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I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 759, Hundreds of Millions of Kilometres of Dowry, a Shocking Wedding Escort Party

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The Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty was situated within the central region of the Upper Realm. The grand buildings and palaces dazzled in golden splendour as they sat majestically within the Divine City. Ancient mountains were scattered across the place in all their glory, shrouded in clouds.


Divine light shone and Celestial Mist swirled around. The place looked like a sacred sanctuary that had fallen from the ancient heavens into mortal lands.


Many knights with powerful auras sat atop ferocious beasts as they did their rounds.


The Bi Fang, Pi Xiu, Zhu Yan, and countless other beasts with ancient bloodlines were craning their necks and emitting terrifying cries. Their massive bodies covered the sky as they roamed the islands and mountain ranges within the Divine City. The pressure they gave off was deeply frightening.


Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty had the reputation of being the greatest Celestial Dynasty of the Upper Realm. Its hidden might far exceeded what one would think was imaginable. Thus, this large and mysterious place was akin to a world of its own.


A grand spectacle was also unfolding outside the Divine City.


As the wedding between Empress Yue Ming Kong and Gu Changge approached, large fleets of domain-crossing ancient battleships cut through the void and rushed over.


Every day, everyone could hear the rumblings of the universe as many carriages and flying ships streaked across the skies to land in this area. One after the other, countless intimidating figures stepped forth with a host of attendants and followers behind them. Their silhouettes were shrouded by Principles as they walked into the Divine City.


There was no question that Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong’s wedding was the most important event in the eyes of all the Forces of the Upper Realm. In a certain way, it was even more important than the previous opportunity to meet the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being.


This was because Yue Mingkong and Gu Changge represented two large Forces of the Upper Realm, which both currently possessed the most terrorising and mysterious hidden might any Force could possess. Once they were united in marriage, there was no doubt that the balance of the Upper Realm would change in unthinkable ways.


It was something that many of the Forces were unwilling to see.


Furthermore, after the Eternal Overcast Scourge had been dealt with, Gu Changge gained an enigmatic Master in the form of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being. It was now over a thousand times harder for them to try and make a move against him now.


Countless people had already grown wary after Gu Changge destroyed Neraka, and now, he had an even more alarmingly powerful Master.


Even the hidden experts were fearful of him. There was no doubt that Gu Changge would soon possess the ability to sway all of the Upper Realm in his favour.


Many of the leaders of their respective Forces were secretly discussing among themselves. They decided that they had to stop this from happening. They could not allow Gu Changge to rise above them all. Otherwise, if things did carry on this way, the Forces of the Upper Realm would soon undergo a massive reshuffling.


No one knew just how powerful Gu Changge was right now.


During this time, as Chosen Monk Jin Chan died on the way back to Buddhist Mountain, Buddhist Mountain was furious and sent out many of their elderly monks to try and track down the Successor of Demonic Arts.


However, it was all a waste of their time. They found nothing and had to give up.


Ancient Buddha Sha Na, Golden Sun Gifted Lady, One-Eye Daoist and other hidden experts also appeared across various parts of the Upper Realm. They seemed to be searching for something.


Apart from that, some of the Forces that were quiet and unassuming all along began to make their presence known now.


A few ancient beings broke out of their seals and emerged from their Divine Sources. Some of them were even more powerful than other hidden experts.


Such incidents happened across the many ancient Forces. Naturally, the youths were stunned and overjoyed. They did not know that their Ancestors had not died yet, and had simply sealed themselves off using some method, awaiting the day when the Immortal Path emerged once more.


An invisible undercurrent brewed across the entire Upper Realm due to this. Many of the True Daoists or those who achieved even higher cultivation realms could vaguely sense something.


The environment around them seemed to have changed somehow. Although it was a fairly infinitesimal change, in their eyes, it was a sign of an impending upheaval.


News that the Immortal Gate would emerge soon had spread a long time ago, so naturally, they were agitated.


As Gu Changge and Yue Mingkong’s wedding approached.


The part of the universe where the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty was situated had also become a lot more bustling, many of the ancient stars filled with life seemed to be ready for a huge celebration. Celebratory decorations hung all over as Celestial Cranes danced, golden springs gushed, and spiritual mist filled the air, giving off an auspicious feeling.


Every day, there were peoples who roamed around to ensure that no one disrupted anything.


The mortals spoke of ten kilometres of dowry.


Well, in this case, it was more aptly described as hundreds of millions of kilometres of dowry.


The Immortal Gu Family and the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty clan were well prepared for this. The number of battleships and knights they sent out was enough to wipe out Forces.


Jaws dropped at the grandness and majesty of the ceremony.


The entire Star Territory was celebrating. Some cultivators refined a few uninhabited stars with the use of their Qi and turned them into a form of decoration. Masked with the vast red clouds that cascaded down, it dazzled all who saw them.


The expansive Star Territory was covered in auspicious  red clouds. Some of the Quasi-Nirvana Realm experts even gathered many galaxies and ran them through numerous Star Territories to create a carpet for Gu Changge to use for the wedding.


Everyone was in a joyous and celebratory mood. For the sake of adding more of the Great Dao to the environment, some of the True Daoists ventured deep into the Star Territory and ruminated on the Great Dao; an act which brought on a miraculous sight.


Naturally, countless people benefited from this and their gratitudes swelled.


Naturally, as Gu Changge was about to marry the Empress of Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty, the Immortal Gu Family provided a list of betrothal gifts which was so extensive that even some of the Immortal and Formidable Forces were thunderstruck. Things like the Life-Saving Herb, Almighty Immortal Ancient Art, and Celestial Relic were not even worthy of mention.


A True Immortal Grade Artifact was included among the gifts.


This was no ordinary Immortal Grade Artifact. It was a hereditary one that was worthy of being passed down through all the generations.


Even some of the Immortal Forces did not possess an Immortal Grade Artifact such as this!


They would only use a precious treasure such as this if the very existence of the Force was being threatened, for the amount of strength that had to be used to even awaken such an artifact once was greater than one could imagine.


The fact that the Immortal Gu Family was openly making some of their hidden might known proved to the various Forces that if anyone disturbed the wedding, they would have to bear the brunt of the Immortal Gu Family’s wrath.




All of a sudden, everything shook as a dragon’s roar made the universe tremble. It came from the other side of the universe. Nine Azure Dragons surrounded by light were pulling a white jade carriage and making their way quickly across the Star Territory.


On both sides of the Azure Dragons, the wedding escort party from the groom’s side gathered to make a grand entrance.


Countless were staring in shock as they could scarcely believe what they saw.


“Nine Azure Dragons, all of them in the Quasi-Nirvana Realm… just to drag a carriage, and at least five True Daoists beside it…”


“Did the Immortal Gu Family send out so many people just to receive the bride? Or, are they worried that someone might try to disrupt the wedding?”


“If my senses haven’t gone awry, there is also a trace of an Immortal aura hidden among the wedding party. Could it be a hidden expert or perhaps a hidden Immortal Grade Artifact?”


Many of the supreme experts from the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty, who were standing in wait, were also stunned by what they saw. If the Immortal Gu Family employed such a grand procession simply to pick up the bride, just what would the wedding ceremony be like?


Before this, the Immortal Gu Family usually kept a low profile, but after this open display of their hidden might, those from the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty were shocked as well.


“Do I look beautiful, Changge?”


Meanwhile, inside a group of regal palaces deep within the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty.


Yue Mingkong, dressed in a long red robe with a phoenix coronet atop her head, was studying her reflection in a bronze mirror. Her dark eyebrows which curved like serene mountain peaks, her nose which was flawless in every way, and her lips which featured a natural shade of rosiness all made her look like the most perfect masterpiece that had ever been created.


Her ethereal beauty felt too unreal.


Gu Changge smiled faintly and added one final touch of colour to her brows before he bent down and kissed her forehead. “Beautiful beyond belief.”


Silavin: Damn. This wedding setup is too much. Holy Cow. You have True Daoist literally being power banks for decoration.



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