The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness

The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness – Chapter 81.2, Rebellion (3)


Translator: Nonon

Editor: Silavin


The air explodes. The sound explosion coming from a short distance finally made me lose my grip and my body was blown away.


It’s a roar. I should have been ready for it, but I wasn’t allowed even a single second to resist. My body slams into the wall and falls on the ground. My broken body starts to regenerate. 


Rainel didn’t follow up his attacks. He was looking down at me while I was regenerating. His field of vision didn’t contain Dell. 


“End Baron! Who would have expected that you would turn against me so soon… I have sure been belittled.”




The effects of ‘Cursed Flame’ are ―― null. The black flame that burnt Selzard to death with its sparks is useless. There are no signs of his mane burning. The flame from a curse cannot be extinguished just from rolling around, so this is most likely due to his high resistance.

After regenerating, I stood up. I expected this ever since the beginning, but this is going to be a tough fight.

To start with, ‘Cursed Flame’ didn’t flare up that much even though I poured all my power into it.

Then black sparks scattered. That was it. Do I have to fulfill some kind of condition, or――


Dell goes around Rainel. However, Rainel keeps looking only at me. It’s not as if he doesn’t notice Dell’s movements. He’s ignoring him while being fully aware of his actions.

Rainel looks at my eyes and laughs.


“That spirit is―― good!”


There is no time for a conversation. Rainel steps in and approaches me.

The sense of oppression was as if a wall was approaching me. Rainel has an extraordinarily large body, but his is also amazingly agile.

But I was already prepared because I had seen Dell’s fight beforehand. If the flame didn’t work, I’ll have to deal with him with a blade.


I changed my right arm into a sword and face the forelegs that were swung down at me. The silver claws weren’t pointed at me. I sink the blade into the paw dropping on me.

My body creaks under tremendous power, cracks appear on the floor and it shatters.


I understand it instinctually. This won’t work. I’ve completely lost in terms of power. At this rate, I’ll be crushed.

I immediately made a big leap back. The forelegs I had fending off crushed the ground with great force.


Rainel lets out a faint groan.


“Muu… to think that you would be able to… wound my body. What a terrifying power.”

Rainel raised his forefeet. He was bleeding faintly from the place where the blade had stabbed. Rainel licked that wound and narrowed his eyes.


“That power is really a pity to let go.  Surrender now, End Baron. You still can’t beat me yet.”


No way… is this, really it?


It was a shock. ‘Sharp Claw’ had definitely cut into his body, and in addition, Rainel’s own might was added on top of it.

I look at my right arm. My bone blade is riddled with countless cracks. It’s only natural. After all, he can even crush my body.


He’s strong. Way too strong. So, this is―― what it means to be the Demon King.


I focus the blood power to my right arm and repair the cracks.  But it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem.

He’s a monster. As expected, I can’t win alone. I glare at Rainel, who’s waiting for my reply.


But… surrendering? That’s out of the question.

This Demon King will definitely respect my decision to the fullest. It might have been worth considering if I was alone.

But, I have somebody waiting for me. Somebody, who has declared that she would always be my ally. And, Senri’s presence is gradually getting closer.


Besides, my defeat isn’t set in stone. There’s a chance that Dell is hiding his trump card, and even if my claws can’t pierce him, my fangs might break through his thick fur. Or, unlike Dell, I might be able to pierce his eyelids.


Rainel laughs.


“Heh… you won’t give up, huh? Well then, I will have you entertain me.”


Thus, the stampede began.




The swung down holy silver claws easily cut off ‘Sharp Claws’. Just having manoeuvrability isn’t much of an advantage. Even without having to compare how strong we are, he can break me into pieces just by slamming into me. He possesses more physical strength and agility than Albertus and is bolder.


In addition, contrary to his beastly way of fighting, there is intelligence behind his movements.


Rainel didn’t block ‘Sharp Claw’ with his paw again, nor did he give me a chance to attack his eyes.

Even if I hid my presence or smell with ‘Silhouette’, his eyes could always see me. I was made to learn just how terrifying a beast with human intelligence is.


He’s strong. Compared to the power of the King before me, Man-Eater is almost like a baby.


He’s basically a living calamity. Any human would only be able to shrink into themselves and tremble in front of this beast.

It took me all my powers to take on this storm-like violence. Since I’m against claws made from holy silver, my weakness, I can’t fight while relying on my regenerative ability just like before. It’s not like I wouldn’t be able to heal wounds made by holy silver with blood power, but that would take a lot of time. When that happens, it will be the end of me.


Dell tries to reduce the attacks directed towards me by attacking Rainel himself, but the latter is concentrated on me. He seems to be trying to kill me, the one who can wound him even just by a little, first, and then getting rid of Dell later.


I concentrated my power and restored ‘Sharp Claw’, more than half of which had been cut off. This weapon is also problematic.

‘Sharp Claw’, which was supposed to be harder than iron, had no resistance towards the holy silver claws. It’s probably due to it being a curse. 


I can’t block holy silver with ‘Sharp Claw’. I thought I’d have to verify it one day, but this is just terrible timing.


I can barely see his movements, so I’ve been avoiding getting cut by the silver claws until now, but my blood power is being sucked dry.

If I don’t do anything, I’ll definitely lose.


Despite completely overpowering me, there was no negligence in his eyes.

Does he perhaps know some other powerful vampire? Rainel takes a long swing with his right front foot. Getting close to him ―― would be a bad idea. I’ll be crushed.


My posture. I must at least regain my posture.


I try to retreat and bump into something hard.

Before I realized it, I had been cornered to the wall. I hurriedly slammed my elbow into the wall to break it, but it was too late.


The shining silver light falls on me from above.


Oh no. I can’t avoid it! The sign of death makes my thoughts slow down.

I must avoid having my brain destroyed at all costs. I’ll take the hit from the side. I direct the blood power from the top of my shoulders to the bottom.


I brace myself for severe pain, and the moment I glare at the claws, a shield of light manifests before me.


It’s Dell. This is a technique used by Death Knights. The wall of light and the claws furiously clash together. Rainel opens his eyes wide.




There is no vying. The wall of light is like a piece of paper before Rainel’s attacks.

But, for a very short time, a fleeting moment, his movements stop. That is enough.


What lay beyond the destroyed wall is the outside world. Chilly wind strokes my cheeks.

I escape from the hole in the wall by falling backwards, entrusting myself to gravity.



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