Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 93, July Seventh, Time Yin Qi Gathers

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This strike of Wen Fei Chen’s was not intended to kill but rather to stop Xia Ning Chang from escaping.

Fortunately, Xia Ning Chang was quite quick to respond. Although Yang Kai had caught her off guard and she had been swept away by his powerful strike, she swiftly turned around to borrow the momentum from Wen Fei Chen’s strike. By borrowing its power, she lightly fell beside Yang Kai.

“Hey!” Watching this occur, Yang Kai sighed inwardly. Having a True Element boundary powerhouse assume command was equal to having well-trained soldiers and sturdy horses. Even if there had been hoping they might make it out of this situation earlier, it looked like they were really doomed now.

“Lord Wen, bring this female to me. If she dares to revolt again….” Long Hui smiled sinisterly, before continuing coldly, “Break both her arms and legs; just don’t damage her face too badly. I must have a look at what kind of peerless beauty is hiding under that veil!”

Wen Fei Chen gently smiled. “Master Long please be at ease, I will not let her flee.”

He was also a little worried that if during the course of the fight he accidentally harmed Xia Ning Chang, Long Hui would blame him. But since he had said that he can break her arms and legs, what did Wen Fei Chen have to worry about?

The Young Master Long has very high ambitions, but he also knew his limits. He knew that he couldn’t match this female, but if he could disable her arms and legs, then she wouldn’t be able to rebel; this act may also cause her to act in a self-serving manner in an attempt to preserve her life.

When their dialogue was heard by Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang, their eyes revealed loathing.

Wen Fei Chen said in a clear voice. “Little girl, you also heard Master Long’s words, if you are sensible, then obediently lie down and I promise not to hurt you. But if you insist on resisting, I will not stay my hand.”

Xia Ning Chang spat out. “No way!”

“Ok then!” Wen Fei Chen smiled coldly, “You brought this upon yourself.”

His voice fading, his body soared like a swallow and both of his palms erupted with the strength of a True Element Boundary powerhouse. Just listening to the sound, it was like hearing an echoing tiger’s roar. Suddenly the attack split into many smaller attacks and flew towards Xia Ning Chang.

Feeling the might of attack, Xia Ning Chang also turned serious. Both her white hands flew out like they were dancing, while Qi condensed around her index finger, touching the sapphire on her forehead, causing violent waves of Qi to erupt from it.

Although the power contained in the attacks originating from her sapphire was not small, they couldn’t prevent much of the incoming attack.

In the next instance, the attack arrived in front of Xia Ning Chang.

This all happened so fast, there was no time for Yang Kai to react.

The several attacks flew towards her, one after another. Those attacks severely wounded her, before suddenly the sapphire on her forehead emitted a mysterious and profound ripple, which was followed by a semi-circular light, completely covering her and Yang Kai.

When Wen Fei Chen’s strike came in contact with the light curtain, it just dissolved away.

Xia Ning Chang stood there motionlessly with a frosty expression.

Wen Fei Chen dropped to the ground, his eyes staring at the light curtain with a shocked expression. His voice cracking he shouted “Heaven Grade Treasure!”

Hearing these words, everyone’s eyes became red, including the eyes of Long Hui; containing nothing but lust.

“What did you say?” Long Hui finally diverted his attention from Xia Ning Chang and looked at Wen Fei Chen. His voice slightly shaking, he asked, “Lord Wen, what did you say a moment ago?”

Wen Fei Chen’s cheeks trembled; his eyes contained a faint trace of greed. Swallowing a mouthful of saliva he said, “Heaven Grade Treasure! to be able to resist my attack so easily, this is a Heaven Grade Treasure without a doubt.”

“Are you serious?” Long Hui was excited beyond belief. He hadn’t thought that this time while eradicating this pipsqueak Yang Kai; who was nothing more than a bug; not only would he obtain a beautiful woman, but he would also gain a Heaven Grade Treasure.

Heaven Grade Treasures are priceless items, in the Blood Battle Gang, only Hu Man was in possession of one of these.

If this Heaven Grade Treasure were to land in his grandfather’s lap, it could increase his strength by another level; perhaps even Hu Man would no longer be his match.

“Seize! We must seize it!” Long Hui screeched in excitement. “Lord Wen if you can snatch this, in the future the Vice Guild Master’s position will belong to you.”

Hearing this Wen Fei Chen looked inspired. “Many thanks for Young Master Long’s care.”

Although he said that, he knew that breaking the defence of that Heaven Grade Treasure was not an easy feat. Given how his earlier strike had no effect, he knew that this bone would be very hard to gnaw.  However, luck was on their side, with this small girl’s strength she would be unable to protect both herself and Yang Kai for an extended period of time. So if he attacked unceasingly, there was a chance of breaking this light curtain.

“Begin!” With this thought, Wen Fei Chen started to hit the light curtain. At the same time, other masters from the Blood Battle Gang also stepped forward to fiercely display their skills.

Under these numerous strikes, many ripples were created on the light curtain. But, by the light curtain’s protection Xia Ning Chang and Yang Kai remained unharmed, meanwhile, all the attacks were completely dissipated.

This situation allowed Yang Kai a little hope for escape; both his eyes glittered with this hope. His thoughts were flying rapidly in his head, trying to find a way out before the light curtain disappeared.

“Junior Brother, are you afraid?” Xia Ning Chang asked suddenly.

“Eh?” Yang Kai turned his head to look at her.

“We could die, are you afraid?”

“Afraid of what, you do not need to be afraid.” Yang Kai said, and then he looked to the side where Long Hui was. Thinking coldly that if he could seize that person, then everything would be solved.

But wanting to break through the blockade of these powerhouses from the Blood Battle Gang who were protecting Long Hui wouldn’t be easy. Perhaps even Xia Ning Chang, with her strength, would be unable to achieve it.

“I’m not afraid!” Xia Ning Chang smiled gently. “They do not know the consequences of their actions.”

Yang Kai was startled. Attempting to decipher her words, he suddenly felt that the mountain valley had become discoloured.


On July seventh, Yin Qi would gather! The place where these Nine Yin Dew Crystals gather suddenly emitted a cold and gloomy Yin Qi one after another from within the ground. This Yin Qi formed a strange, big hand on the surface of the earth. It kept on growing bigger; whoever looked at it would be frightened.

In the blink of an eye, the temperature in the mountain valley fell drastically, the bone seeping cold made everyone tremble.

The powerhouses from the Blood Battle Gang suddenly realised that their Yuan Qi was being sucked away by the Yin Qi in the atmosphere.

Although this Yin Qi was making these people uncomfortable, it was not life-threatening; as long as they could still circulate their Yuan Qi it didn’t pose a big problem. However, the Disciples from Storm House, whose cultivations were low, wouldn’t be able to resist this Yin Qi for a long time. If they stayed here for a long time their Yuan Qi would be exhausted and they would freeze to death.

In an instant, the entire mountain valley was buried in Yin Qi. Xia Ning Chang suddenly moved, her appearance was graceful like she was dancing. With unknown hand signs, her Yuan Qi was divided into many parts and dispersed.

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