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Worthless Profession: Dragon Tamer – Chapter 2, Super Treasure Map System

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For example, if Lu Fan was currently in Jianghai City, and for three consecutive days, he received Low Grade Treasure Maps of the Extremely Far North Ice Plains, he would give up. It would be impossible for him to traverse the vast distance just to reach the location on the Treasure Maps.


In that case, he could combine these three Low Grade Treasure Maps into an Mid Grade Treasure Map. If the coordinates were not far from him, then he could go and excavate for the rewards.


Overall, the System was very simple, but it also relied on his luck.


If the coordinates of all the Treasure Maps were in some High Level Areas, then Lu Fan would really start crying.


After Lu Fan understood the use of his System, he had already followed the crowd to the sports field.


At this time, a huge blue-purple crystal pillar had been erected on the sports field, which was the Profession Change Stone.


Next to the Profession Change Stone, there was a middle-aged man wearing a white robe, holding a staff that emitted a milky white halo.


Using the General Skill, Appraisal Eye, Lu Fan could see that this middle-aged man had an extraordinary background and was already a level 29 Priest, just one step away from level 30, having a Second Profession Change.


Level 29, having changed to a Combat Specialised Profession and also mastering the Skill of “Profession Awakening”, with the Skill to help ‘Players’ who have not changed Professions to obtain a Profession. This Priest could be said to have already obtained a life that Lu Fan envied.


It was said that the fee for helping a student awaken their Profession was as much as 500,000 Dragon Coins. Even if Lu Fan’s Aunt sold buns for a lifetime, she would not be able to earn back this much money.


This was the gap between Combat Specialised Professions and Lifestyle Specialised Professions…


Lu Fan sighed and focused all his energy on the Profession Change Ceremony that was about to begin.


At this time, the sports field was noisy, with nearly 3,000 students around the same age as Lu Fan gathering. They were all students in their Third Year of Highschool from Jianghai Third Academy, and all of them had reached level 10, meeting the conditions for a Profession Change.


At this moment, their excitement was even greater than Lu Fan’s.


“Finally! I’m going to receive a Profession! I’ve been waiting for this day for too long… I hope I can change to a powerful Hidden Profession and would cause the various large universities to fight for me like crazy. That way, our Family will prosper!”


“Bro, stop daydreaming and look at reality! Forget about Hidden Professions, I would be satisfied if I could change to a Combat Specialised Profession.”


“Exactly! In a class of sixty people, generally speaking, it’s already quite good to have twenty with Combat Specialised Professions. Most end up with Lifestyle Specialised Professions, so don’t dream about changing to a Hidden Profession. It’s better to be more realistic.”


“I just hope that I will have a Combat Specialised Profession, even if it’s a Knight or Warrior that needs to charge and fight on the frontline, that’s fine. My parents both have Lifestyle Specialised Professions. They’ve had to endure so much in order to support my education. I must work hard and get a Combat Specialised Profession to let them have a good life!”


The words of the last person resonated in the minds of many. Whether one could turn things around in the future really depended on this Profession Change Ceremony.


Class teacher, Li Qun, saw that his class was in a mess and raised both hands, indicating for everyone to be quiet.


“Everyone, don’t make a ruckus, maintain silence inside the venue! The Profession Change Ceremony is based on classes. We are Class 25 and need to wait for a long time. Even so, please be patient. Everyone will have a chance to change their Profession!”


The class teachers of each class were maintaining the order, allowing the sports field to quickly quieten down.


At this time, the middle-aged Priest beside the Profession Change Stone raised his head, looked at all the students, and slowly loudly announced, “Now, let’s begin the Profession Change Ceremony!”


“According to the arrangement of your Principal, let the children of Class 1 come on stage in order of their student number!”


It was finally about to begin!


All the children were excited once again. At the same time, a boy from Class 1 walked out of the crowd and came to the front of the Profession Change Stone, fortunately becoming the first person to undergo the Profession Change Ceremony.


“It’s the top student, Zhang Tao, from Class 1. I heard that his grades in school are exceptional. I wonder if he can get a Combat Specialised Profession.”


“He should be able to. Although he is also level 10, his Attributes are quite a bit higher than his other classmates. Although Profession changing has a certain randomness to it, the stronger the Player’s Attributes, the more likely it is to change to a Combat Specialised Profession. This has been studied by quite a few scholars and is quite credible.”


“Shh, Zhang Tao is about to change Professions. Let’s quickly see what Profession he gets!”



As the middle-aged Priest chanted an incantation, the Profession Change Stone burst out with light, enveloping Zhang Tao inside of it.


After a short while, the light suddenly flashed with an anomaly, and a fireball-like pattern emerged from within.


Quite a few people were shocked and exclaimed with pleasant surprise, “As expected of the top student, Zhang Tao, he actually became a Mage!”


“Wow, Zhang Tao has unlimited prospects in the future! Mages have the highest demand among all Professions. In the future, if he wants to hunt Monsters in the wild to collect materials or raid dungeons, he probably won’t have to worry about not having anyone to team up with!”


“Sigh, I’m so envious of him…”


Amidst the envious gazes of those around him, the Profession Change Stone’s light receded. This student named Zhang Tao had a face full of smiles and returned to his class with great joy.


Silavin: I’ve named the school Third Academy. Not sure why it is called 三中 (meaning Third Middle School), when the students are already in High School, about to enter University.

Okay. I’ve checked why. Apparently, school system in China works where their ‘middle school’ is 6 years. Primary school is the standard 6 years as well. Anyways, the ‘middle school’ is further split into 1-4th year (mid) and 5-6th year (high).



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