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Dragon Hermit – Chapter 30, You Don’t Even Let Your Acquaintances Off?

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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As Xia Yan racked his brain to find the perfect answer to this question, the girl asked him once again, “Did it feel good or not?”


“Then you tell me… did it feel good or not?” Xia Yan blurted out unfathomably. As soon as these words left his mouth, he knew he was done for, as a counter was definitely the worst way to reply in this situation.


“He has guts!” The effeminate boy commented.


As if to supplement that comment, Xia Yan instantly felt the killing intent from the girl in front of him reach max level, and felt a breeze hit his crotch. He instinctively clamped his legs, and as a result, the girl’s knee got wedged between his thighs. If he were a second slower, his balls would have been broken.


If their previous posture was still somewhat explainable, their current one wouldn’t have been any worse. The girl was hugging Xia Yan’s neck, their noses just 10 cms away from each other’s. The girl also had her left foot in between Xia Yan’s thighs, those smooth, dazzling, pale legs greeting everyone’s sight.


This kind of posture was obviously one of the classic couple postures. The eyes of the boys and girls witnessing his scene opened wide, and for a moment, they didn’t know what action to take.


“Do I still need to explain?” Xia Yan bowed his head and asked guiltily.


“What do you think?” The girl asked rhetorically in a fierce tone. Her face was wholly flushed right now, perhaps due to shame or anger, or maybe because she was overdrunk.


“I think I can still explain myself!” Xia Yan answered sincerely.


“Teach him a lesson!” The girl yelled as she pulled her leg back suddenly.


“Sister Le’er, are we really going to beat him?” The weird-looking girl asked feebly. She had a feeling that sister Le’er and the boy definitely has an unusual relationship.


“Stop speaking nonsense and start beating him!” The girl yelled.


“Beat this bastard!”


“How dare he grope Sister Le’er!”


The group of men and women yelled as they charged out of the room and surrounded Xia Yan. They were planning to overwhelm him with numbers and give him a good beating.


“What are you doing here?” Zhao Qiang came out for a visit to the washroom at this moment and just happened to chance upon this scene. He immediately barked at them when he discovered that the mob had surrounded Xia Yan and were planning to beat him up.


“What happened?” Qin Jian and the four girls rushed out, and all of them felt shocked when they saw this scene.


“Just what led to this?” Zhao Qiang asked after running over to Xia Yan’s side without the slightest hesitation. Qin Jian hesitated for a moment, but he too ran over and stood beside Xia Yan.


“It’s hard to explain in a few words!” Xia Yan sighed, smiling wryly. He felt touched that his two roommates were willing to fight alongside him even though they had got acquainted just a few days ago.


“Where’s the security guard?! People are fighting here, come over quickly!” An Xiaoru shouted. A group of five men and six women had surrounded Xia Yan and his friends, if she didn’t call for the guards, they would undoubtedly suffer a loss due to lack of numbers.


“Humph! Even if you call the guard, a trip to the police station can’t be avoided!” The girl, Le’er, sneered.


“Who will get taken there?” Zhang Qiang asked.


“Him, who else!” The girl pointed at Xia Yan, “He groped me just now, two times at that! Tell me, should we just let him go?”


“Really?” Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian turned their heads to look at Xia Yan with weird expressions on their face. Zhao Qiang then said, “Brother, I admire you!”


He had just learned from Anna about him groping An Xiaoru’s butt, and in a wink, Xia Yan had groped yet another woman and that too twice. He was a classic example of the saying ‘heroes pursue the charms of flesh!’


“Xia Yan, is she speaking the truth?” Anna asked in amazement.


“Xia Yan, she’s framing you, right?” An Xiaoru couldn’t believe it.


“Cousin, you won’t grope any random girl, right?” Xiaoyu asked in a grieved tone. Her words caused Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian to raise their brows, and even the three girls looked at her weirdly.


[What do you mean by that question? Are you saying it’s wrong to do it to others, but it’s okay if he does it to you?]


“That… I didn’t do it intentionally!” Xia Yan stated helplessly. It was hard to explain this matter.


“Once might be a mistake, but you’ve done it twice…” Qin Jian stated with righteous indignation, and even Zhao Qiang approved of his words. Xia Yan also felt a bit guilty.


“You’re called Xia Yan?” The girl asked suddenly.


“Yeah,” Xia Yan answered her.


“A freshman of Sihe University’s History Department?”


“Indeed,” After hearing her ask this question, Xia Yan was already sure he had guessed it right before. This girl really wasn’t an outsider!


“So, it’s you!” A complicated expression crept up on the girl’s face.


“You’re Fang Le’er?” Xia Yan asked.


“Did you hear about me from my father?” The girl answered with a question.


“Yes. Uncle Fang mentioned your name,” Xia Yan nodded. This Le’er turned out to be none other than Fang Xiangdong’s daughter, Fang Le’er.  Fang Xiangdong had even told him that he would send her to socialize with him in a few days, but never had he expected to have such a chance encounter with her. And even up socializing with her in such an… intimate way.


[They are acquaintances?] This sudden plot-twist had stunned everyone present on the scene.


“Damn it, Xia Yan! You don’t even let your acquaintances off?!” Zhao Qian cried out.


[We aren’t just acquaintances; we are also engaged. Besides, it’s not a crime to touch my fiancée!] Xia Yan justified it internally. Of course, her being his fiancée was nothing more than a joke to him. He had intentions of admitting that this lady boss-like girl was his childhood engagement partner.


“Humph! My father even told me to socialize with you, but now… Never mind it!” Fang Le’er waved her hand, “Everyone, back off!”


“Are we not going to teach him a lesson?” The weird-looking girl asked feebly.


“Just hit him if he appears before me again in the future, but I won’t bother with him today for my father’s sake!” Fang Le’er stated.


[What an excellent excuse!] Fang Le’er’s followers understood clearly. Even Fang Le’er had to give face to her father. So, they had to give face to Mayor Fang as well.


They couldn’t beat Xia Yan up and even would have to give face to him in the future!


All of them gave him a few looks and burned his appearance to their memories to avoid offending him accidentally. Or else, it would be hard to explain it to Mayor Fang.


After the matter concluded in such a manner, Fang Le’er made a trip to the washroom and then returned to her group’s room to continue singing. Xia Yan also returned to his group’s room and immediately got barraged by endless questions.


“Xia Yan, you better tell the truth. What’s the relationship between you and that girl?” Zhao Qiang asked fiercely, grabbing Xia Yan’s collar.


“You won’t believe it even if I told you,” Xia Yan answered sincerely.


“How will I know whether to believe it if you don’t say it?!” Zhao Qiang yelled.


“If I told you we were engaged during our childhood, would you believe it?” Xia Yan asked him.


“Who would believe that! To think you would talk about childhood engagement and such in this age. You might as well say you were promised to each other while you were still in our mother’s wombs then!” Zhao Qiang screamed.


“See! I knew you wouldn’t believe me…” Xia Yan spread out his hands helplessly.


“That girl wasn’t bad. She’s at least eight points!” Qin Jian ruminated.


“Yeah, right! What could you even see with the thick makeup she had applied? And you grade her eight points?” An Xiaoru shot him with a look of contempt.


“She’s definitely not as pretty as you, Sister Xiaoru. You have heaven-blessed looks, so you get ten points even without any makeup!” Qin Jian stated decisively.


“Now you’re talking… Oh, yeah. Xia Yan, did you really grope her?” An Xiaoru switched the topic back to the question which everyone was concerned about.


“She was about to fall down, so I reached out to catch her. It was just an accident, all right?” Xia Yan lamented his misfortune.


“That’s too corny! Do you think life is a TV drama, eh?!” All of them looked at him with disdain.


“Furthermore, you did it twice in succession, so you’re not fooling anyone here!” Zhao Qiang stated.


“Yeah. Xia Yan, I never expected an honest-looking man with thick eyebrows and big eyes like you would actually turn out to be such a person!” An Xiaoru and Anna looked at him condescendingly too.


“Cousin, I believe you!” Only Xiaoyu stood on his side, determinedly.


“Xiaoyu, you’re such a nice person!” Xia Yan felt touched by her words.


“Just don’t grope any random girl next time, okay?” Her following words unknowingly delivered another blow to Xia Yan’s heart.


Everyone felt satisfied after singing until midnight. The boys delivered the girls back to their dorm and then sneaked back into the boys’ room by climbing over the walls, to avoid alarming the gatekeeper.


After the military training ended the next day, Xia Yan left the university and went inside a sports store to buy a black hooded sports jersey and pants of a bigger size. After wearing them, he appeared a bit obese, and this helped in hiding his build completely. He then pulled up the hood and lowered his head, this made it difficult to see his face as only his chin would be visible to others.


[Hou Xiaotian wouldn’t be able to recognize me this way.] Xia Yan paid for the items satisfactorily and called Hou Xiaotian’s number after leaving the store.


“Xia Yan?”


“Xiaotian, my friend said he will come to take a look at Uncle Hou tonight. He might come a bit late to avoid any misunderstandings with the doctor and the nurse. Tell me the ward number.”


“All right… thank you!” Hou Xiaotian still felt some hesitation. He didn’t believe Xia Yan’s words, but it wasn’t right to refuse the goodwill of his classmate too.


“I won’t come along since the dorm’s doors will close by then. Also, my friend is a bit mysterious, so he isn’t fond of others asking questions about him.” Xia Yan added.


“Mhm. All right, I got it!” Hou Xiaotian acknowledged, even though he was entirely skeptical.


After ending the call, Xia Yan didn’t return to the dorm and instead visited Wangjiang Pavilion Park that was outside the eastern gate of the university. He sat down in the bamboo forest, switched off his phone, and entered a meditative state.


The skies quickly turned dark, yet he still remained motionless. Around midnight, he got up, took out the Virus Horcrux, and placed it inside his pocket before heading over to the provincial hospital.


After reaching the entrance of the provincial hospital, Xia Yan pulled up the jersey’s hood and entered the inpatient department. He took the elevator and naturally walked towards one of the wards. He could see an expressionless Hou Xiaotian fiddling with his phone while sitting in the chairs arranged at the side of the corridor through the glass window of the ward. There were two sickbeds in the ward, and both were currently occupied.


Xia Yan pulled the hood lower to hide his face and knocked on the door. Hou Xiaotian turned to see who had come, and when he saw a hooded person standing outside the entrance, doubt crept upon his face. He went over and opened the door of the ward and asked in a low voice, “Are you Xia Yan’s friend?”


Xia Yan nodded. He didn’t dare to speak as he was afraid Hou Xiaotian might make out his voice.


“Hello, please come in!” Hou Xiaotian felt even more doubtful after seeing that the hooded person didn’t speak, but he still allowed the person inside.


“May I know how to address you?” Hou Xiaotian asked.


“Shush!” Xia Yan placed his finger on his lips and hinted him to stay silent.


[Who is this friend of Xia Yan? Why is he acting so mysteriously?] Hou Xiaotian had a lot of doubts, but he obediently turned silent because he trusted his classmate.


Hou Xiaotian and the other patient were both asleep. Xia Yan happened to glance at the other patient’s diagnostic board and saw the words “Esophageal Cancer” written on it.


He lowered his head and sat beside the sickbed of Hou Xiaotian’s father. After that, he picked up the patient’s arm and checked the pulse. Naturally, Xia Yan didn’t practice TCM, so he was just pretending.


Hou Xiaotian’s father was still asleep, so he didn’t show any reaction to this, but Hou Xiaotian was following every action of this mystery man with rapt attention.


[A TCM doctor?] Hou Xiaotian felt disappointment fill his heart. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in TCM, but everyone knew that TCM couldn’t cure late-stage cancer.


After two minutes, Xia Yan let go of the patient’s hand and raised the comforter. He then pointed his finger and the patient’s stomach and immediately felt the aura of death seep out through the skin and flesh.


[So, these are virus elements? It’s indeed an extremely potent power!]



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