Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 28, Dorm Room Fellowship

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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After another day of military practice, Xia Yan took some rest back at the dorm. He had even asked Zhao Qiang to grab dinner for him on his way back. Around 7 PM, Hou Xiaotian returned to the dorm, and like usual, he took a bath, changed into a new pair of clothes with a distressed look on his face.


He prepared to return to the hospital after completing his tasks. At this moment, Xia Yan also got up and told him, “I’m also heading out in the same direction as you, Hou Xiaotian. Let’s go together.”


“All right,” Hou Xiaotian replied, giving him a glance.


The duo descended the floors and left the dormitory area. As they walked alongside, Hou Xiaotian asked him, “What is it, Xia Yan?”


“It’s about your father… have you considered other means of treatment?”


“I can’t do anything else but believe in the doctor!” Hou Xiaotian stated in a sad tone, “Although I know even the doctor can’t do much about the situation.”


“I know someone who is experienced in treating cancer…” Xia Yan probed with these words, and when he saw Hou Xiaotian’s face light up with hope, he added, “But he isn’t a doctor…”


“If you trust me, how about I ask him to have a look at Uncle Hou tomorrow?” Xia Yan suggested after pondering for a moment.


“Thanks for the goodwill, Xia Yan, but what my father has is cancer…” Gratitude flashed past Hou Xiaotian’s eyes as he replied.


Xia Yan knew that if they weren’t classmates, Hou Xiaotian would have certainly thought of him as a fraud as they had got acquainted just a few days ago.


“How about this? Uncle Hou’s surgery is scheduled on Monday anyway, so why don’t you let my acquaintance look at him tomorrow? He won’t try to perform any kind of treatment without your agreement,” Xia Yan suggested.


“That’s…” Hou Xiaotian still held some hesitation, and the fact that Xia Yan hadn’t ended the conversation actually made his heart waver.


“We shall do it then. I’ll call you tomorrow,” Xia Yan patted his shoulders and smiled, “Perhaps you’ll have a nice surprise!”


“But…” His final remark made Hou Xiaotian hopeful. As the orthodox methods only lead to a dead-end, he wondered whether there was any harm in trying out unusual ones.


The only reason he even considered it was because Xia Yan was his classmate. If someone else had suggested the same thing, Hou Xiaotian absolutely wouldn’t have believed them as it was highly likely that anyone who claimed they could treat cancer was a fraud.


After sending Hou Xiaotian off, Xia Yan planned to roam around on the campus for a while and enjoy the cool shade of the trees, but he received a call from Zhao Qiang. He sounded pretty excited on the other end of the call, “Xia Yan, where are you? Return to the dorm ASAP! Something big has happened!”


“What exactly happened?” Xia Yan asked inquisitively as he could make out Zhao Qiang’s excitement from his quivering voice.


“You’ll know once you return, hurry up!” Zhao Qiang then hung the call.


A lot of people had assembled in the corridor of the fourth floor. It usually was filled with bare-chested boys, but most of them were wearing shirts right now and peering towards room 402 with their necks stretched out.


“What happened here?” Xia Yan asked after grabbing hold of one of his classmates.


“Oh, the MC is here! Go in quickly, someone’s here for you!” The boy’s voice was tinged with envy.


“Who exactly, though?”


“It’s a woman! A pretty one too!”


After entering the dorm room, the inhabitants came into Xia Yan’s view. Other than the occupants of the room, Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian, there were four girls present inside, and also a few pals from other dorm rooms who had dropped in to visit.


“How come you’re all here?” Xia Yan blurted out subconsciously, as seeing the four girls had stunned him.


The visitors were none other than the occupants of H504, Anna, An Xiaoru, Zhang Xiaoyu, and the average-faced girl whose name still eluded Xia Yan.


“Huh, it’s you?” An Xiaoru exclaimed, “That two-timer!”


“Whoosh!” All the boys glared at Xia Yan with their eyes wide open. Although he was a freshman, the same as them, the fact that he had already two-timed while they didn’t even have a girlfriend irked them.


“I remember it now too!” Anna slapped the table, and then, she pointed at Xia Yan, “You made a pretty woman cry in the dining hall that day! And you even peeked at Xiaoru’s breasts and Xiaoyu’s butt!”


“Oh, my! It really is you!” Xiaoyu also recalled it now, “No wonder you felt familiar to me back then, it was because we met before!”


The others were left speechless. He had peeked at her butt, yet she felt he was familiar, this was too nonsensical. The boys cursed him in their hearts, but they didn’t forget to take a few glances towards the girls’ breasts and butts.


[Well, damn! Sisters, why do you all have such impeccable memory?!] Xia Yan commented gloomily, “Beauties, didn’t I already explain that it was all a misunderstanding back then? Don’t call me a two-timer so nonchalantly or else I will have no hope to find a girlfriend in the future.”


“Isn’t that an easy problem to solve? Look here, what do you think of our Xiaoyu?” An Xiaoru casually suggested as she patted Xiaoyu’s shoulders.


“Argh, Sister Xiaoru, don’t talk rubbish!” Xiaoyu protested with a blushing face.


“Ehhh…” Xia Yan was at a loss about how to answer, as this development had already dumbfounded him.


“Oooohhhh!” The boys began chanting, “Hook up! Hook up!”


“All of you, scram from here right now!” Xia Yan drove them out, and once all the guys from the other dorm rooms were outside, he locked the room and wiped the sweat off his forehead, “It’s quiet at last… Oh, yeah. Why are all you beauties looking for me?”


“Xia Yan, I came here to thank you. If you hadn’t helped me back then, who knows what would have happened to me!” Xiaoyu answered with a blush on her face.


“Any righteous man would have done the same. If it were Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian instead of me, they would have certainly acted as well!” Xia Yan stated righteously.


[Well done, roommate!]


Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian expressed their gratitude with a wink and chipped in a solemn state, “It’s our duty to do so!”


“I knew you were all reliable men!” An Xiaoru commented.


“How about we form a fellowship with our dorm rooms?” Anna proposed.


[A fellowship?]


Xia Yan and his friends were stunned. They were initially planning to form a fellowship with freshwomen, yet they had never expected such a fortuitous thing to happen to them.


The four girls had introduced themselves just a moment ago. They were from the room H504, which was a dorm room of beauties well-known in the entire campus that had never formed a fellowship with a boys’ dorm room.


Moreover, Anna and An Xiaoru were also among the top ten campus queens ranking, while Xiaoyu was absolutely a hidden contender for the rankings. Although Wang Yi, the average-faced girl, didn’t look that stunning, she could be graded six points or higher too since she was always together with these three beauties.


“I’m willing!” Zhao Qiang declared his position instantly.


“I am not against it!” Qin Jian stated.


“It’s our honor to do so!” Xia Yan also commented.


“Isn’t there another person in your dorm?” Anna asked.


“Hou Xiaotian would have no issue with it too, we will represent him!” Zhao Qiang answered.


“All right, then. How about we go out for karaoke and drinks to celebrate the occasion?” An Xiaoru proposed.


“Sure!” Zhao Qian and Qin Jian agreed immediately.


“We still have military training tomorrow…” Xia Yan reminded them feebly.


“Yeah, right!” All of them shot him a look of contempt. Zhao Qiang then followed up, “It’s fine as long as we return early!”


Since the trio planned to freshen up with a bath and change into a new pair of clothes, the girls decided to wait for them downstairs.


As soon as the girls left, a group of boys flocked into the room. They then interrogated Xia Yan and his friends about the beauties’ purpose behind the visit with a gossipy face.


“It’s for a dorm room fellowship, got it?” Zhao Qiang raised his chin proudly.


“Damn it! This doesn’t make sense at all, they are sophomores! I have never heard of sophomore girls taking the initiative to form a fellowship with a freshmen’s dorm room!” One of them cried out.


“It just means our room 402 is that charming!” Qin Jian stated.


“An Xiaoru is the 7th ranked girl on the Campus Queen Ranking, right?” A person concerned with the current trends of the campus asked.


“That she is!”


“Don’t tell me that Anna was the 10th ranked girl?” Another person exclaimed.




“Damn it! Is the room which formed a fellowship with yours the legendary girls’ dorm room of our campus with pretty girls, H504?”


“It’s nothing much!” Zhao Qian and Qin Jian downplayed the situation.


“Fudge! Stop flexing, or else the heavens will smite you!” The boys rounded the trio up and gave them a good reckoning.


“Such a pity I wasn’t allotted to room 402!” One of them sighed.


The key person who contributed to the formation of this fellowship between the dorm rooms, Xia Yan, quickly appeared on the Sihe University’s forum and became the target of the freshmen’s envy. At the same time, he also became the public enemy of the sophomore boys as they hated his guts for vying over their peers.


After freshening up and getting dressed in new clothes, the trio descended the stairs. It just took them fifteen minutes to do all this. When they appeared before the girls, Xiaoyu’s sight dithered on Xia Yan for a while. Although this made Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian feel envious, their spirits cheered up after recalling there were still two other campus queens left.


The girls had already chipped in to book a room in the Music’N’Fun KTV bar near the southern gate of the campus. It was for an apt student price too, ¥50 for 5 hours.


As the girls had already spent money, the boys obviously couldn’t fall behind now. Zhao Qiang’s family was pretty well-off, so he got ¥3000 each month for living expenses. Hence, he generously paid for the drinks. Altogether, the seven of them spent around ¥200, which wasn’t that bad.


On the way there, all of them had already become familiar enough with each other to joke around. Anna and An Xiaoru used quite the spicy language and were bold in nature, too, so it was a bit difficult for the boys of room 402 to keep up with them.


Xiaoyu acted cute and oblivious as always, even addressing Xia Yan as ‘Cousin’ till now. Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian immediately interrogated him about it. After learning the entire story of how he saved the beauty like a hero, they finally realized that they had actually benefited from his actions. If it weren’t for this, the most famous girls’ dorm room of the campus wouldn’t have formed a fellowship with their dorm room only a few days after the semester commenced. Neither would the girls have invited them for karaoke and drinks.


Music’N’Fun KTV bar was an affordable place for the average student, so its business thrived each day. The group entered the room they had booked, and then, the waiter served the drinks and fruit plates they had ordered. The girls scrambled to select the songs, and the mood livened up at once.


An Xiaoru’s turn was first, and as soon as she began singing, she crushed the trio of boys. Although her singing wasn’t on the professional level, it was definitely among the top ranks of amateurs. She could even go participate in a competition like the Voice of China!


The boys offered her a drink in succession, and she gulped it down in one go. Anna took the stage after that, and she too was on a semi-professional level. She had good control over the pitch of her voice and could even sing in a bass voice.


Although Xiaoyu lacked in comparison to them, she had a melodious voice that was above the par too. As for Wang Yi, she had an average KTV level voice.


“Why didn’t you enroll in the music academy, then?” Xia Yan asked her since he felt curious.


“The music academy is for the mediocre bunch, got it?!” An Xiaoru spoke with disdain, “I was a top student in high school, so why would I enroll in a place that only requires a score of 300-400?”


“Indeed. I also feel the same!” Anna expressed her agreement.


“You girls are the best!” The trio gave them thumbs-up together.


After that, the boys also sang twice. The next song in the queue actually turned out to be a duet by a man and woman. Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian were eager to give it a try, but Anna passed the mic to Xia Yan and Xiaoyu, “You both do it! Make sure to sync well!”


“Mhm!” Xiaoyu had some water to wet her throat, and then prepared herself for the task, giving Xia Yan a shy glance.


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