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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 422, Blood Covenant

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“Divine Tree, I want to make another trade with you!” with a trace of excitement, the Iron Fist Tyrant–Benson’s voice echoed through the forest again and again.


At this moment, as if thinking something, Benson abruptly turned around and rushed towards several large trucks behind.


*Swoosh…* As Benson pulled the black curtains aside, several pieces of Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stones, of impressive size, were revealed.


However, that was not all.


Upon closer inspection, there was grass on one of the trucks carrying Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stone as well. The surprising thing about this plant was that the grass looked as if it was made of lightning. At first glance, it had lightning arcs flashing all across it.


“Divine Tree, this time I not only brought Lightning-Attribute Spirit Stones but also a companion Spirit Grass for you—a  Lightning Spirit Grass…”


After taking a deep look, Yu Zi Yu, hidden in the depths of Misty Mountains, was also astonished.


[This guy really took out the big guns.] The Lightning-Attribute Spirit Treasure had always been extremely rare, and invaluable. Yet, Benson brought it along with him. This boldness was truly worthy of praise.


However, at this moment, it was not suitable for Yu Zi Yu to speak. He had already handed all the instructions to Five-Color Spirit Flower, entrusting everything to her.


Now, it was time to watch her performance.



The next moment…


*Tap, tap, tap…*


With light steps, Saroli, wearing a green dress, walked out.


“According to the rules, the trade between Humans and Divine Tree can only happen once.” Saying so, Saroli raised the bamboo flute in her hand, effectively blocking the path to the altar.


“Uh…” The Iron Fist Tyrant–Benson had cold water poured all on his excitement, leaving him stunned.


“What? Only once? Is this some kind of joke? How can it be only once?” Benson’s voice trembled a little, as if unable to believe this.


Upon closer inspection, intermittent black lightning arcs could be seed streaking around his body.


Anger, unwillingness, and even traces of despair were evident on his face. His hope for a breakthrough was right in front of him, but now, it had been taken away from him in an instant. Any ordinary person would find it impossible to accept this.


However, Benson still retained some reason left in him. He realized that this was Misty Mountains. It was not a place where he could act recklessly. Otherwise, with his violent temper, he would have killed someone already.


“Haaa, haaa…” Benson took deep breaths, trying to calm his angry heart. By the time he raised his head again, a semblance of calmness had returned to his face.


“High Priestess, there must be some other way, right? There must be!” asking sincerely, Benson looked at Saroli with a pleading gaze.


Breaking through was everything to him. Only through a breakthrough could he truly stand at the pinnacle of Humanity.


“A way?” Smiling, Saroli looked at Benson and nodded slightly, affirming, “Of course, there is a way.”


Saying so, Saroli pointed to the yellowish-brown vortex behind her once again and continued in a serious tone, “According to the rules, Humans can only trade with Divine Tree once. However, if Humans sign a Covenant with Divine Tree, then the trade naturally has no limits.”


Benson was slightly taken aback after hearing this.


“A Covenant!?”


“Yes, a Blood Covenant.”


Nodding, Saroli explained in a grave tone, “The Blood Covenant is a unique contract belonging to Divine Tree, an absolute contract signed with ‘blood’ as the medium. Until now, the Blood Covenant has three unbreakable rules. First, one must not be an enemy to Misty Mountains. Second, if Misty Mountains is in trouble, one must lend a helping hand right away.”


At this point, Saroli, noticing Benson’s astonishment, smiled before continuing, “Third, Misty Mountains will not force the covenantee to do things that are disloyal, unfilial, or unjust. For example, if Humans and Misty Mountains go to war, Misty Mountains will not command the covenantee to be an enemy of the Humans.”


“After listening to me till this point, now, it’s your choice. If you want to sign the Covenant, drop your blood into the vortex.”


After listening patiently to Saroli, Benson’s eyes could not help but flicker.If it were just the first or second rule, he might have been still hesitating. However, once he heard the third rule, he no longer had any reason to hesitate.


This covenant seemed to have all the benefits for him and no harm. In some sense, this covenant seemed more like a treaty of alliance.


“I must break through.” Saying so, Benson took a step toward the altar and stated in a firm voice, “I wish to sign this covenant.”


Dropping these words, he assumed a blade-like shape with his hand and slashed on his wrist.


*Slash…* Followed by a sound akin to silk being ripped, blood dripped straight into the yellowish-brown vortex.


The moment Benson’s blood fell into the vortex, the entire vortex shook with a boom, and a flash of blood-red brilliance shot forth.


At this moment, if one looked at Benson, he or she would discover that his entire figure was radiating a hazy blood glow, as if every blood vessel in his body was glowing.


“If you violate the Blood Covenant, blood will flow in reverse. Do you truly accept it?” In the depths of his consciousness, a vague yet majestic voice echoed.


“I accept,” Benson gave a resolute shout, full of determination.


Immediately afterward, before Benson could react, a jolt shot through his entire body.


*Boom Boom Boom…* Then, accompanied by thunderous claps, the bloody glow around him started shrinking.


At the same time, at an imperceptible location in his heart, a complex blood-colored brand was etched.


Blood Covenant (Level 4)—Channeling the mysterious Principle, you can sign a terrifying contract.


This was an ability that Yu Zi Yu had acquired from the Vampire. Using this contract, Yu Zi Yu succeeded in controlling the Great Nun of Buddhism.


However, by some coincidence, Yu Zi Yu discovered that enslaving others through this covenant was merely its least effective application. The best way to use it was to sign a fair contract based on an equal relationship between both parties.


This way, the burden on Yu Zi Yu would be minimal.


Using it like before would yield him no more than 2-3 familiars. However, a covenant, where where both parties were equal, he could sign such covenant dozens of times.


It was why Yu Zi Yu added the third rule, which was of no benefit to him among the unbreakable rules.


Using the Blood Covenant to enslave others was not what Yu Zi Yu desired. Now, Yu Zi Yu hoped to see Superhumans willingly signing a Blood Covenant with him one after another.


The more Superhumans signed the covenant, the more terrifying Yu Zi Yu’s influence would be in the Human World.


This was why Yu Zi Yu was so lenient with the constraints on the Humans in the Blood Covenant he made.


Even the bottom line of the three unbreakable rules was merely ‘not being an enemy to Misty Mountains.’


However, that was more than enough.


If every Superhuman signed this covenant with Yu Zi Yu, who else in the entire Human Race would be an enemy of Misty mountains?



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