The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness

The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness – Chapter 87.1, End’s seriousness


Translator: Nonon

Editor: Silavin


I feel like it’s been quite a long since I’ve gained a new life as an Undead.


Of course I understand that the actual time that has passed isn’t that long. But for me, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that that time is comparable to my previous life, where I was bedridden alone my whole life.


At first, I was a Fleshman. After gathering the power of death, I turned into a Ghoul and by taking in the Lord’s remains, I have become a Lesser Vampire.

After finding Senri, somebody who understood me, she shared her blood with me and I became stronger. I learnt combat techniques. I became able to use magic, albeit slightly. After a mortal combat with Albertus, I stole her ability to transform into a dog, I realized how to use the ability ‘Dark Stalker’ and awakened my dormant special ability―― ‘Curse Steal’.


And now, I have gained even more power after a fierce battle with the Demon King.


I learned how to use blood power, stole the ‘Cursed Flame’ ―― I haven’t mutated into the next rank, but my powers are not the same as they were when I first turned into a Lesser Vampire.


Looking at me, as I stood in the middle of the room imposingly in a human form, with my arms folded, Senri said while frowning,


“I see… What are you trying to say, End?”


Senri is beautiful even when she’s scowling. Even without the wonderful fragrance of blood coming from her porcelain-like skin – if I was in my dog form right now, I’d be going crazy wagging my tail.

Senri looks exasperated every time I wag my tail, but it’s something I cannot stop even if I wanted to. It’s an irresistible destiny as a dog.


Senri Silvis is emotional support for me now.

I have confidence that I’ll be fine even if the whole world becomes my enemy as long as she’s by my side. If she’s ever gone―― I don’t have confidence that I won’t turn into a monster.

To this very important person, I say with a serious expression.


“I want revenge, Senri…”


I gather the blood power in my limbs. If I concentrate the usually slowly moving power, my already monstrous physical abilities reach another level.




Perhaps the Death Knights can see the flow of blood power, as Senri’s expression grows stiff. But it’s already too late for her to realize her blunder.


I point my finger at her and say.


“Senri, I’m challenging you! I want to redo the game of tag we had before, when you toyed with my pure heart with underhanded tricks!”




 “If I can catch you, I will do whatever I want to you, just as you said last time!”


I was inexperienced then. I didn’t know how to use my powers and I didn’t understand the strengths and weaknesses of vampires either. I’m different now.

Whatever the result, I still survived a deadly fight with the Demon King Rainel.  Even if I can’t beat Senri, I should be able to catch her. No, I’ll definitely catch her. And I’ll also end the thing I’ve been postponing for so long.


Senri meets my bold declaration of war with an exasperated face. And, actually does voice her feelings with ‘I’m astonished’.


But I’m serious. Senri at that time was way too cruel. Even if it was for the sake of training, for her to play with the pure heart of a vampire, she’s an even more devilish woman than the actual Demon, Monica.


Senri and I are facing off in a room in the inn. Although it might be a double room, the room itself isn’t that big.

Naturally, there is no oasis nearby like last time either. I can evaporate some water with magic and knowing Senri, she’ll be careful to not hurt me, so this place with a few spaces to escape to is extremely beneficial for me.


I was eagerly waiting for the right timing. It has been more than a week since the last time I received blood from Senri, so it’s not like I have a lot of blood power to spare, but the reason I chose this moment was because blood tastes the best when I’m thirsty. It was a very natural decision.


I will take the best blood in the best way at the best time.


Senri lets out a small sigh.


“…I can’t believe I was surprised.”


“You can only keep saying that now, Senri. I’ve matured while I was away from you.”


Of course, I won’t use Cursed Flame. I won’t lengthen my claws and fangs either. It’s only natural because my objective isn’t to injure Senri.

But, I have confidence to catch her even without those.


Senri touches the finger I am thrusting at her and makes me lower it.


“… I don’t remember saying that you could do anything you wanted.”


“So you’ve lost your nerve now, Senri!? How unfair!”


“… I didn’t say that. Besides, if you want blood, I’ll just give it to you. It’s a bit early, but I was expecting it to come soon.”


Senri brushes up her hair a little.  I reflexively swallow, but I turn my head away with iron will.


Wrong! What I want is not just blood. I want a victory drink! I know the way to drink Senri’s wonderful blood even more deliciously.


“Senri, this is a… vampire instinct. I want to catch you and drink your blood!”




“Once I catch you, we will take a shower together. Once we’re done cleansing ourselves, we’ll dry off properly and go to bed naked. Then, I will spend the night slowly sucking your blood! I want to hold your soft and slender body down and drink your blood! This is a vampire’s instinct! Thus, I swore to god on the day I lost that game of tag that I would take revenge one day! And that day is today!”


Listening to my heartfelt outcry, Senri’s cheeks uncharacteristically stiffen. Her neck is slightly dyed red and a dizzying wonderful smell of blood wafts about.
However, the smell of Senri’s excited blood, twisting from the pleasure of Feeding, is no match for me. It’s fine. I’ve practiced on Monica, so I should be able to hold back to some extent.


 “… End, vampires don’t have that kind of instinct.”


“Then what is it that I’m feeling?!… Is this perhaps love?”


Needless to even think about it, I love Senri, who took my side from the beginning. That’s why, I want to suck her blood.
Feeding is also one of the ways of expressing affection for me. Thus, when she’s so against it, I feel a little sad. She already gives me blood regularly so does it really matter how she gives it to me?

“Stop it, End. It’s good that you’re gradually turning white, but I can’t keep up with this feeling of tension, so stop it…”


“We’re going to play tag! If I catch you―― I’ll have you say ‘End, I love you’ instead of keeping your voice down while I suck your blood. And what’s more, it won’t be just once, but many times.”



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  1. It would be interesting if they end up fucking at some point, even more so if he’s in feral form ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) maybe after some more curses like one that makes him human[ish] again.

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