Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 29, Let Go

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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Xia Yan also felt a bit excited. [Good people are indeed rewarded. The plotline of the hero saving the beauty has occurred already, is it time for the beauty to devote her heart to the hero now? I have no prior experience, too; I wonder what I should do when the time comes…]


While Xia Yan fantasized, he heard Anna question Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian all of a sudden, “Have you ever seen a boy wearing a black skull pendant?”


[Oh, no!]


This alarmed Xia Yan and before Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian could answer, he calmly commented, “Oh, I don’t know how to sing this song, let’s skip to the next one!”


“That can’t be possible, right? This song is a hit duet love song, and you’re telling us you actually don’t know it? Xia Yan, which planet have you come from?” Zhao Qiang asked him in amazement.


“Yeah, Xia Yan. You’re too incompetent!” Qin Jian looked at him with deep condescension and immediately said, “Give the mic to me, I’ll sing the duet with Xiaoyu!”


Xiaoyu looked at Xia Yan, and when she saw the rigid expression on his face, she became gloomy, “I won’t sing too then. You all can have a go at it!”


In the end, Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian ended up singing this duet of deep love.


[I almost had my identity revealed!]


Xia Yan wiped the sweat off his brows and felt like he should give his roommates an explanation so that they wouldn’t reveal the matter of the skull pendant to anyone else.


After getting interrupted once again, Anna was forced to give up on the investigation temporarily. As she never thought Xia Yan was the person she was looking for, she didn’t find his actions to be odd.


The girls then chose a chorus song and sang it together. Xia Yan seized this chance to sit between Zhang Qiang and Qin Jian, then, he told them in a low voice, “Don’t tell anyone else about my skull pendant.”


“Why?” Zhao Qiang expressed his doubt.


“So, you were lying when you said you didn’t know how to sing that song. You wanted to shift Anna’s attention, right?” Qin Jian rolled his eyes.


“Don’t tell me you tried to harass Anna with a mask on and had your pendant discovered by her accidentally. You’re afraid of getting found out now, and hence…” Zhao Qiang put out a very ‘rational’ guess.


“I am a good person!” Xia Yan interrupted his malicious speculation with a dark expression.


“Why then?” The flames of gossip inside Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian burned intensely as they put on an act of clapping for the girls while questioning in a low voice.


“Because I saved her once… Before I helped Xiaoyu, I helped Anna as well, but she didn’t see my face back then!” Xia Yan answered.


“We don’t believe it!” The duo shook their heads together. Qin Jian stated, “Normally, considering how things would end up developing, a man wouldn’t conceal his identity if he ended up saving a beauty like her! Something’s wrong here!”


“It’s up to you whether to believe me! Anyways, if you reveal it, Anna and An Xiaoru will want to pursue me, and you will end up crying at the corner of the room!” Xia Yan threatened them.


“That’s a real possibility!” The two of them looked at each other, and then, Zhao Qiang spoke, “My sixth sense is telling me that this might really happen. However, since it’s a request, hehe. You get it, right?”


“Yeah!” Qin Jian joined in too.


“Barbecue or skewers? It’s my treat!” Xia Yan tactfully paid the price.


“You must not shirk on the treat, okay!” Zhao Qian added, “Also, you have to ask An Xiaoru and the others to introduce girls to Qin Jian and me. This is the most important thing!”


“Indeed!” Qin Jian nodded vehemently.


“Don’t tell me that beauties like An Xiaoru and Anna aren’t up to your standards?” Xia Yan felt surprised.


“First, since Anna was saved by you, she’s yours, so how can we fight over her with you?” Zhao Qiang stated righteously.


“Secondly, even if Qin Jian and I wished to do that, An Xiaoru and Anna still have no boyfriends even though they are sophomores. I don’t think they will hook up with us, so it’s better to ask them to introduce a few freshwomen from their department. That’s more realistic, aren’t I right, Qin Jian?” Zhao Qiang explained in a low voice.


“My parents gave birth to me, but it’s Brother Zhao who knows me best!” Qin Jian nodded.


“So, you both were such sensible men!” Xia Yan gave them both a thumbs-up.


“It makes me recall my senior year of high school. I chased after the school queen devotedly and missed my chances with girls who were closer in reach to me. Although the school queen felt touched, she still rejected me in the end!” Zhao Qiang revealed a bitter expression and spoke about his personal experience of being rejected even though he had touched the girl’s heart.


“You aren’t alone in that!” Qin Jian comforted him, all that was left was for them to cry on each other’s shoulders.


“Oh, yeah. I’m planning to pursue Wang Yi,” Zhao Qiang stated suddenly.


“Shoo, Senior Wang Yi is mine!” Qin Jian retorted.


The two of them changed from sympathizers to mortal enemies in an instant.


Xia Yan was left speechless by this.


“What are you all chatting about?” The girls had finished singing the chorus song and were having drinks to wet their throats now. Anna clinked her glass with Zhao Qiang’s and then questioned him in such a manner.


“We were talking about how professional you all sounded! You could even become idols!” Xia Yan covered up.


“Haha. We’re just average!” An Xiaoru commented with fake modesty.


“Oh, yeah!” Anna still hadn’t given up on her efforts, so she took the chance to ask them again, “Do you know a freshman that wears a black skull pendant?”


“No, we don’t!” The trio shook her heads together, and then, Xia Yan asked her, “Why are you all trying to find this person?”


“This person is a hoodlum. He peeped into our dorm room and even felt up Xiaoru’s butt!” Anna apologized to the expert in her heart. [The only reason I’m saying this is to hide your identity. Moreover, I didn’t lie when I said that you peeped into our room and felt up Xiaoru’s butt!]


“!!!” Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian were filled with indignation instantly. Zhao Qian even yelled out, “What a liar! We will definitely teach that guy a lesson if we find him!”


“Sure… but why is he a liar? Shouldn’t you be calling him scum or pervert?” Anna questioned.


“Don’t mind the details!” Zhao Qiang answered.


Xia Yan remained silent. Now that he had taken on this allegation, it would be basically impossible for him to get rid of it.


“Sister Anna, as far as I recall, he didn’t play hoodlum, right?” Good and honest as she was, Xiaoyu helped the expert clear the facts.


“But he did grope Xiaoru’s butt!” Anna emphasized.


“If anyone mentions this matter ever again, I’ll fall out with them!” An Xiaoru said viciously, squeezing her fists hard as a blush crept up on her face.


“Argh!” Zhao Qiang and Qin Jiang glared at Xia Yan.


“I’m going to hit the restroom!” Xia Yan escaped with such an excuse.


Music’N’Fun KTV bar aimed at students, so it didn’t have a restroom built inside the rooms like the high-end KTV bars. Xia Yan went out headed towards the restroom after inquiring the waiter about the restroom’s location.


A crazy amount of noise was audible from each of the rooms, and Xia Yan guessed that it was about the same for their room when they were singing too. At this moment, the voice of a girl’s singing from the room ahead of him surprised him.


“Did they forget to turn off the original singer’s voice or what? The level of singing is so high!” After listening to it for a bit, Xia Yan judged that it wasn’t the original singer’s voice. This meant that the girl singing it was already on the professional level.


[Maybe she’s a student of the music academy?] Xia Yan speculated.


The girl had finished singing the song when he returned from the restroom trip, so he could hear the enthusiastic applause, cheers, and whistles from outside. A lot of them were even screaming ‘Encore, Sister Le’er,’ as well as offering drinks, so it was clear that this girl was pretty popular among them.


[Le’er?] Xia Yan felt stunned when he heard this name, [Such a coincidence can’t be happening, right?”


While he wondered whether this was the same Le’er he knew of, the room’s door opened, and a wave of noises rushed out. Following that, a girl with clubbing makeup exited the room. Her attire consisted of a skin-tight shirt that was tied up below her breasts and propped them up high and shorts that revealed a good section of her butt, along with high-heeled shoes. Her hair draped over her shoulders, and she had a lit woman’s cigarette in her hands as she walked out while swaying left and right, carrying the scent of wine along with her.


“I’m gonna take a piss first!” she said.


Xia Yan checked her out, but as her makeup was too heavy, he couldn’t make out her real appearance.


The girl was drunk and had also worn high-heeled shoes so she couldn’t walk properly. While Xia Yan was watching her, she stumbled and cried out in alarm as she fell over towards his direction.


When the sweet scent hit his face, Xia Yan instinctively reached out to catch her and ended up hugging her slender waist.


Her slightly sweat-moist clothes brought a pleasant sensation to his hands through the thin clothes. As the softness of the girl’s waist sunk in, Xia Yan couldn’t help but slide his hand up and down her waist a few times.


After that, he bowed down to discover the girl glare at him. Xia Yan coughed and followed up with a question, “Beauty, are you okay?”


“Let go!” said the girl.


“You’ll fall if I let you go,” Xia Yan stated sincerely.


“Your right hand!” the girl added to her previous statement in a vicious tone.


“Ahem!” Xia Yan blushed, and just when he was planning to move his hand away, the people inside the room rushed out from the room while making a fuss, “Sister Le’er, what happened…”


They had come out to see what happened after hearing her scream, and just happened to see Xia Yan hugging her with their gazes locked together in a posture that usually appeared in TV dramas. All of them turned silent immediately, and a few of their boys’ gazes turned sinister.


“S-Sister Le’er, are you okay?” A girl with an unconventional ghost-like makeup probed with a question.


“Sister Le’er, calm down!” An effeminate boy’s eyes filled with fear.


“Sister Le’er, all life must be cherished…” One of them advised.


Xia Yan felt puzzled. [Is the situation really that grave? I just touched her waist, that’s all, and only through the clothes. It didn’t even feel real, okay? If I hadn’t caught her, she would be lying on the floor by now!]


“He still hasn’t let go!” The weird-looking girl pointed at Xia Yan’s hand.


“Ahem, sorry about that!” Xia Yan immediately helped the girl stand up and moved his hand away. She took another step, but the heel of her high-heeled shoes ended up breaking. As a result, the girl lost her balance and fell into Xia Yan’s embrace again. Moreover, this time, she instinctively reached out to grab whatever she could while crying out in alarm and ended up embracing Xia Yan’s neck.


Xia Yan instinctively reached out to catch her again, and even he didn’t know whether it was intentional or accidental, but he ended up hugging her waist once again. Her waist’s softness and the moistness of the tepid sweat through her thin clothes on his hand made a certain part of his body react.


Parting with it seemed an impossibility.


The group of men and women were dumbstruck by the development, and all their gazes focused on Xia Yan’s wonderous right hand.


“Did it feel good?” The girl glared at Xia Yan angrily and asked while gritting her teeth.


As the girl’s foot wasn’t sprained, when she didn’t hear an answer from him, she pulled his head closer with her left hand that was around his neck and enunciated again, “I just asked you whether it felt good.”


“Actually, I didn’t do it on purpose. Everyone witnessed it too…” Xia Yan explained helplessly.


“Just tell me, did it feel good?” The girl pulled Xia Yan’s head closer, and when their noses were just 10 cms away from each other, the scent of wine hit his face. He was assured that the girl was too drunk, which made him wonder whether she was having a drunken fit.


[What to answer now, yes or no?] Xia Yan hesitated. Actually, he did feel good, but he felt that it might be a bit too much to give such an answer.


[If I say no, would she feel angry and feel that I’m looking down on her proportions?]


[Beauty, this question of yours is too hard to answer!]


Silavin: The brotherhood in this novel brings a tear to my eye and a pain in my stomach at times.

Also, not sure how you guys feel about this but the Main Character isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the world. Lol.


I believe it is due to the lack in his upbringing, causing him to not think too much or know too much about the consequences of some of his actions. But, I guess this might be a point the author can develop upon.


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