Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 32, True Yang Secret Art

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[Just who place poison in Yang Kai’s hut? Why? Why did they poison this hut? Is it a trap meant for us?] Just as he was contemplating about these matters in a confused state, his ears picked up a sudden and surprised voice. “Huh?”

[That’s Yang Kai’s voice!] Su Mu hated Yang Kai down to his bones, naturally, he would be able to recognise his voice.

[It’s him. It must be Yang Kai that poisoned us! Bastard! We had only intended to come and teach you a lesson, yet you actually intend to kill us?! Just how cruel can you be?]

In his heart, Su Mu was cursing Yang Kai but that did not last long as he had rapidly begun to lose consciousness.

[Fuck! Could it be that this master will die like this?] This poor young master who was full of ambitions, and before these ambitions could be fulfilled, he will die an early death. [The heaven’s must be jealous, the heavens were just too jealous! ahh!]

Stepping lightly, Yang Kai walked over to the group of fallen Disciples. Crouching down, he took off their face masks, only to discover that they were all people he was familiar with.

After thinking for a bit, Yang Kai realized what they had wanted to do. It was probably because he had tortured them too miserably these past few days, so they had come for revenge during the night.

But they really had some bad luck.

Playing with the incense burner in his hands, Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This really was an accident, but they were really too unlucky. Usually, he would have long since recalled the incense burner back into the black book, but today’s training was too exhausting. So by accident, he had fallen asleep. And before the remainder of the herbs had been burned, Su Mu and his group had unfortunately come and ended up inhaling the incense.

The incense that came from within the burner was very powerful, and when Yang Kai had first been subjected to the effects, he could only manage to take three steps before collapsing onto the ground. And this was with the Golden Skeleton within his body, so how could Su Mu’s group hope to withstand it?

They didn’t have the support of the Golden Skeleton for recovery, so he estimated they would need to cultivate for a couple of days before they would regain their strength.

Although through their arrogance, they caused this situation, he must bear some responsibility for the current situation since this also happened due to his negligence. Not to mention, if they were fast enough to stop inhaling the moment they had smelled the incense, then they wouldn’t be in such a pitiful state.

“Hey, why did you come here?” Sighing loudly, Yang Kai stored the incense burner back into the black book, while looking at the pile of bodies strewn about his floor awkwardly.

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai decided to drag all of them to a random area and leave them there.

When he returned to his wooden hut, he went back to sleep.

Because of that incident, Yang Kai became more vigilant. He must quickly breakthrough into the next Tempered Body Stage.  Currently, he could only use the incense burner outside of the black book, but if he quickly broke through and neared the Initial Element Stage, then it would no longer be so inconvenient to use. At that time, even if the incense burner was still inside the black book, he would be able to use it. The only requirement would be that he still had the energy to channel into the black book.

The next few days, Yang Kai trained bitterly, despite using the two herbs sparingly, they decreased steadily every day.

On the third morning, after he had completed his daily Tempered Body Record training, he faced the east to breathe in the rich Qi. While doing so the energy in his meridians suddenly stirred and rose rapidly. It was like they were little insects scuttling about his meridians.

His face straightening, Yang Kai quickly paused to check his body.

The shuttering of this energy also caused his muscles and blood to tingle, numbing his entire body. He didn’t know how long this numbing feeling persisted for, but suddenly, Yang Kai felt his body lighten, while his abdomen began to heat up. The mad stuttering of his atmospheric energy immediately dissipated.

The warm feeling in his abdomen seemed to come to life, meanwhile, Yang Kai was in ecstasy.

[Yuan Qi!] He had finally broken through! He was now in the Tempered Body Seventh Stage and had started to develop his Yuan Qi.

In your life, the first bit of Yuan Qi that you develop comes from within your Dantian, but this Yuan Qi was a very nominal amount. It was unable to support the usage of even one martial skill in a battle. This was because as soon as you used this strand of Yuan Qi, it would disappear. In order to regain it, you must expend a large amount time and energy.

But because of this little strand of Yuan Qi, a practitioner could now be able to start their cultivation of martial skills.

The High Heaven Pavilion basic fists and kicks were not comparable to the might of a martial skill. A martial skill called upon one’s Yuan Qi in order to be executed, and they were the foundation of strength for all martial practitioners.

For a simple punch, the power that came from the Tempered Body Seventh Stage was far superior to that of a Sixth Stage. If the Tempered Body Sixth Stage punch could produce a power of 100 kilograms, then with the aid of Yuan Qi, the punch from the Tempered Body Seventh Stage could produce 250 kilograms or even 500 kilograms of power.

(Silavin: Please don’t get technical with me here, physics students. I know grams is no equivalence of the term power. This is simply just a translation and you should roughly understand what the author meant.)


Of course, when you were in the Tempered Body Stage, a practitioner wouldn’t easily use martial skills because it wasn’t easy to recover your Yuan Qi. Only when you reached the Initial Element Stage, could you freely use martial skills as you pleased in battles. When you reached that stage, Yuan Qi was quick to be recovered.

The main issue was how fast one could recover their Yuan Qi.

So once you entered the Tempered Body Seventh Stage, a practitioner must use that small stand of Yuan Qi to create their foundations and slowly increase their Yuan Qi.

A common method was to cultivate martial skills!

Every martial skill required several strands or even dozens of strands or even the strands from various meridians to execute. With different paths and orders, one can form many different martial skills.

While you were cultivating martial skills to increase your Yuan Qi, you would open your body’s Zhou Tian and naturally progress to the Initial Element Stage. Every practitioner would do this.

Yang Kai was no exception.

Once he knew he had reached the Tempered Body Seventh Stage, Yang Kai immediately calmed his beating heart and rushed back into the wooden hut to call out the black book.

He flipped directly to the fourth page and earnestly scanned the page.

During these past days, as soon as he had broken through, he would try to unlock the fourth page. Unfortunately, he had never succeeded. Yang Kai guessed that he needed the Tempered Body Seventh Stage to unlock it, as soon as he reached the Tempered Body Seventh Stage the fourth page began to morph.

His guess was indeed correct!

After floating around for a short while, the wisps of golden light covered the page. Separating from the page, these gold beams of light directly entered Yang Kai’s mind.

Within his mind, new information appeared suddenly, True Yang Secret Art! This was the reward that the black book had bestowed upon Yang Kai for breaking through. Going over the information, his expression became distorted.

This True Yang Secret Art was slightly different from common martial skills. Normal martial skills had set paths of sequences, and although they could change, they were only superficial changes; they didn’t change the base of the skill. They didn’t stray from their base, if they did, then it would a completely different skill altogether.

But this True Yang Secret Art didn’t. It didn’t have set activation sequences and changed constantly. It could be described as arbitrary or you could say that it actually didn’t have any singular form.

This was the first difference.

The cultivation method for the True Yang Secret Art was also quite simple, but there were conditions to cultivate it.

You must cultivate in an environment with plenty of Yang energy to cultivate the True Yang Secret Art.

But through this secret method, once the cultivated Yang Yuan Qi reached a certain point, it could be condensed into a liquid form and stored within the Dantian.

This was something no martial skill or secret art could achieve. Because there will always be a moment when one’s body would be filled. Once a martial practitioner was filled with Yuan Qi, there was no way to increase the amount, unless you broke your limit or make a breakthrough.


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