Omni-Magician – Chapter 15, The Seven Great Races on Aigen-Dazs Continent

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

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The Intermediate Magic Language encompassed 10 of the 32 magic symbols, while the Advanced Magic Language covered another 17. The last 5 are Beginner Magic Language.


Each symbol had a unique meaning, which was incomprehensible in words – one could only grasp the main concept of the meaning without understanding it literally. Of course, the existence of magic language books showed that there was a possibility of comprehending the actual meaning behind the magic symbols, but only those with exceptional intelligence and comprehension abilities would be able to do so.


However, this proved to be an uphill task – despite having read the two magic language books from cover to cover since he bought them two weeks ago, Ye Chui’s understanding did not progress one bit.


Each symbol had a form, which was only external. Not knowing the essence of the symbols greatly hindered one from carving the magic template in one’s mind. Nothing can be accomplished with only the shape and form of the symbols.


“Do I really have to get a magic language teacher? If that’s the case, I’ll have to spend an arm and a leg and then still wait a really long time for a teacher to appear! Furthermore, the 80 gold coins Debbie and I have wouldn’t be enough for that!” Feeling depressed, Ye Chui rested his head against the headboard of his bed and his hands reached out for a thick book at the side of his pillow. It was the “Aigen-Dazs Continent Encyclopaedia”.


Ye Chui read this encyclopaedia during his leisure time. As he laid on his bed, he turned to the page where his bookmark sat and continued reading from where he stopped the previous night.


During these few days of reading, Ye Chui had gathered a systematic understanding of the history of the Aigen-Dazs Continent.


The Aigen-Dazs Continent was the only continent to ever be discovered in the world and its history could be traced as far back as 15000 years ago.


In the beginning, various races in huge numbers were found on this continent, including the Beastman, Giant, Dwarf and some other races which are already extinct, such as the formidable Great Dragons. Of them all, the Human race was in an awkward and inferior position. Although it had the greatest numbers, Humans were born physically weaker than the rest, causing them to become slaves.


Around 13000 years ago, a genius among the humans, through certain methods, mastered the ability to control nature, which turned the tables on the power food chain for the Humans. They even formed an alliance with the most powerful race in the Aigen-Dazs Continent, the Great Dragons.


The skill that the Human race mastered was later known as magic.


Ever since the formation of the alliance, the Aigen-Dazs Continent became under the rule of the Humans. This reign lasted 7000 years.


The Humans from that period were known as the Former Civilisation.


The command of the Former Civilisation was considered peaceful in the beginning, but as years passed, their Royal Family became increasingly cruel, most probably due to an evil spell. They even used black magic to create Orcs, an evil race that was violent and had no conscience to help them maintain their rule.


Mass anger arose from the creation of Orcs.


The Beastmen, Giants, Dwarves, Gnomes, as well as a fraction of the Humans then formed an alliance and ignited a war in rebellion, lasting 200 years.

(Silavin: I’m not sure why the author wrote Gnome race and not Elf race but reading from the elaboration later on, it is probable that he forgot to include the gnome race at chapter 11)


This war was coined as the War of the Former Civilisation.


In this War, the three remaining Great Dragons in the world were killed by the Dragon Slayer Swordsmen of the Humans. The Monarchs and Aristocrats of the Former Civilisation were slaughtered as well.


A remaining fraction of the Former Civilisation was expelled to the northern Frozen Sky Snow Land. It was like they had gotten a prediction that they were going to be expelled to the north. The victorious alliance built a 5 km long impassable Great Wall to act as a powerful barrier, preventing the Former Civilisation from ever returning to the Middle Earth. Even now, the bloodlines from the Former Civilisation still flows in those savages wandering about the Impassable Great Wall.

The War of the Former Civilisation had been going on for the past 5000 years.


Using the gift of magic talent, the Human race eventually split up into different professions, namely Swordsman, Magician, Knight and Follower. Despite that, they were still in control of Aigen-Dazs Continent.

(Silavin: When I heard of the profession follower, I could only think of a leech: /)


The next in control were the strong Beastmen and the Dwarves. Each race did not have many tribes, but each of them had inborn formidable warriors.


Even today, these two races still engage in occasional wars with the Human race empire, but peace is maintained for the most part.


Due to their unique characteristics, the Gnomes had become an indispensable resource of the continent. The Continent Bank, for example, is managed by the Gnome race.


Since 500 years ago, the Giants disappeared from the land for an unknown reason. It was rumoured that all Giants had gone into hiding.


The Elf race was the only immortal race living on the continent. They were scarce in number and rarely interfered with matters regarding other races. Their empire is concealed deep within the forests and only a select few fortunate families from other races could visit.


As evil creations of the Former Civilisation, the Orcs managed to survive until today, even after the War, by relying on their tenacious will. They also travelled to all corners of the Aigen-Dazs, bringing fearful disaster to wherever they went, just like locust plagues.


As for the undead wandering in the west of the continent in Tombstone Town, they are believed by some researchers to one day become a great race.


As of today, the Seven Great Races that walk the continent are Humans, Beastmen, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Undead and Orcs.


As for the savages wandering north of the impassable Great Wall… Even the most conscientious researcher would subconsciously neglect their presence.


Above was the introduction to the Aigen-Dazs Continent history and its races, which could be found in the first volume of the encyclopaedias. In the next volume, the details of every race, empire, culture, species and so on would be introduced and explained.


Ye Chui happened to scan the introduction of the Undead.


“This is a splendid world – it is unexpected that a country filled with the Undead can actually be found in the centre of the continent…” After reading most of the introduction of the Undead race, Ye Chui closed the encyclopaedia and rubbed his sore eyes. His heart was filled with indescribable passion, “Although this world is interesting, only capable people can explore the splendour of this world! So, I have to learn Intermediate and Advanced Magic Language as soon as possible!”


Ye Chui had lightened up by now. He carefully replaced his bookmark in the page he stopped at and once again opened the ‘Intermediate Magic Language’ book to try again. Not everyone had the ability of a great scholar…


Just as Ye Chui opened the book, Debbie’s shouting once again echoed to his room from outside, “I’m so hungry, when are you going to prepare lunch?!”


Ye Chui, “Coming…”


[Is this what a happy, cool and dazzling great scholar should be? A cook?] Ye Chui wondered.


Recently, Anthony’s Magic Cottage was flooded with a joyous atmosphere – business was good and the stream of customers was never ending. Since Ye Chui’s victory against the level four Swordsman a few days ago, the cottage had become more famous than ever. Moreover, Ye Chui’s advertising tactic drastically increased the sale of magic scrolls and the increasing trend was showing no signs of slowing down.


Seeing that the thirty magic scrolls Ye Chui carved daily was unable to meet the demand, Debbie started to get worried about the prosperous business dropping off, though she was more than happy that it had become so good.


On the other hand, Busca’s Magic Store, which was on the same street as Anthony’s Magic Cottage, had a dreary and pathetic atmosphere.


Due to Carrey’s severe injuries, Busca did not have the mood to continue doing business and thus he suspended the operations of the shop for the time being.


“Dr Basgen, my son… Is there really no way to restore his strength?” Using a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off his forehead, he questioned the old doctor who walked out of the room.


The old doctor is a level five Magician who had superb magic skills. He was aIso the best magic doctor in Stan City. If everything goes smooth sailing for him, he would eventually become a Light Priest.


Basgen shook his head, “The use of the Swordsman forbidden technique, ‘Protection of the War God’ during the battle crippled more than half of his meridians. If he actually levelled up by virtue of his own hard work and capability, I might still have a method, but now… Mmm, I’m afraid that even if he were to recover from his injuries, he would stagnate as a level three Swordsman. In the worst case scenario, he could even fall by a level or two. There is nothing I can do.”


After explaining Carrey’s condition to Busca, Basgen gestured him to move out of his way.


Out in the streets, Basgen stopped momentarily and glanced at Anthony’s Magic Cottage briefly. He muttered softly, “It is such a joke that a level two Magician managed to defeat a level four Swordsman in such a humiliating manner. Hehe…”


Basgen left shortly after.


Busca stood at the door with a dull expression. Originally, he wanted to send the high levelled respectable Magician off, but his comments only boiled his blood and made him fly into a rage.


“I will make you pay for all of this! I swear!”


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