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Worthless Profession: Dragon Tamer – Chapter 1, Nationwide Profession Change

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“… Although in this world, changing to a Combat Specialised Profession can lead to a better future, Lifestyle Specialised Professions and Enhancement Specialised Professions also have great potential. Especially Enhancement Specialised Professions. Those well off students only need to practise diligently and improve their Skill proficiency. In the future, wherever they go, they will be highly sought after. The treatment they receive would be no worse than Combat Specialised Professions. In fact, it might even surpass them…”


On the podium, Li Qun, a class teacher in his thirties, was talking endlessly. This was the left briefing before the students would be able to undergo a Profession Change. Although what he said was something that all students already knew, everyone still listened attentively, not willing to miss a single word.


After all, today marked the day for all the Third Year Highschoolers to undergo the unified Profession Change Ceremony.


Sitting in the corner of the classroom, Lu Fan was excited, looking forward to the upcoming Profession Change Ceremony.


He was a Transmigrator, who had crossed over from Blue Star to this place. Since then, three years have passed. In these three years, he had gained a clear understanding of this world.


This was a world where games and reality were integrated, with an area thousands of times larger than the Blue Star. In this world, there were countless Secret Realms and Dungeon Instances, with Monsters running rampant.


Each person could strengthen themselves by hunting Monsters to obtain Experience Points, materials, and even equipment.


At the same time, this world had also hosted various Professions. Everyone could do through the Profession Change at Level 10 and obtain more powerful abilities.


Each country set up schools in various places to train the youths on how to survive in this world. The teachers would lead the students to beginner Secret Realms or the Wilderness to fight and gain Experience Points, striving to let everyone reach level 10 before they turned eighteen and had the Profession Change Ceremony.


There were many types of Professions in this world, which could be roughly divided into three categories. One was the Combat Specialised Profession. As the name suggests, it was a Profession with combat abilities. Some basic Professions that fall under this category: Warriors, Mages, Archers, etc.


The second category was the Enhancement Specialised Profession.


There were fewer people who would be able to get into this type of Profession. Their abilities were all powerful. They could produce some special Buff items to make Combat Specialised Professions even stronger.


Among the Enhancement Specialised Professions, the more common ones were Enchanters, Magic Item Makers, Alchemists, etc.


Although Enhancement Specialised Professions were popular, producing Buff items required a huge amount of materials. Generally, without the support of a large Family, it was impossible to cultivate someone to be a decently Skilled enough Enhancement Specialised Profession holder.


As for the last category, it was the base of the pyramid, the Profession most people fall under – the Lifestyle Specialised Profession.


This type of Profession was more common, such as Cooks, Herbalists, Miners, etc.


Changing to this type of Profession meant that one could only become an ordinary person in this life. They would be barely able to make a living. In fact, survival was already considered ‘good enough’.


For example, Lu Fan’s Aunt in this world, Han Ke, was a Cook.


Lu Fan was an orphan and had lived with his Aunt, who was eight years older than him, since he was young. Life has been very difficult.


Lu Fan’s Aunt had the most common Cook Profession. Later, she saved a lot of money to buy a recipe for making buns that could restore a small amount of its consumer’s Heath Points. Only then did she open a bun shop and was able to earn money to make a living.


It was also thanks to this bun shop that Han Ke was able to raise Lu Fan.


Lu Fan knew from this experience how difficult it was to survive in this world if one did not have a powerful Combat Specialised Profession.


In these three years, he had seen too much of the hardship his Aunt had to endure in order to support his education.


Therefore, Lu Fan’s wish was to be able to change to a Combat Specialised Profession, so that in the future, he would have the ability to hunt Monsters in the wilderness to sell materials, or raid Dungeon Instances to obtain equipment, allowing his Aunt to have a good life.


“… I just received news that the Profession Change Platform has been set up. Everyone, maintain an orderly line and follow me to gather at the sports field!” Li Qun’s words pulled Lu Fan back from his thoughts.


All the students got even more excited. It was finally time to Change Professions!


Their future prospects would depend on today!


Lu Fan was silent. Just as he was about to follow everyone to gather at the sports field, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded in his mind:


<Ding – detected a qualified Host, the Super Treasure Map System is binding…>
<Ding – the Super Treasure Map System has been successfully bound!>


[The System has finally arrived!?]


This was the most standard plot for Transmigrators. Although it arrived three years late, Lu Fan knew the principle ‘good food was worth the wait’.


Lu Fan suppressed his ecstatic expression. While following everyone to the sports field to prepare for the Profession Change, he checked what functions his System had.


Soon, Lu Fan figured it out. His System was very simple. Every day, he would obtain a Treasure Map. He only needed to reach the location marked on the Treasure Map to receive rewards.


The Treasure Maps were divided into five grades: Low Grade, Mid Grade, High Grade, Peak Grade, and Divine Grade. What grade of map would he receive each day was uncertain, and the location on the map was also uncertain.


If there were maps with coordinates that were particularly far and inconvenient for him, Lu Fan could also merge these maps with other maps of the same grade. Every three maps could be merged into a map of a Higher Grade.



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