The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness

The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness – Chapter 70, Threat


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The Demon King’s army is a good place.
Why is it a good place, you ask? Because when you win in a fight, any of your selfish requests will be fulfilled. The living environment leaves a lot to be desired, but you can get used to living anywhere.

I also like that I can get combat experience by fighting various demi-humans. Demi-humans come in different forms and shapes, each with their own characteristics. Some of them can even use swords, and above all, the rule that forbids killing is just a cherry on top. Now, if only Senri was also here, things would be just perfect.

A quiet knock comes from the lid. My time, the night, has arrived.
I slowly rise up, use my strength and slide away the heavy lid. What enters in my sight is Monica’s face illuminated by the moonlight

“Good morning, Lord End. Have you slept well?”

“Yeah, thanks. I feel really good, Monica.”

I raise my torso in the black coffin that can be closed airtight and stretch grandly.


This coffin was prepared by Monica. I did have prior knowledge about this, but apparently vampires really sleep in coffins.
This feels like a black joke for somebody like me who has already died once before, but it seems like sleeping in the coffin has its purpose too, as I’m feeling better than ever.
I somehow feel very calm. I haven’t slept because I’m in enemy territory, but this might be the second best feeling after sucking blood. I wish I had a portable coffin.

“Have you improved the environment?”


 “Y-yes. The location being what it is, I cannot immediately make it perfect, but I have done as you have willed…”

Monica cast her eyes down and said in a small voice.
My request concerned the improvement of the prison environment. There is no way delicious blood can be produced in a dirty environment without any proper meals.
I doubt that at this point improving the environment can help produce the same quality blood as Senri’s, but if I’m kind to the prisoners, Senri might let me suck her blood later in a delicious way, so it’s all fine.

“However, some visitors have come regarding that matter… 15 of them.”

“Got it, I’ll see them.”

I unhesitatingly nod at Monica’s timid words.
Improving the environment requires labor, and the ones used for it are the lower ranks of the Demon King’s army.
I met with some individuals who opposed it yesterday, but we solved that issue with our fists.

It seems like the best way to solidify your standing in the Demon King’s army is to show your strength, as each time I prevailed in a battle, the number of new challengers decreased. I have only been here for three days, but perhaps because the rumors about me have already started to spread, I feel like I’m even being feared.

Today Monica was unusually dressed in plain clothes, hiding most of her skin. However, she still couldn’t hide her great figure.
If I get even more famous, Monica might change her opinion of me and give me her blood, so I’m gonna try my best today too.

Today’s challengers are ogres. It’s a race that makes up a large fraction of this army and has challenged me a lot after I defeated the Champion on day 1.
They are blessed with an excellent physique and hard skin, along with a malicious visage worthy of being called demons, but now, the moment our eyes meet, their expressions turn tense.
I unintentionally opened my eyes wide. Usually they only use their fists, but today’s challengers had a sword with them. It was a darkened sword and its length was obviously small for the frame of its wielder.
It might have been dark in color, but my instincts alarmed me. It was a silver sword.
I knew that it would come one day. They would need to be as strong as Albertus in order to deal considerable damage to me without exploiting my weaknesses.

Perhaps she also realized that the weapon’s true identity, Monica moved her lips in panic. I stopped her.

“I don’t mind. But if I’m on the brink of death, you have to save me… Did you think that I would complain?”

The expression on the face of the ogre opposing me contorted and his arm, so developed that it almost looked swelling, trembled. Hot breath leaked from his fanged mouth.

My current body feels almost no pain. Not being able to feel pain is truly wonderful, but, at the same time, pain isn’t something I should forget.

If I keep winning without an effort, I will definitely become overconfident.

According to Senri, pain is the weakness of vampires. I don’t usually feel pain, so when I do feel it in an emergency, my body stops moving. The only reason I managed to survive until now is mostly because I didn’t have this instinct thanks to the experience from when I was alive.

Besides, how can this poorly maintained tarnished silver sword be of any threat to me?
I have seen a silver sword in the shape of a perfect cross. I have seen a precious blessed holy sword made from silver. Those would definitely be able to kill me easily.
In that case, I must learn how to overcome my weaknesses before I meet them again the next time. If I keep that in mind, it’s not a bad idea to engage in a low stakes battle with a tarnished silver sword. 

“It’s troublesome so I’ll take you all at once.”

“?!… Wha- don’t you mock us! You damn vampire!

That being said, it looks like they really only have a single silver sword.


The ogre closes the distance between us with one step and swings the sword with all his might. It is a slash so powerful that it almost feels like it has slashed the space itself, but the sword’s size is ill-fitting for its wielder.
I effortlessly avoid his wide swing and throw a jab at his open side.

I only intended to make a light attack, but the face of the ogre distorts in pain and his flesh reddened. The swung down sword is slashed back with the same momentum.

Slow. Too slow. Ogres are known for their strength, but their speed isn’t anything special. I can easily follow them with my kinetic vision. Maybe it could be good to train my evading skills.

I concentrate while evading him and activate ‘Silhouette’, the ability of ‘Dark Stalker.
The sound disappears and black spreads all over my body. I can see bewilderment on the ogre’s face.


This ability is primarily used for hiding in shadows, but seems like it’s also effective in combat. Smell is one thing, but the fact that most of the sound disappears too makes it a very strong ability. It’s a strong help for me, since I still can’t use vampire’s powers. I must master it.

After repeating the same process and hitting him with a jab three times, the ogre fell to his knees. What an embarrassing display for somebody who has a better physique than me.
But wouldn’t an ogre-turned-vampire turn out much stronger than me? Even somebody as sickly as me, albeit I might’ve had some talent too, ended up being able to fight so well. So, that possibility sounds plausible.
Next I’ll try to block the sword with my claws. This is something I would never do against Keeper.
I took my eyes off from the ogre and looked at the next challenger waiting for me.

After that I’ll try my fist. It might be possible to break a silver sword with a vampire’s strength.
The executives of Rainel’s army should be stronger than them. I must try to fill the gap between us as much as possible.


💀 💀 💀

At first, it was hostility. Then it changed to fear and gradually morphed into admiration.
Within Rainel’s army, those with power are held in high regard. Monica could only watch with a pale face as the situation changed.


End Baron fit into the Demon King’s army in a mere 3 days.
She had already sensed it at the beginning, but this vampire was pretty strange. He was unusual, for the lack of a better word. The ancestor vampires were more arrogant and incompatible with living beings. They were not the sort to easily become acclimated to the Demon King’s army.
However, End was not like that. He would make selfish requests, but from the fact that he had yet to suck Monica’s blood, it was obvious that he was an oddball.

Still, his power was real. He could use the abilities of both Ghoul and Dark Stalker. He hadn’t sucked blood in a while, but his power didn’t seem to have diminished.

Monica had yet to unveil his true nature.

At this rate, he would soon rise to the executive position.
Making the newcomer into an executive would be impossible in any other Demon King’s army, but things were different with Demon King Rainel.

She stuck with End today as well, accompanying him until his bedtime at dawn and stroked her chest in relief that the day ended with no mishaps.

The improvement of the prison environment was processing at a rapid pace. The prisoners were given food, their cells were cleaned and they got the privilege to use the toilet. Nobody wanted to do the job that involved looking after the health of humans, but since End had won in duels and this was his request, there was nothing that could be done. The prisoners now lived better than poor low-ranked soldiers.

The environment was changing drastically. End was trying to monopolize humans that had been shared before. There was no way complaints wouldn’t rise up. Monica was different, but in Demon King’s army, there were a lot of those who loved eating humans.

Even a vampire wouldn’t be able to suck all those humans dry. Most of those were probably spares, and once he was done with them, they would most likely be disposed of.
Monica could only pray that somebody with blood good enough to satisfy this bothersome vampire would appear soon enough.

Suddenly, an intense sound of footsteps rose and a large black shadow eclipsed the rising Sun, landing before Monica.
It was Oliver Arbor. This werewolf, who was one of the most powerful figures even within Rainel’s army, put his bright red tongue out and the moment he saw Monica, he inquired.

“I’m b-back. How’s, you know… Lord End.”

“For now he seems to be quite satisfied. I’ve already briefed Lord Rainel too. You sure found a troublesome person for us.”

The hairs on the tail of the man, who had ripped countless veteran warriors to shreds, were standing straight up, his figure shrinking into himself. He was almost like a frightened dog.

“Never make him a-angry. If anybody challenges him to a duel, send them to me.”

“… Haa. You’re already late. He’s beaten at least a hundred.”

“… What?!”

Moreover, not just regular hundred. They were hundred warriors that were confident in their strength and could easily overpower several human mercenaries.
It was a matter that gave Monica, a member of the Demon King’s army, a headache, but at least he hadn’t killed anybody. 

“Shit! I’ll kill them! I’ll rip them to pieces! Give me their names, Monica. How dare they disgrace me like this! N-no, this is a misunderstanding, my liege… I, I, would never ――”

Oliver’s eyes were glittering.
It was already daylight, but he showed no signs of transforming into a human. The degraded werewolves could only change their form during a full moon, but Oliver, being the third generation, was different. Leaving aside the price he had to pay for his power, he could freely transform during the day and relatively maintain his sanity.
However, Monica saw strong fear and madness in his eyes. Just how powerful was the vampire that turned Oliver into a werewolf that they instilled such fear in him?
Hoping to calm Oliver down, Monica replied in a calm voice.

“Calm down, Oliver. Lord End has enjoyed himself greatly.”

“O… o-oh, I s-see. Then, then I’m glad. Really glad.”

Oliver’s voice was packed with strong emotions.

However, they had a bigger problem. From what Monica could see, End Baron was trying to gauge his own strength.
His initial forceful movements were gradually becoming more refined, as if he was testing himself. Today he even faced his weakness, the silver sword.

The ogres, who would never retreat against any opponent they deemed superior, had completely shriveled up. End had said that he wouldn’t stay at the Demon King’s army forever, but at this rate, he would be nothing but poison for them.

As the loyal servant of the Demon King, Monica felt compelled to do something.

“… Oliver, Lord End will be fighting against ‘Man-Eater’. With that Death Knight as the prize.


Oliver’s ears stood straight and he opened his eyes wide.
‘Man Eater’ was the second most powerful being in this army, only falling behind Lord Rainel. While their personality left much to be desired, their combat abilities surpassed even those of Oliver. They were a monster in a different sense than vampires.
Monica was initially intending to observe the situation a little more, but she decided to set things up early on.

Shockingly enough, End was learning. Before he becomes even stronger and impossible to manage, before he devours their army, she wants him to suffer a defeat.
Monica had a mysterious premonition that otherwise, Rainel’s army would be torn to pieces from the inside and meet its demise.



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