Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 70, 1 vs. 5

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As Meng Wu Ya said these words, he also sighed like he was a in a constant state of sadness. Listening to him explain himself, Xia Ning Chang could hear the sadness and grief in his words.

Could it be that her master had experienced this before? Just as she wanted to asked him further, Meng Wu Ya had disappeared from her sight.

Right at that moment in the Black Wind Trade in front of one of the High Heaven Pavilion wooden houses, a youngster dripping with sweat was standing. Knocking lightly on the door, he calmed his breathing and called out: “Senior Sister Su!”

“What’s the matter?” A pleasant but cold voice rang out. This voice was nice to hear, but it was permeated with a frostiness that didn’t allow anyone to come close.

That youngster’s sweat had condensed into droplets and quivered as he spoke. “Young master Su Mu has been beaten unconscious, meanwhile the people under him have been detained by the Disciplinary Hall and locked in the Forest Prison.”

Just as these words left his mouth, the wooden door abruptly opened and the white clothed Su Yan appeared.

That person quickly retreated two steps and lowered his face because he didn’t dare to look into her unblemished and flawless gaze.

“Say it clearly, what’s the matter?” Su Yan coldly asked, spreading a frosty air around her and the wooden house. ‘Ka ka’ sounds could be heard as ice appeared on the floor around her.

The youngster immediately began narrating the story from beginning to end in the most concise way possible. After finishing his report, he waited for quite a while, but after hearing no response, he mustered the courage to ask. “Senior Sister Su?”

After calling out with no response, this person courageously lifted up his head to look at her, but there wasn’t even a hint of her figure; she had left before he could react.

“My lord!” That High Heaven Pavilion Disciple collapsed on the spot and fell butt first onto the ground.

This Senior Sister Su is too cold! In the future, the person who takes her as their wife, will need a quilt in the hot summer, in order to not freeze to death. But for someone cold and mighty like Senior Sister Su, there shouldn’t be any man that can match her?

(Erza:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


No one could have imagined that the friction between the younger High Heaven Pavilion Disciples would cause such huge waves.

Inside the High Heaven Pavilion Forest Prison, Yang Kai, Li Yun Tian and the others were still trapped. They had been locked inside for an entire hour already, without the slightest hint of motion outside.

Li Yun Tian and the rest had started to become anxious, wondering why Su Mu had yet to come and rescue them. But after thinking for a while, they remembered that Su Mu had been knocked unconscious. So if he wasn’t conscious, how could he come and save them.

Just as they were feeling anxious, the prison doors were suddenly opened and they heard the echo of footsteps. A Disciplinary Disciple came up to the cell where Yang Kai and the others were locked up and yelled, “Who is Yang Kai?”

Yang Kai called out in reply. “I am!”

“Follow me!” That disciplinary Disciple very impolitely ordered him so, “Someone wants to see you.”

Yang Kai’s expression shifted and he laughed out coldly. Without any fear, he stepped out and followed.

“Senior Brother Yang, don’t go. Wait for young master Su to come and save us.” Li Yun Tian cried out in great alarm, pulling on Yang Kai.

“Let go!” That Disciplinary Disciple bellowed in anger, “Anyone who dares to block even a step would be making a direct challenge to the Disciplinary Hall. You should be clear regarding the consequences.”

Yang Kai said to Li Yun Tian, “I’m just going to have a look, no need to be alarmed.”

Li Yun Tian helplessly let go and said in a sunken tone, “Senior Brother Yang, please be careful!”

“Humph!” That Disciplinary Disciple sarcastically laughed, “You overestimate yourself.”

Walking out of the cell, the Disciplinary Disciple locked up the doors once again and then took Yang Kai outside.

Not long after, they had arrived at a wooden room and a strange laugh came, “Please come in.”

Yang Kai turned to look at him and also laughed out as he walked in.

The Disciplinary Disciple followed closely behind and then closed the door behind him.

In the instant the door was closed, Yang Kai swivelled around and sent a palm directly into the stomach of the Disciplinary Disciple behind him. Boiling hot Yang Yuan Qi rushed into him, causing him to let out a bloodcurdling scream as he slammed into the wall.

He didn’t think that Yang Kai would actually strike him, causing him to receive the attack in its entirety and leaving him momentarily paralysed.

“Such courage from a dog!” A voice full of anger sounded and immediately three-four human images appeared, pouncing on Yang Kai.

Yang Kai could reaction only allowed him to block one attack as the others landed, pushing him to the ground. Them he began to receive a thorough beating.

In the midst of that chaos, Yang Kai snarled as he spat out a mouthful of blood. The fishy yet sweet smell of blood, only caused to excite him and heat up his blood, the True Yang Secret Art started to work at an unimaginable speed within his meridians. The scalding feeling from his bones travelled throughout his whole body, causing Yang Kai’s skin to become fiery.

This energy seemed to be many times stronger than it had been previously.

Roar!!! The Yang Kai that was being kicked was suddenly disturbed, then his frenzied actions became several times more ferocious. Jumping into the air, he kicked out and hit two Disciplinary Disciples on the head, this was followed by two cries of pain as they stumbled back.

But before he could continue, another person, emitting killing intent, had managed to grab onto his leg. Then, tossing him like a rag bag, they threw Yang Kai, slamming him into the wall. Groaning in pain, he felt his 5 viscera turn over.

Struggling up, Yang Kai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and sized up the situation in the dimly lit room.

This was a closed private room with five Disciplinary Disciple in it. From their exchange just now and their Yuan Qi fluctuations, Yang Kai could tell that their strengths were about Initial Element Stage. But the one that had thrown him into the wall, his Yuan Qi aura clearly showed that he had entered the Qi Transformation Stage.

One vs. five! Not to mention the differences in their cultivation levels was also immense, that this battle was doomed to end in failure.

But Yang Kai only smiled. In this hopeless situation, his heart only became more ferocious, raging with emotion.

“You actually dared to injure someone on your own accord!” The Qi Transformation Stage Disciplinary Disciple sneered out, “You have no lack in courage!”

The other four people were standing behind him, looking at Yang Kai mockingly.

They had received orders to properly teach Yang Kai a lesson, as long as they didn’t kill him. Unexpectedly Yang Kai had attacked first and injured one of them by catching him unaware, making them lose a great deal of face.

“He he.” With his back facing the wall, Yang Kai’s blood red eyes swept across the five of them as he said in an icy cold voice, “You guys are allowed to attack, so why can’t I retaliate?”

That Qi Transformation Stage Disciplinary Disciple couldn’t stop his evil laughter. “You are actually quite smart, since you already know what we are thinking about. Why don’t you obediently allow us to beat you up, so we can help young master Wei Zhuan vent his unhealthy anger? If you dare to resist, you might lose an arm or leg!”

“You can come and try!” Yang Kai looked at them coldly.

“Stubborn headed pig! Go beat him!”

Under that command, the five of them went out again! Their hands pierced through the wind without the slightest bit of hesitation. With their cultivations, they would have more than enough energy, with some to spare as they took care of Yang Kai. So as the five leaped forward to teach Yang Kai a lesson, it was naturally an easy thing to do!


Erza: Well, well, well. Ganging up on someone to beat them is not a good thing to do. But it’s good that ST has such strict rules that make sure that Disciples kill each other, phew. Also the friendship between Su Mu, Li Yun Tian, Yang Kai and the others is such a nice thing to read about. I mean the others, they stay mortal enemies but this one they made up and become brothers~ I almost forgot, this is the first regular of the week and I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Await tomorrow’s chappy.

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