Omni-Magician – Chapter 16, Stay Alert Even in the Face of a Beautiful Woman

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Icicle

Proofreader: Skoll

Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon


Busca’s slightly plump face glanced at Anthony’s Magic Cottage in a cold manner. Just as he was about to return to his shop, he noticed a muscular and healthy man walking along the street from the corner of his eye.


The man donned shiny, metal armour with a polished sword hanging on his waist quietly sitting in its scabbard and a travel bag on his back. With all that equipment, he seemed to be going on an adventure. As their eyes made contact, the man stopped momentarily and nodded with a smile.

“Ayton.” Since the muscular man was a regular customer of his magic shop, Busca knew that he was a Mercenary Hunter. Busca smiled asking, “Are you going on another mission? Have you prepared all your equipment? Although my shop is temporarily closed due to a minor incident, I’ll still give you special discounts on account of our friendship.”


Despite not having the mood to open for business, Busca had no reason to reject this opportunity to earn some money.


In his words, Busca implied that he was doing Ayton a favour. Unlike ordinary equipment, magic scrolls were a necessity for Hunters like him. Any ordinary magic store wouldn’t have many magic scrolls in their stock, and the only store which can produce enough magic scrolls to meet the demand of the Mercenaries is Busca’s Magic Store.


However, Ayton shook his head, “I won’t be troubling you, thank you. I’ve prepared adequate equipment.”


“Adequately prepared? Including magic scrolls?” Busca was stunned.


Ayton patted his backpack, “I have just bought 11 of those. It could last me for several missions.”


“Don’t tell me that you bought those magic scrolls from Morgan’s Magic Store in Stardust Avenue?” Busca questioned him. [11 magic scrolls costs 50 silver coins. Damn! If I hadn’t closed my shop, he would have definitely bought them from me!]


“Why would I travel so far?” Ayton chuckled. His face revealed an expression of ridicule as he pointed in the direction of Anthony’s Magic Cottage, “Now, Anthony’s Magic Cottage is able to supply sufficient magic scrolls daily. Furthermore, they are selling it at the low price of 48 copper coins each and are giving one free for every 10 purchased. From now on, I have decided to purchase magic scrolls from Anthony’s Magic Cottage.”


“What?” Busca couldn’t contain his astonishment, “How is it possible for that small shop to produce so many magic scrolls?”


“Apparently, the level two Magician from the shop mastered the technique of carving magic scrolls. Thus, they are able to produce 30 magic scrolls daily, which is more than enough to meet the demand.” A hint of condescension could be detected in Ayton’s voice. It is known on the streets that the level two Magician used dozens of magic scrolls to defeat Busca’s son, Carrey. This incident only acted as free advertisement for Ye Chui’s magic scrolls. It made many people believe in its quality. In addition, the current promotion only gave people more reason to buy from them.


Noticing Busca’s surprised look on his face, Ayton scoffed softly and left shortly after.


Busca couldn’t believe the entire situation as he frowned. When Ye Chui took out the 100 magic scrolls during the battle, Busca thought that he bought them from somewhere else at a high price. But now, he believes that he crafted those scrolls, but in only three days? 30 magic scrolls daily… The talent he possessed was simply unbelievable. With their current sale going on, the entire thing will be so lucrative for their shop!


Suddenly, Busca’s small eyes lit up with a callous glimmer. He had thought of a brilliant idea. As the thought slowly engulfed his mind, an evil grin surfaced.



A few days later



“Debbie, I’m going out for a short while.” Ye Chui shouted as he walked into the shop through the backyard. He was wearing a black robe with a special sharp hat perched on the top of his head. This attire was known to be the standard dressing for a Magician.


Debbie was discussing a business deal with two women who live nearby. They planned to pool their money together to purchase 10 magic scrolls since the promotion was still ongoing. However, Debbie did not find the arrangement agreeable and told them that they couldn’t pool their money together to purchase 10 magic scrolls and that they can only make the purchases individually. She also mentioned that pooling their money would only make the promotion invalid.


Just as she was bargaining with the middle-aged women, she paused on hearing Ye Chui’s words. Debbie then beckoned to the aunties and said to Ye Chui, “Hammer, where do you plan to go?”


“I am going out to buy some more magic ink and parchment. We also need more goose feather pens.” Ye Chui explained. These things were considered magic equipment and were only sold at the Magic Guild. Since the Magic Guild only sells magic equipment to Magicians, Ye Chui put on the Magician’s robe and hat to display his profession.


Debbie got a little worried and added on, “I’ll accompany you.”


“It’s okay, Busca wouldn’t dare to do anything funny to me in broad daylight,” Ye Chui replied in a relaxed tone. From memory, Busca wasn’t easy to get along with. Although Ye Chui had offended him in the past, he hadn’t done anything harmful to Ye Chui in the past fortnight. Having the sun up only reinforces Ye Chui’s confidence that there was no threat.


Debbie pondered and shared the same sentiment with Ye Chui, “All right then, but make it quick.”


Debbie turns around to continue bargaining with the impatient customers but quickly realises something wasn’t right. She turned back to Ye Chui, “Why haven’t you left?”


Ye Chui reached his hand out to Debbie and muttered shyly, “I have no money.”


Even though it’s just magic ink and parchment, it’s still better to get extra money just in case.


Debbie pulled out a purse from her pocket and dug out 20 silver coins to pass to Ye Chui. Parchment and magic ink were frequently used magic equipment in Anthony’s Magic Cottage. When Old George stocked up on magic equipment in the past, 20 silver coins was just enough for 400 parchments, 2 bottles of magic ink and a goose feather pen.


Ye Chui was perspiring. He asked, “Can I get a little more? I would like to take a look at other places. Maybe I will come across something useful.”


“Where do you intend to go?” Debbie stared at Ye Chui with her big round eyes, with a faint suspicion that he wanted to drink with girls.


(Silavin: Hahaha Debbie is so cute!)

(Icicle: A supreme miser to the core too)


The two women teased her with wide grins on their faces, “Debbie, don’t be so petty with Hammer. Be careful that you might chase him away. He may look for another girl..”


“Exactly. Girls should be magnanimous, right Hammer?”


Debbie grumbled some inaudible words and then reluctantly took another silver coin out of her purse and passed it to Ye Chui, “Don’t spend all of it. I will check how much is left after you come back.”


Since his reincarnation, he estimated based on the price of goods from his world that one silver coin was equivalent to $100. [Isn’t bringing $100 out for shopping a little too pathetic? Didn’t we just extort… I mean, earn 100 gold coins? What’s more, what we took isn’t a small amount! It’s a million dollars! So, why does she still have to be so stingy?]


[But the most important thing right now is…]


Beads of sweat started to form on Ye Chui’s forehead as he looked at Debbie. “You expect there to be remaining change? How much?”


“99 copper coins,” Debbie replied with a straight face.


Ye Chui retorted, “…Why don’t you just give me a copper coin instead then?”


Debbie’s expression then became more serious and growled, “Then there wouldn’t be any change.”




Ye Chui was speechless as to how stingy Debbie was. It seems like he has to prepare a strongbox in the future to save his own share of money. As he left Anthony’s Magic Cottage with the 21 silver coins in his hands, the two aunties started laughing loudly. Their laughter agitated Debbie and she slammed the table and warned, “If you want the promotion to apply, you have to purchase the magic scrolls individually! Otherwise, I’ll refuse the transaction!”


As he heard the loud roar from his little junior sister vibrate through the air, Ye Chui shook his head. Remembering Old George’s instructions, he couldn’t help but feel worried. [I can’t imagine what I would have to go through if I married her…]


Of course, marriage was still far for Ye Chui. Both Ye Chui and Debbie were only 15 years old. It’s far too early for them to get married.

(Silavin: Depends on which country you are from XD)


As he walked through the streets, the beautiful sunshine of the magic world improved Ye Chui’s mood. After having studied both Intermediate and Advanced Magic Language painstakingly to no avail, after having flipped through both books countless times only to try again, it was no surprise that he was in a foul mood. He felt more relaxed walking outside – perhaps he should take his time instead of being too anxious about learning the Magic Languages.


Although this world was far more dangerous than the previous, a blissful and beautiful life is still worth the wait, isn’t it?


Ye Chui remembered the two-storey building he saw at the side of the second road intersection. He was pleasantly surprised by it, and would always subconsciously stop in his tracks to admire it.


The building was called the Spring Arrival Institute.


The spring flower has a very special meaning – sex. So it means that Spring Arrival Institute was a brothel…


Feminine, alluring giggles could always be heard on the second storey. Near one of the windows on that floor, there was an unconstrained woman kissing around. What Ye Chui saw was against his moral values. He couldn’t help but think to himself, [I shall just stay here and see how unrestrained those prostitutes can be.]


As Ye Chui was too engrossed in criticising those girls who had no sense of shame to the extent of being oblivious of the surroundings, he didn’t notice that the carriage which had been following him from the avenue, pulled up behind him.


The shadow of the car jolted Ye Chui from his thoughts. As he turned around, he reached for the magic wand at his waist, but unfortunately, he was not as swift as that of a muscular Swordsman. Quinn, a level two Swordsman struck by Ye Chui’s ‘Lightning’ magic spell previously, covered his mouth at an incredible speed. Quinn also quickly restrained both his hands and pulled him into the carriage.


From this incident, we must learn the importance of taking preventive measures when looking at pretty women…

(Skoll: Is this about to get dark? Like, with torture and stuff? Find out next time on… DR*GON!!! B*LL!!! Z!!!! Wait… wrong story.)


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