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Live Dungeon! – Chapter 12, Facing The Wall

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After following the signposts for about 20 minutes, Tsutomu stopped at the dense sand dunes. While instructing the two others to lie down, Tsutomu took out binoculars from the magic bag and looked at the distant palm trees.


“Ah, maybe it’s there.”


Tsutomu hid in the sand and spied with binoculars. He saw the distinct black thin flesh of the shell crab and relayed this to the others,


The antennae in question were hidden around the palm trees and looked around, rotating 360 degrees. After the antenna retracted into the ground, the shell crab began to move in the sand. It is a change that couldn’t be detected from a distance, only manifesting as a slight shake in the surface.


The other two were given binoculars and confirmed it, pressing their arms to their head. Tsutomu laughed bitterly, but cast Haste on Amy, who started running after being given instructions. The shell crab came out of the sand when it detected that they were running.


The exposed white skin of the shell crab that came out of the sand is now dyed black, and it spouted blue bubbles from its mouth. Its movement was strange, and Garm was about to slash it, looking with a suspicious face.


Using a longsword to strike the bare legs, blue blood flowed out from the once-white flesh. And Garm stepped sideways, hitting the weaker claw.


In the meantime, Amy jumped onto its back and sliced its bare body. The cloudy blue blood leaked out, overflowed, and stained the two swords.


The shell crab collapsed. Although it tried to stand up with its claws like a cane, Amy struck with her twin swords mercilessly. Gouge. Stab. Garm slashed its slender legs many times and finally cut one off.


The shell crab screamed like a devil and then fell down completely. Its blue blood overflowed violently. Its antennae convulsed.


And the shell crab began to shine like a glistening jewel, and light particles radiated from its body.




Amy unintentionally spoke while beholding the shell crab, which started to dissipate. Garm seemed stunned while holding his longsword.


Amy sent the particles from the shell crab back into the sea. Garm still held his longsword warily. Tsutomu was amazed at the effectiveness of the swamp poison.


A blue magic stone fell to the ground from the body of the shell crab, which was still radiating light particles. It was a large magic stone that had to be held with both hands. Tsutomu performed a fist pump.


Then, after making a crumbling sound, black doors materialized. There were two doors, one that lead to the 51st floor and one that returned to the guild. Tsutomu felt lighter as he looked towards the one on the right.


“I’m glad this went well. Let’s check in on things in the canyon.”


Tsutomu packed the blue magic stone in the magic bag as he shouted with a bright voice. The other two came together with him and went into the black gate. The three were turned into particles and arrived at the fifty-first level and only the camera that was said to be the eyes of God remained.



Tsutomu gazed upon the canyon, with its impressive V-shaped green mountains and river. He checked if a fall from that height was fatal, and upon landing, immediately returned to the guild. Tsutomu greeted the usual Dragonborn gatekeeper.


Tsutomu lined up at the reception desk, ignoring the chants of “lucky boy” as usual. The insects were there, as per usual, but this time, several investigators belonging to the mid-level clans were watching Tsutomu. As it has come to the point that Tsutomu has become vaguely popular, he put saliva on the paper he was handed to update his status card.


He handed it back to the bald man at the counter and waited a while.


“…you defeated the Shell Crab, huh?”


The man, who had a stern and serious face, said to Tsutomu. Congratulations, he said, opening his mouth slightly, and then handed the status card, which turned pale brown, to the three.


“Garm and Amy, you did well, too.”


“Yes, thank you.”




Garm was happy to see the status card finally change color, and Amy started to burst into tears. Tsutomu received the status card with a smile.


Tsutomu Kyoutani


LV 23

STR(attack power)D


VIT(constitution) D


MND(mental strength)C-



Job: White Mage


Skills: Heal | Aura Heal | Flash | Air Blade | Protect | Medic | Haste | Raze | Greater Heal | Area Heal | Holy Wing


[As soon as you hit level 28, you can learn fly. I’m sure I won’t be able to do it at first, so I have to practice. I also have to try the emergency evasion spell.]


From the fifty-sixth level of the canyon, the nature in the canyon is lost, and it turns into a dry desert canyon. From there, you will not be able to escape instant death from falling using trees or natural cushions, so it is necessary to take measures against the terrain.


For that reason, there was a spell called fly, and if you used it, you could escape instant death in the game. However, Tsutomu felt bitter at the thought of having to practice using it.


[I’d like to break the highest level record while the major clans are resting. Is it really that hard?]


Tsutomu has been known by Lucky Boy for a month. Whether at an inn, outside, or a guild, the name is endless. Most people didn’t know Tsutomu’s actual name due to the newspaper focusing on the photos, but there were only two who knew Lucky Boy’s real name.


The store clerk referred to him as Lucky Boy, and even when walking along the street, children pointed at him and said Lucky Boy. Unlike paparazzi, they probably said it as a celebrity name, without any ill intention. Lucky boy, lucky boy, lucky boy.


Tsutomu was fed up every time he was called that. Sometimes he wanted to grab the shoulder of a clerk and shout that his name was Tsutomu Kyoutani.


However, it seemed stupid to cause a commotion about this, so he didn’t show it on the surface. However, Tsutomu was angry about how people saw him. It was shameful to live carrying this name.


So he wanted a track record that would overshadow it. Although there could be several achievements to overwrite it, Tsutomu chose a straightforward one.


To be seen on the largest monitor in the guild. That is the path he had chosen.


If he just appeared on the huge monitor, he could be seen despite not holding the level record. If he went to the second half of the fifties, other than during the times when the major clans dived, he’d often appear. However, he still felt that the name would stick.


The big clans weren’t actually very good. Normally, they ran away from the Fire Dragon boss. As such, the spectators say that the clan that killed the fire dragon was amazing.


So, Tsutomu aimed for the highest level that the current biggest clan has reached. The goal was to set a new record. Anyone who calls Tsutomu Lucky Boy after that would be misguided.


After hearing Amy’s words, Tsutomu thought that people expected that he was only able to reach the shell crab by chance after breaking through the forties. As soon as he understood that, he devised a plan to defeat the Fire Dragon in the canyon.


Now without a break period, returning his status card, Tsutomu turned away from the reception desk to face Amy and Garm. 


“Today we’ll be splitting up. I’ll grind levels on the beach today.”


“Ah, understood.”


Garm replied, happily shaking his tail. After glancing at Amy, who seemed depressed, he slapped her back. Amy, who felt awkward, looked at Garm for a while and then looked at Tsutomu.


“…yes. Uh, Tsutomu? Sorry for before. For calling you Lucky Boy, that is.”


Tsutomu raised up Amy’s head, which had been bowed down.


“Nah, don’t worry about it.”


“I-is that so? Really? But you looked angry about it, didn’t you?”


Tsutomu’s smile had slightly dark undertones, though Amy was to see Tsutomu in such a mood. Looking at Amy, Tsutomu turned upward and scratched his head as he recalled something.


“Oh, Amy, you said you didn’t want to be seen as an insect, right?”




“But you still call me Lucky Boy.”




Amy averted her gaze as if Tsutomu was looking straight into her soul through her eyes. Garm was beside himself, laughing.


“That’s all I wanted to say.”


“I’m super sorry for making you angry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please forgive me! Don’t kick me from the party!”


“No, I’ll forgive you because I’ve said what I’ve already wanted to say. I’d like you to stay in the party.”


“That’s a lie! I haven’t been forgiven yet! Your face is still scary!”


Amy sat on the ground and pulled Tsutomu’s hem, not letting go. Due to the people who gathered due to Amy’s loud voice, Tsutomu made a suggestion to Amy while pulling her by the face.


“That’s why I won’t pay you this time.”


“Wait, Tsutomu. First, let’s retire her from being guild staff. Then, let the staff who have taken over the job share her savings together. Then throw her into the valley without equipment.”


Garm said from the side. The suggestion was just like what a vicious policeman would do.


“Garm. How deep is your grudge against Amy…”


“I don’t know how many complaints she’s been getting. It’d be a great opportunity to liquidate her assets since there seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction among staff.”


“Tsutomu, please forgive me! I don’t want to be left on the road!”


“Wait, Amy! Don’t pull me!”


“If I leave you, you’ll run away! Don’t take me for granted, Tsutomu!!”


“Wait, hahaha! This looks like a drama! Amy is already fine, so let’s head out! This is getting annoying!”


Tsutomu returned to look at Amy, who was holding onto him like a girlfriend who didn’t want to say goodbye.


After that, she calmed down by begging to Tsutomu, and Tsutomu’s tea grew cold because of the sheer amount of begging.



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