Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 207, Visit


Translator: Truth

Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys


It took Lu Ye two days to examine all of the burning leaves. In conclusion, he had obtained four independent Glyphs and ten connection-type Glyphs.


There were many things he could say about his new Glyphs, but the strangest one was easily Glyph: Radiance. Long story short, it produced a bright flash upon activation. Lu Ye had nearly blinded himself the first time he gave it a go…


The Glyph immediately reminded him of Luo Ji of Infinite Island. The man had also executed a spell technique called White Flare that produced a powerful light—though it was weaker than Radiance—that blinded the opponent. In fact, it was how he caught Lu Ye off guard the first time they had clashed against each other.


His feelings toward the Glyph were lukewarm to say the least. It wasn’t really useful, but it wasn’t entirely useless either. Situational was probably the best way to describe it.


Glyph: Reinforcement was, as its name suggested, a reinforcement Glyph. He had compared it to the Glyphs within the Immovable and found it to be very similar to the one currently reinforcing the blade of the weapon. It was probably because they shared the same origin. 


Reinforcement also shared similarities with Protection, though the way they functioned were quite different. If Protection constructed a barrier that shielded an object from harm, then Reinforcement made the object itself tougher. Lu Ye had tried applying it to his arm and found that the affected flesh and blood were tougher. The aftereffects were pretty bad, however. The area felt sore and uncomfortable after he had dispelled the Glyph, which made him realize that the Glyph was meant to be applied to Spirit Artifacts, not a person’s body.


Glyph: Windwalk, on the other hand, was definitely meant to be applied to the body. It made him both lighter and faster.


In fact, there was a talisman named Move With The Wind that produced the same effect, and it had played a crucial role back during his escape from Dong Shu Ye. Since then, he always made sure to keep a couple of Move With the Winds in his Storage Bag. Some enemies were too powerful to be beaten, and the only logical option was to run away. In those situations, Move With The Wind would undoubtedly allow him to run faster.


That said, a talisman was a consumable, and there was always a chance one could run out of consumables. It was also risky to use it in the middle of combat given that he was a combat cultivator. Now that he had Windwalk though, he could do away with Move With The Wind completely. In that sense, Windwalk was the most valuable Glyph of the fourteen Glyphs he obtained.


Glyph: Gravity Well produced an invisible, gravitational forcefield that increased the weight of everything in it. Lu Ye had tried applying it on himself and felt as if he was suddenly carrying several hundred kilograms of weight.


Although several hundred kilograms wasn’t a great burden even for a Sixth-Order cultivator like him, he could imagine just how useful it would be to disrupt an opponent’s combat rhythm. The first time he used it against an enemy, they would definitely be caught off guard. Once they had adjusted to the weight, he could cancel it and knock their rhythm out of whack again.


Radiance, Reinforcement, Windwalk and Gravity Well. With these new additions, Lu Ye now possessed eight independent Glyphs in total.


Just like before, none of these Glyphs improved his power or cultivation level directly. However, they could dramatically improve his combat strength if he employed them at suitable times.


Lu Ye was slowly but surely finding out how deadly Glyphweavers were. Unlike most cultivation factions, Glyphweavers were extremely unpredictable in combat thanks to all the Glyphs they could use. If you couldn’t keep up with a Glyphweaver’s combat rhythm, then you were probably going to die a slow and painful death.


He only knew eight Glyphs right now, but he could already combine them and envision all kinds of new fighting styles in his head. How strong would he become if he mastered eighteen, twenty eight, or even eighty Glyphs?


No wonder Glyphweavers were as formidable as they were rare.


There was one problem though. His Glyphs originated from the Tree of Glyphs, and thanks to it he could construct any Glyph it had unlocked perfectly. Unfortunately, like a certain guy who was handed a remote that could change time, he only knew the effects of the Glyphs but not the process that led to the outcome.


This meant that it was time to pay Lady Yun a visit.


The first time he visited Lady Yun, the woman had told him to visit her when he was free probably because she found that Lu Ye had the potential to become a Glyphweaver. However, Lu Ye did not because he was busy increasing his cultivation level for the Battle Royale of the Legates. 


Not only that, he was saddled with the responsibility of improving the Outpost almost as soon as he returned. It was only now he finally had time to pay her a visit.


Back then, he had no idea who Lady Yun was. He only knew that she shared a long and complicated relationship with the Sect Master after prodding Shui Yuan about it. The long story short was that Lady Yun detested the Sect Master had done wrong by her. On the other hand, they shared such a long and storied history with each other that there was no way they could cut ties with each other.


That was why Lady Yun chose to live alone in one of the headquarters’ Spirit Peaks and barely interacted with the Sect Master unless absolutely necessary. Shui Yuan visited her often to make sure that she wasn’t lonely.


To put it in simpler terms, Lady Yun and the Sect Master’s relationship was partially damaged for some reason, but neither party was willing to give up on it. As a result, they had been living apart for decades now.


Despite her less-than-sterling relationship, Shui Yuan admired Lady Yun deeply for her Glyph-weaving skills. If someone were to rank all the powerful Glyphweavers in Jiu Zhou, Lady Yun would probably be in the top twenty at the very least. And this was decades ago when her skills were less impressive too.


The only reason the entire Jiu Zhou except the older generation had forgotten about the genius woman was because she had been living in seclusion for the past few decades. She was Lu Ye’s best choice if he wished to study the way of the Glyphs.


Lu Ye exited the training chambers and teleported back to the headquarters from the Sanctum of Providence. Then, he sought out his senior sister. 


The girl was studying a new recipe when he spoke to her about his wish. “You wish to visit Lady Yun?”


“Yeah. I’d like to learn more about Glyphs from her.”


“That makes sense. You carry the inheritance of a Glyphweaver, and Lady Yun is a master at the craft. But why have you come to me? Do you need me to escort you?”


“Of course not, it’s not far that I have to ask you to bring me there. It’s just, well, I’m visiting her to ask her for a favor, right? It wouldn’t be right to see her without a gift…”


Shui Yuan giggled. “In that case, I would suggest you catch a couple of Blood Sturgeons from the Lunarmere. They’re her favorite food, but it usually falls on me to bring her some because she couldn’t be seen debasing herself like this, especially with the Sect Master nearby. Speaking of which, never mention the Sect Master in front of Lady Yun, okay? You will regret it otherwise.”


At its peak, the Crimson Blood Sect owned a vast amount of territory and dozens of Spirit Peaks. Since that fateful day, it declined to the point where even their Grand Defensive Ward had been dismissed. Although the Crimson Blood Sect still owned those Spirit Peaks, it had been ages since anyone took care of them at all. As a result, most of the buildings had crumbled into rubble that just barely retained a semblance of the sect’s past glory.


Today, the only two Spirit Peaks that were still in use were the Summit of Fortitude and the Summit of Emerald Bamboo. The Lunarmere was located between the two Spirit Peaks.


After bidding Shui Yuan goodbye, Lu Ye was just about to make a trip to the Lunarmere when Amber ran up to him. It bumped his leg with its head and let out a cute growl. Long story short, the tiger was feeling lonely.


Lu Ye had been busy as a bee as of late, but Yi Yi was no better. She had been staying at the headquarters more than the Outpost because she was learning spell techniques from the Sect Master.


Unfortunately, it also meant that she was spending less time with her beloved pet.


Amber was technically Lu Ye’s Tamed Beast, and they had adventured together for a long time. Naturally, it had developed quite the affinity with Lu Ye. It knew it was time to make an appearance when it heard Lu Ye and Shui Yuan’s conversation.


The ancient saying claimed that you train an army for a thousand days to use them for one moment, and Amber knew it was its turn to shine.


Maybe it was because Amber was his Tamed Beast now, but Lu Ye was getting better at figuring out its thoughts. He wasn’t literally speaking to the tiger like Yi Yi, but he understood Amber most of the time.


So, he gave it a pat on the head and declared, “Let’s go together then!” Then, he climbed onto Amber’s back. Excited, the Tamed Beast immediately took off toward the Lunarmere. It wasn’t long before a beautiful lake that was shaped like a half-moon entered their vision. 


This wasn’t the first time Lu Ye had visited the Lunarmere. When Li Baxian was still in the Crimson Blood Sect, his senior brother had often brought him here to fish.


Li Baxian enjoyed fishing as a hobby, but Lu Ye could not see any point to it. In his opinion, it was a complete waste of time to do nothing for hours when they could catch it in no time, and his opinion hadn’t changed even now. So, he took off his clothes and dove into the lake. Less than a minute later, he had caught a couple of fat and juicy-looking Blood Sturgeons.


With that done, he returned to the shore, put on his clothes, and rode Amber to the Summit of Clarity. 


When he reached the peak, he climbed off the tiger and saluted respectfully in front of the entrance, “Disciple Lu Ye has come to visit you, Lady Yun.”


“Come in,” Lady Yun responded immediately.


Lu Ye signaled Amber to wait for him with his eyes before feeding him a couple of Spirit Pills. It was only then he went inside with the Blood Sturgeons in his hands.


The hall looked the same as before. Lu Ye quickly walked up to Lady Yun and bowed, “Well met, Lady Yun.”


The woman glanced at his gift and broke into a smile. “Did Shui Yuan ask you to bring some for me?”


“Yes. Sister Shui said it was your favorite food, so I went to the Lunarmere to catch a couple for you.”


“Much appreciated.” Lady Yun waved, and a servant girl stepped forward to take the Blood Sturgeons from him. She shot him a smile while doing so.


Curiosity grew inside Lu Ye as he nodded in response. He hadn’t seen the girl before the first time he visited this place, but this indicated that Lady Yun didn’t truly live alone on the Spirit Peak. At the very least, she had someone to take care of her needs.


Something felt very strange about the servant girl, however. As of now, he couldn’t pinpoint the source of his confusion.


“Sit,” Lady Yun beckoned while taking a seat herself.


“It’s fine. I don’t mind standing.”


Lady Yun didn’t push him and went straight to the point, “So, why have you come today?”


“I would like to learn more about Glyphs from you, lady.”


“No problem. As long as you’re not here for that old fart,” Lady Yun agreed immediately. 


Lu Ye had no doubt she was referring to the Sect Master. Of course, he pretended he didn’t hear a word about it.


“Last time, you told me that you know nothing about Glyphs besides constructing those four Glyphs you showed me. Is that still true?”


“That is correct, lady.”


Lady Yun nodded. “It definitely looks like the inheritance you obtained is incomplete in some ways, or maybe it’s because it imparts its knowledge via Enlightenment.”




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