Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 41, Tempered Body Eighth Stage

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“I don’t know…are you this powerful in other places too.” Hu Mei Er’s sharp and watery eyes looked at Yang Kai mysteriously, with her words being explicitly clear.

This type of open and brazen enticement, as long as he was a male, then I’m afraid they would not be able to resist. Not to mention, Hu Mei Er was considered to be extremely attractive; her great figure had caused many onlookers to stare and drool.

A series of sounds came from all directions. It was the sound of people simultaneously swallowing their saliva. Su Mu’s group of people were already weakened. Now, with this type of stimulation, their blood rushed to their heads, their lower parts stuck up, while some fainted on the scene.

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Yang Kai also felt a burning sensation rise upwards as his Adam’s apple bobbed a bit. His breathing became rough, and his grip on Hu Mei Er’s neck involuntarily increased in strength.

Hu Mei Er delicately gasped, her body squirmed a bit before angrily speaking. “Why haven’t you release me?”

While she said that, she also reached out a tender hand to gently pry open Yang Kai’s hand. It’s unknown whether it was an accident or if it was on purpose; she had moved Yang Kai’s hand and placed it on her plump, well-rounded chest.

An astonishing degree of elasticity and warmth passed on through his hand, causing Yang Kai to clearly felt a defined peak in the palm of his hand. This type of stimulation caused the blood flowing from his wounds to increase a bit.

Yang Kai’s face somewhat reddened as he had never imagined that this woman would be licentious to such a degree. She was most definitely, possessing some ulterior move with this flirtatious behaviour.

When she saw Yang Kai’s embarrassment, Hu Mei Er unexpectedly started to laugh. “What do you wish to do?”

As Yang Kai looked down at Hu Mei Er, he felt like a dog that had bit a hedgehog. Thinking back to the start of the battle, this Hu Mei Er did not attack any of the High Heaven Pavilion Disciples; so Yang Kai naturally couldn’t hit her. The only reason he wanted to give this woman a lesson was due to her constant fanning of flames during the battle.

But because he was this easily toyed with by her, Yang Kai was somewhat annoyed. Yang Kai, after all, was still a man, so how could he accept being so easily played around with?

As he thought about it, Yang Kai’s hand that was covering Hu Mei Er’s hand suddenly squeezed tighter.

(Erza: T_T)


*En…* Hu Mei Er’s expression changed as she moaned out. Looking at that handsome face in front of her, Hu Mei Er’s face turned red as well. She angrily glared at Yang Kai, for she would never have imagined he would harbour such feelings towards females.

(Erza: Old man Meng’s teachings are coming in)


Laughing out loudly, Yang Kai stood up and congratulated Hu Mei Er. “You can go.”

Hu Mei Er stared blankly at Yang Kai. She would never have expected that her seductions had no effect. It was well known that many desired a taste of her body. On ordinary days, there were so many rivals that she couldn’t keep count. But today, when there was finally a male that she held some interest in when she had tried to seduce him; she was actually disregarded by him.

[Is he still a man?]

After standing there for a few moments, she started to laugh. With a multitudinous array of movements, she got up from the ground and walked towards Yang Kai. While she nibbled her red lips, she gently blew into his ear and whispered. “You are very interesting!”

Once she finished speaking, she chuckled and turned around to leave not forgetting to use her thousand ways of swaying hips technique.

From afar, Su Mu’s lot were watching stupidly, their eyes were filled with jealousy and envy. They didn’t think that Yang Kai would actually refuse this type of good luck. They were all thinking that if it was them who were in that situation, what would they do?

They would have probably pounced! No, no, no they would have definitely pounced. The good luck of meat pastries dropping from the sky, why would they refuse it? In any case, they wouldn’t have lost anything.

After Hu Mei Er left, everybody then turned their heads back to Yang Kai, feeling both saddened and embarrassed.

*Ai…* many sighs rang out.

Yang Kai squatted down and went to rip a few strips of cloth off the bodies of the fainted Disciples from Storm House. Then he went to roll the cloth strips around his own hands a few times.

Looking at Su Mu’s group, these Junior Disciples all had faces filled with embarrassment.

“Do you still have the strength to walk?” Yang Kai asked.

They nodded their heads slightly.

“Then walk.”

The entire group had bloody noses and swollen faces. Once they returned to High Heaven Pavilion with great difficulty, they dispersed to find their own medicines and seek out treatment. Although they had fought a great battle today, it was only a battle between Juniors. Since the three powers would often have such fights between each other, there was nothing special about it.

Also long as nobody important died, each respective elders of the different factions would turn a blind eye and ask no questions. Only through battles, would one improve; and every faction elder wished for this kind of tempering to occur so as to allow for improvement in the strength of the Sect’s Disciple.

Yang Kai returned to his little wooden hut. He had planned to take out that remaining blood clotting cream but after thinking it over, he discarded the idea.

During today’s events, the only serious injury he received were the ones on his hand that had been pierced by the long sabre; the rest were nothing much to mention of. Although the wound on his hand looked really serious at first, when you looked more carefully, you could see it wasn’t that major. When he went to catch Cheng Shao Feng’s sabre, Yang Kai purposefully avoided allowing it to pierce his bones or meridians. So, even with the extra hole in his palm, it was only a simple flesh wound.

It was literally the same type of wound that he had received from that Flower Patterned Spider. It had taken him roughly three-fours days to basically recover, so should be the same this time too.

In addition, in just this short amount of time, Yang Kai’s wound had already healed by quite a lot, and his stamina had also recovered by a bit. Without sensing his body condition, he wouldn’t have guessed that the warmth emitted by the Golden Skeleton to contain such an amazing healing property. Not to mention, there are healing properties in Yang Qi from the cultivation of True Yang Secret Art. With the assistance of these two, his injuries recovered quickly.

After he learnt that the True Yang Secret Art’s Yang Qi contained healing properties, Yang Kai quickly drifted over to Coiling Dragon Stream to absorb the Yang Qi. Although in the battle today, he didn’t use a single bit of that drop of Yang energy, he had used up quite a bit of his body’s Yang Qi. He urgently needed to replenish it.

Just as he was absorbing the Yang Qi, Yang Kai felt a drumming sensation from within his body. Uncontrollably, the outside Yang Qi surged into his body, and within a moment, the amount he had absorbed was equal to one or two days’ worth. Not only was his Yang Qi replenished from today’s fight, it was also even richer than before; with his meridians and channels also strengthened and expanded by a fair amount.

[Tempered Body Eighth Stage?] Turning his body around, Yang Kai’s face held a happy expression.

He had reached the Tempered Body Eighth Stage in such a short amount of time but it came as a small surprise to him. He had originally estimated that it would take at least another seven to eight days before he would make another breakthrough.

For such a thing to occur, it was clearly related to Yang Kai’s battle today. [As expected, battling with others helps me to improve quickly.]

Being filled with joy, Yang Kai began to cultivate True Yang Secret Art even more diligently than before. After he had broken through a level, the speed at which he absorbed the Yang Qi had clearly risen dramatically. Furthermore, his overall abilities were also strengthened.

At night, Yang Kai returned to his wooden hut to rest. In the end, he had still received several injuries today, so it wasn’t the right time to pull an all-nighter in order to cultivate.

Over the next couple of days, apart from eating and sleeping, Yang Kai spent all his time near Coiling Dragon Stream in order to cultivate.

On the other hand, Su Mu’s group had not a single one of them appeared in front of him. It was probably because they were all still nursing their injuries.

Early in the morning a few days later, just as Yang Kai was sweeping the grounds, he saw Su Mu leading Li Yun Tian and the others over towards him; all those who had participated in the battle that day, not a single one was missing.  They were all valiant and full of vigour following behind Su Mu.

Although they had recuperated well over these past few days, their appearances were still a bit miserable. Their eyes were bruised, mouths were swollen and overall they appeared very comical.

Looking over, Yang Kai couldn’t help but ask. “Junior Brother Su, is your skin itching again?”

(Erza: This is similar to saying are you itching for a beating again? Lol)


Erza: Heyo again! Well, this chapter was another hurdle to tl, :P. Really Hu Mei Er starting to remind both Ben and I of a certain lady in TDG with her persistence and usage of her sex appeal. Just read all your comments and whoa, all those about berserk and blood sucking. Unfortunately, as you just read that doesn’t happen. Though……………as a spoiler, here’s the next chapter title – Chapter 42 – That day……ke… touched right? Hmmmm, I wonder what happens here????


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