Announcement After So Long!

Silavin: Hey guys, long time no see. This will be a major announcement informing you of some plans we have on the site but first, here are the list of members now!






New Guys:

Liew – Will be Translating The Ring That Defies The Heavens and The Mightiest System

CleanCinnamonRing – Will be Translating Martial Peak

PewPewLaserGun – Will be Translating Martial Peak

Faux  Main Editor for the two new novels 


Inactive/ Retired:






Luffy and theunfetteredsalmon might come back. The Former got into an accident and fell into a small coma for 17 days – recovering steadily now (Main reason why MP chapters dipped during the last few weeks). The Latter is in the army – BMT (Basic Military Training) and is currently too busy to do shit D:.


Those names that are cancelled out, thank you for your contribution.


The Ring That Defies The Heavens and The Mightiest System

They are both pretty popular novels in the Chinese Market right now. Each will have more than 500 chapters so there are tonnes to translate (faints). Kindly click on the link to see the page that is set up for the novels. Thanks to the help of some people at work, I’ve managed to make a pretty decent summary for them (only decent because I’m humble like that. Yup).

For those that are well devoted to read up the news and follow up on wuxiaworld, please be informed that there is no need to worry as the publishers for the new novels are not from Qidian.

No idea how the drama will spread to Martial Peak and Omni-Magician we will have to see for now :/


Well, that is the biggest news right now there is to it. I will soon upload some of the past chapters of Martial Peak and some new chapters on Martial Family – sorry for those interested, I’ve been lazy and haven’t been uploading on this site. It’s on another site :X.

6 thoughts on “Announcement After So Long!”

  1. I hope Luffy going to be fine , its a shit about coma . I dont know the sickness but must to be hard . I hpe the better GAMBATTE!!

  2. As a med student, I hope to eventually be able to offer my services to people like Luffy who do so much for the international webnovel committee~

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