The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness

The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness – Chapter 84.1, Stratagem (2)


Translator: Nonon

Editor: Silavin


‘Cursed Flame’ is a terrifying ability.

I felt as if it was eating away not only at my body, but also at my soul. The continuous pain and heat made my vision flicker.


Nevertheless, the black flame only burnt layers of my skin, a few millimeters of my flesh. The skin regenerated the moment it burnt. The fire would continue to burn as long as I had blood power.


Blood power is amazing. Manipulating it could be said to be the essence of the vampires.

I got this idea from the power of Death Knights. Senri strengthens her physical abilities by circulating blessing through her body. What I’m doing is similar to that.


Being subjected to continuous pain is very painful… yet a very nostalgic feeling. But this time I won’t die. I won’t die. As long as I kill Rainel, I can concentrate my power on making the ‘Cursed Flame’ disappear and revert to my original form. 


This is a decisive battle. I can’t rely on Dell’s help anymore. I put my burning leg forward and advance ahead. At this moment, the only things I’m conscious of is myself and the Demon King Rainel.


Demon King Rainel looked unharmed at a first glance. The same mane, shining with yellow hue and sharp silver claws. But, to the undead like me, it was obvious that his power had declined a lot compared to before. The reason was probably the ejection of the super-high energy ―― ‘Dragon Breath’ a moment ago.

If I hadn’t interfered in the middle of it, Dell would’ve definitely been erased. Still, Dell was heroic for resisting that energy even for a short while.


I don’t have much time. Even when I’m idling, my head is throbbing with pain.

I’m using the blood power to regenerate myself in order to resist the ‘Cursed Flame’. I can last for a while, but my power isn’t bottomless. I should’ve drunk more blood from Monica.


Rainel narrowed his eyes and glared at me, as I was wrapped in cursed blaze.


 “Nuu… that power is ―― ‘Cursed Flame’, huh. Did Hebram betray me?”


“Is that what you think?”


“What bloodlust… you monster.”


It’s hot. But neither my bones nor my flesh is burning. That’s why I can still stand.

I reorganize my thoughts that are being eaten away by the pain. I concentrate on thinking. Rainel ‘resisted’ me when I attacked him from above. He resisted even if it meant stopping attacking Dell. In other words, if I have this much force, ‘Cursed Flame’ will be enough to work against Rainel. 


The black flame definitely burnt his fur. It damaged him. But one hit wasn’t enough to get rid of him like Selzard.


Rainel was carefully watching my movements. I must absolutely avoid his silver claws that can kill me with one blow. It has a long range too.

I point the sword in my blazing right hand towards him.


I’ll kill you. Definitely kill you. Completely kill you. That’s all I will think about right now. I have no leisure to think about something else in front of this dreadful King.


“The only monster here… is you!!”


Look for a chance. Rainel’s voice is hoarse. ‘Dragon Breath’ burnt his throat.


Touching him wasn’t enough to defeat him. It was only to be expected since even Hebram, who used the perfect ‘Cursed Flame’ couldn’t beat Rainel. My opponent had already experienced the ‘Cursed Flame’.


I tear away at my flesh with the sword. This way, I might be able to damage him by burning him with the fire from the wound. I might be able to burn him from the inside.




I hide the fever and pain with a scream and charge at him. Rainel also roars, but I break through with just my vigor.


The silver claws swoop down on me from above. I evade it by making a sudden stop and breaking my ankles. Calm down, keep your composure. The moment I tell this to myself, Rainel’s snout mows down on me and sends me flying. 


I’m slammed into the wall. The impact makes my flesh burst and my bones break.

I’m made to acknowledge it once again. Having a heavy body meant more power. He should have touched the flame, but Rainel still doesn’t stop. He charges at me.

His fighting spirit is unbelievably fierce for somebody who’s always reigned as the King. As expected, Demon Kings and human kings are different.


I was desperate. The moment I ducked; the wall I was thrust into fell apart from the power of silver claws.

Rainel was using his full might. He was miles apart from himself while ago when he was still trying to keep me alive.


But now I have the low ground. Rainel’s stomach is right before me.

Blood from my head is dripping into my eyes. I stab his stomach with a momentum strong enough to rip off my arm.


The sword created by ‘Sharp Claw’ is also a part of me. A dull impact is transmitted to me.

Heavy and hard, yet also flexible. Is this ――the skin of the dragon that’s used for the armours of countless heroes?


Rainel didn’t choose to crush me. As soon as he got hit, he jumped away with a speed unbelievable for his giant body. 


I reprimand my body and stand up.

I look down on my right arm. There is a crack in the bone blade. The crack instantly disappears, but the shock remains. 


I couldn’t… pierce through. I attacked his completely unguarded stomach, but I couldn’t deal any damage. 


I just need a little more. I can feel that I just need a little more push, but the bone blade was blocked by Rainel’s fur.

It’s the fur. His fur is too sturdy. The first thing I managed to wound was his forefoot. There is no fur on the soles of his feet.


His paws. His paws are the only things I can wound. Maybe the reason why Rainel took the first hit there is because it’s his weakness. My sword was wrapped in flames, but it was still almost completely ineffective.


Rainel repelled the rubble without making a single sound, maintaining the posture of being ready to jump on me. His fur was still shining gold.


“What a terrifying power… so this is Undead… What a formidable enemy you are.”


Rainel most likely chose to retreat because if he chose to crush me, he’d have been impaled through his stomach. There’s only so little gap left between us.

But it doesn’t get filled. I can’t think of a way to fill it. Even if I tried to use the momentum of his attack against him like before, he’s already cautious of that.

My hand is shaking. Should I run for now…? I can’t do that. If I run away, Dell will die, and even without that, Rainel won’t let me escape.


I had a premonition. If I think about running away ―― I will lose. I’ll change this fever that’s burning me into the fighting spirit.


I glare at Rainel, who still hasn’t dropped his kingly façade and force a smile on my face.


 “… If you want to run, I won’t chase you.”


“… kukuku… What foolishness. A coward cannot become the King!”



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  1. Didn’t he already come up with the mout yeet plan in the previous chapter? I am entirely confused by why he’s back to discovering that he can’t pierce the fur…
    This is juicy stuff though, thank you!!

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