordinates.”

I felt thrilled. While this might be a place that doesn’t suit my keen senses, I feel excited as if I have wandered into a mythical world.
Even the stench that would have definitely made me cringe as a human doesn’t bother me right now.
This could be considered to be characteristic for vampires.


I would definitely love to look around if it’s safe.

“That over there is Lord Rainel’s castle. It was built only as a temporary  residence before Romberg had been conquered however…”

Monica pointed at a magnificent castle that was far too different from the crude city below.
The castle, built by cutting through part of the mountain and making use of nature, was majestic in a different sense than Romberg. If the Lion King signifies the king of lions, this castle is perfect for him.

Just as I was looking around with sparkling eyes like a country bumpkin, Monica spoke up.

“However, the Sun will rise soon. Although it might not be worthy of your presence, please wait for a short while at my house. I have to report the good news to Lord Rainel.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ll be quiet.”

If most of Rainel’s subordinates are beasts, wouldn’t I be able to move around freely in my beast form?
Monica looked at me full of worry, while I was happily lost in my thoughts.



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