Martial Family

Martial Family – Chapter 15, Hunting Skills   

Author: Silavin

It didn’t take long before Shi Yan and Shi Yin could see the humongous black tree. When they approached 100 metres of the tree, it rose up to expose its skull like face.


“Big brother!” Selene cried out. Her roots detached from the earth, lifting up the huge tree body. Her tentacle like roots, slither on the ground, pushing her body forward towards Shi Yan. Some of the longer roots wrapped around Shi Yan and Shi Yin, bringing them forward even faster.


[She certainly must have been lonely…] Shi Yan thought to himself.


Shi Yin did not like the idea of Selene grabbing onto Shi Yan. Before Selene’s roots coiled around her, Shi Yin jumped out. She jumped onto the roots, using it to propel herself to Shi Yan’s bosom. Once in his chest, Shi Yin gave a cold “*hmph*”.


The little tiger who saw the scene was definitely shocked. This was the first time she saw something so interesting. She wanted to go forward to join in the fun but held back. She was still uncertain if Shi Yan and Shi Yin were angry at her.


With Shi Yan with her, Selene felt at ease. She was initially worried that she would never see Shi Yan again. However, now that he was here, the stone in her heart fell. It was strange for a child to cling onto someone she only knew for two days. However, in these two days, Shi Yan managed to provide a pillar of emotional support that she wants to lean on. While he was away, the emptiness of being alone struck her again. For the past three days, she would occasionally spread her roots further to see if Shi Yan came back. Each day that he was away, made her hesitate going into the mountain valley. However, Shi Yan told her to wait here, which she obediently did. She didn’t want Shi Yan to think that she was a naughty girl and leave.


Selene opened her mouth and swallowed both Shi Yan and Shi Yin. They entered the garden world, leaving behind the little tiger. Seeing both of them disappear, the little tiger panicked and ran towards the Selene. The little tiger asked Selene what she has done to Shi Yan and Shi Yin. However, Selene ignored the little tiger. Selene want to quickly play with Shi Yan and Shi Yin.


Inside of the enclosed world, Shi Yan saw Selene having a cold expression. “What’s wrong Selene? Are you feeling sick?” Shi Yan asked in a worried voice.


Once she heard Shi Yan’s voice, her expression turned warmer and shook her head. “Big brother it’s nothing. Some naughty white tiger outside crying. Really noisy”.


Shi Yan suddenly recalled the white tiger. He actually forgot about her once he saw Selene. Feeling a little guilty, Shi Yan embarrassingly asked “Selene, could you let her in? She’s with us…”.


Selene pouted “if big brother say so…”


A portal appeared and the little white tiger soon emerged. The white fur on her face was a little dishevelled. Her eyes were red, as she was still crying. It took awhile before she realise that Shi Yan and Shi Yin were already standing in front of her. Once she saw Shi Yin, she tilted her head down. In a low voice “rawrrr”.


Shi Yin nodded, “Eyaah”. She raised her paw and pointed to the river, indicating the little tiger to go and bathe. The little tiger nodded and slowly moved to the river.


Shi Yan watched the little tiger head to the river and knew that she was going to shower. Feeling guilty, he wanted to help her wash up. However, once he started to move, Shi Yin would held on to his cloak, preventing him from bathing the little tiger. Shi Yan could tell Shi Yin’s jealously as turned around. He picked up Shi Yin and kissed her on the head, moving to the grass bed.


Sitting down with Shi Yin on his lap, Shi Yan began asking Selene, “Selene, how were things here? Did you encounter any problems?”


Selene shook her head. She moved closer to Shi Yan and hugged his arms. “Big brother, I missed you so much”.


Shi Yan could not help but caress her head, “I know, I missed you too. Shi Yin also missed you”.


Shi Yin, who was watching their affectionate display began to cry out for attention. “Eyahh! Eyahh!”. Shi Yan obviously knew her intention. However, he knew that he needed to console Selene. He did not let go of Selene, instead, he bent down to give Shi Yin a kiss on the forehead, trying to tell her to be good. Despite his actions, Shi Yin obviously was not happy. She gave a cold “*hmph*” and laid on his lap, pretending to sleep.


Shi Yan could not help but give a “*sigh*”. He turned to look at Selene, in a solemn voice. “Selene, in a few days time, there’s going to be a big battle at the mountain valley. Can you look at the mountain valley from time to time? I need you to tell me if there’s anything happening at the mountain valley. Could you do that for me?”


Selene nodded and gave a smile. “Big brother, I can do anything you ask for. I only ask that you stay with me and find my parents”.


Shi Yan couldn’t give a smile in return. Firstly, he was not entirely sure that he could find her parents. Secondly, he was not sure if he could take Selene with him out of the test. However, currently, he could not disappoint her. Hardening his heart, he pretended to be confident “Yes, I will be with you. Don’t worry, we will also find your parents.”




“Rawrr!” a cute little roar came from behind Shi Yan. Turning around, he found the little tiger, 20 metres away, fresh and clean. Her hair was now snow white, giving of a faint sense of purity. Her stripes were greyish since she was still a child. The grey “王” on her forehead, highlighted her deep and clear purple eyes.


Shi Yan suddenly recalled that the little tiger was hungry and asked Selene. “Selene, there is something I need to do first, can you let me out?”


Selene shook her head in refusal. Her grip on Shi Yan’s arms tightened. “Nooo! You promised to be with me. How can you leave so soon!”


Shi Yan couldn’t help but give an apologetic smile. He used his free arm to caress Selene’s head. “Be a good girl okay? The little tiger needs to eat. I need to find food for her”.


Selene looked at the little tiger with despising eyes, her face, half buried into Shi Yan’s arms “Tigers eat meat right? Big brother, if I give her meat you won’t need to go out right?”


Shi Yan did not understand what Selene was thinking, but he nodded in agreement.


Selene gave a wide smile and closed her eyes.


Outside of the enclosed world, the roots of Selene dug into the ground. Once she felt any large movement underground, her roots would quickly make a cage around the source. She would forcibly drag out the animals underground. Her roots spiked out of the ground as she checked her captives.


“Eight rabbits, two snakes and a baby demonic spider… This should be enough… Now big brother will stay with me”.


Inside the enclose world, the ground, trees and flowers were moving. Some tree stuck together, forming a three different sized circular cages. Inside each cage, flowers were moved away, and the land hardened. The smallest cage had vines wrapping between the trees, forming a vine dome. The portal opened in each cage, as each animal was toss into their respective cage. The demonic spider was in the smallest cage; the eight rabbits were in the biggest cage. Likewise, the two snakes were throwing into the medium sized cage. The animals inside were all panic stricken, especially the demonic spider. With its intelligence, It knew that it had been captured by an enemy. Immediately after entering its cage, it tried to dig a way out. Unfortunately, the ground was too hard. When it tried to climb out, the vines made it impossible.


Selene opened her eyes, “Big brother, it’s done *hee hee*”. Giving a wide cheeky smile to the stunned Shi Yan. Shi Yan was shocked to see the whole environment change so easily. In just mere minutes, a small zoo was created.


Selene pointed out to the different cages ” Big brother, that one is where there are rabbits, that one is for the snakes and that one has a baby demonic spider in it”.


Shi Yan did not speak, he was still trying to absorb the amazing abilities of Selene. All he could do was nod.


The little tiger smelled food and got excited. It immediately wanted to eat but, was unable to get into the cage due to the trees. She lifts her paw, trying to claw an opening into the cage but Selene suddenly shouted “STOP! Don’t touch my trees!”. Immediately, vines gripped onto the little tiger’s paw, preventing it from moving. The little tiger tried to struggle but the vine wouldn’t break. She was stuck. The little tiger roared, trying to call for help “Rawrrr, Rawrr!”.


Shi Yan sighed. This little tiger is way too impatient. “Selene, could you let the tiger into the rabbit’s cage?”.


Selene nodded and placed her fist on her chest, proudly exclaiming, “Of course I can!”.


The more vines wrapped around the little tiger, turning her into a huge vine cocoon. The cocoon got lifted up, over the trees and landed into the rabbit’s cage before unwrapping. The little tiger who was just released, immediately started to chase the wild rabbits.


“Thanks Selene”. Shi Yan gave a mild smile.


Selene was overjoyed by being praised. She didn’t let Shi Yan see her extremely wide smile. Out of shyness, she buried her head into Shi Yan’s arm. Not allowing him to see.


Shi Yan just chuckled and pat her on the head. He shifted his vision to Shi Yin and kissed her on the head. Shi Yin of course woke up, wondering what happened. It was strange for Shi Yan to disturb her while she sleeps, even if he knew she was pretending.


Shi Yin looked at Shi Yan pointing to the river and immediately understood. It was bath time. She became excited. Bath time has always been the time they were together, alone.


Shi Yan waited for Selene to let go of his arm before standing up. When he stood up, Selene voice in curiosity “Big brother, where are you going?”.


Shi Yan faced her and casually said “To bathe of course”.


Selene stood up as well and asked in a soft voice “can I join?”.


Shi Yin immediately strongly shook her head. She didn’t want Selene to interrupt their alone time.


Shi Yan, shook his head and both his hands, strongly opposing her proposal. “Umm Selene, that’s not good! I’m a guy and you’re a girl. We cannot bathe together”.


Shi Yin nodded in agreement with Shi Yan’s rejection.


Selene was not pleased with his refusal. She could not understand why Shi Yin could bathe with him while she could not. Both of them were girls, so why was Shi Yin receiving special treatment? She pouted and said in an irritated voice “Then, why can she bathe with you but I can’t?”


Shi Yan was a little stunned by the question. He has always bathed with Shi Yin without questioning why. It all started back in the orphanage, when she was  injured and unable to clean herself. Shi Yan had to shower the blood and dirt on her for a few days. Eventually, they got used to it and would always take a bath together. Thinking of a reason, he said “Well… Shi Yin has seen me naked and I have also seen her naked… so… we are allowed to shower together…”.


Selene started to take off her own clothes “So, if big brother and Shi Yin see me naked, then I can also shower with you?”


Shi Yan face had a hint of blush and quickly shouted “STOP!!!”. However, Selene did not stop. Shi Yin, unable to bear this scene quickly jumped onto Shi Yan’s shoulder and used her tail to cover his eyes. She angrily scolded Selene “Eyyahh!”.


Selene stopped stripping, turned around and held her head down in embarrassment. She now understood what it meant to bathe with another person of another gender. She blushed heavily and muttered apologetically “B..Big brother! I’m sorry!” and ran off.


Shi Yan did not know what Shi Yin said but he felt relieved. It’s not that he did not like Selene but he was not someone who had the desire to ruin a girl’s mental purity.


Shi Yin also breathed out a sigh of relief. She avoided a huge crisis. If Selene were to bathe once with Shi Yan, she knew that Selene would continue to do so. She also disliked the idea of Shi Yan bathing with another female.


~ After 40 minutes,


Selene’s face was still a little red. She did not expect that bathing with another person would make her married to the other person. Also, that she would get pregnant! She could not think that she was almost going to marry Shi Yan. Her ignorance and blatant proposal made her shriek with embarrassment. She is so embarrassed that she would prefer avoiding Shi Yan to being with him.


Shi Yan and Shi Yin came out of the river all fresh and relaxed. When Shi Yan approached Selene, she ran away. Shi Yan wanted check up on the little tiger with her help but, it seems to be improbable.


Shi Yan walked up to the rabbit’s cage. Shi Yin jumped onto his shoulders and with her tail, she tightly gripped onto Shi Yan. Using the dangling vines and sturdy trees, Shi Yan climbed over the trees to enter the rabbit’s cage. Inside, he found the little tiger panting with exhaustion.


[It seems like she was unable to catch any of the rabbits.. Did her father not teach her how to hunt? “*sigh*” it seems that he was too afraid of exposing himself to the extent that he hid in the cave most of the time. I’m not sure how he got food for her. But, it doesn’t matter, it seems to be my job now…]


Shi Yan climbed down the tree with Shi Yin. He placed her down and gave a smile. Immediately, Shi Yin understood his intentions and ran towards the rabbits, trying to catch them. Shi Yin was fast. In no time, a rabbit has already been caught inside her mouth.


The little tiger stared in amazement. She was utterly impressed by Shi Yin’s skills.


Shi Yan need not collaborate with Shi Yin here. He knew that Shi Yin was a much better hunter than he was. It was not a matter of speed for their disparity. Instead, it was their difference in physic. Shi Yin was much smaller than Shi Yan, she can manage to pass through obstructions more easily than Shi Yan. Furthermore, when she grabs the preys, she just needs to clench her jaws. Shi Yan requires time to bend down to catch them. Of course this could be overcomes by using tools. However, Shi Yan currently only has a dagger to use, making him not the most efficient of hunters.


Shi Yin bought the rabbit to the little tiger. The little tiger’s eyes glittered with gratitude and licked Shi Yin affectionately. Hilariously, Shi Yin took a step back, preventing the little tiger from licking her. She ran quickly to Shi Yan’s side, and jumped into his bosom.

Such a ridiculous scene cause the boy to chuckle in amusement.


The little tiger did not dare approach Shi Yan. Thus, she didn’t give chase to Shi Yin. She had finally gotten her meal! And couldn’t wait any longer!


It didn’t take long for the little tiger to complete her meal. Meanwhile, Shi Yan sat down and groomed Shi Yin with his fingers. Shi Yin would delicately “eyahh” with each of his hand strokes. When they noticed the little tiger was done, Shi Yan signaled to Shi Yin to ask if the little tiger wants to go out. Unexpectedly, the little tiger’s response was to stay in the cage. She wanted to practice what she saw from Shi Yin.


[Well, if she doesn’t wish to go off, then we might as well go back first and check up on her later.] Shi Yan thought.


Shi Yan and Shi Yin thus left the little tiger alone and climbed out of the cage.


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