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Live Dungeon! – Chapter 223, Orbis Strikes

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Leon, with his left arm fully healed, immediately headed to the Royal Capital to assess the situation. Meanwhile, some members of the Labyrinth Conquerors and the Scarlet Devil Squad were preparing to secure the safety of other cities near Sentrea.


Although the same request had been extended to Absolute Helix, Christia had told Tsutomu that their participation was optional, so he asked to be assigned to Sentrea’s defense instead. That morning, after informing his Clan’s members of this decision, Hannah tilted her head slightly.


“So we’re not going?”


“Didn’t sound like they actually needed us, you see. It’s not like we’re even sure if those other cities have monsters hiding in them.”


“…If you say so.”


Hannah seemed quite unconvinced, what with her restless expression, but she swallowed her concerns along with her breakfast poached eggs. However, after breakfast, as she nervously watched the Labyrinth Conquerors and the Scarlet Devil Squad depart for their mission, Tsutomu thought to himself how easily readable her intentions were.


“You’re not planning to sneak after them, are you?”




“…What’s that look for?”


Facing Hannah, who looked as if her inner thoughts had been exposed, Tsutomu returned a stern expression.


“How’d you know that, Teach!?”


“Anyone could tell. Just try not to overthink things too much.”


“Listen to him, Hannah,” Leleia interrupted, holding the Gnome’s main body in her arms, “You leave too many of your choices to instinct — you ought to put more thought behind your actions.”




“Oof… You really just had to bring the Gnome along, huh…” Hannah groaned, quite visibly weak against the Gnome’s innocent gaze.


“You may think the Magic Fist is a shortcut to advancing your career, but it’s actually a detour. Why aren’t you focusing on honing the capabilities you already have?”


“T-that’s because Grandpa Melchor said to…”


“Don’t blame your own faults on him.”




Afterward, Leleia continued to lecture Hannah on the latter’s behavior and lacking performance in God’s Dungeon. Tsutomu decided not to add to that conversation.


[I should explain myself to everyone, and pay extra attention to Hannah, just to be safe…]


On this occasion, Tsutomu had chosen not to participate in the cities’ recapture due to not wanting to risk his and his friends’ safety for the sake of the townspeople, a decision that Garm, Daryl, Xeno, and Korinna would likely be bothered by. However, they were not the type to act spontaneously. If he explained, they would probably understand.


But Hannah, being impulsive, might act without warning to help someone. So, for now, Tsutomu made sure not to lose sight of her and also asked Diniel to keep an eye on her.


And so another day passed in Sentrea without any particular events, and Leon returned from the Royal Capital. However, there seemed to be no abnormalities in the capital so far; it was perfectly peaceful. The Labyrinth Conquerors and the Scarlet Devil Squad secured one deserted city’s safety and proceeded to relocate those who had evacuated from the south.


Naturally, there was resistance from them, but they were the ones who had not complied with the evacuation advisory issued from the Capital in the first place. Under the semi-coercive leadership of the Labyrinth Conquerors, the evacuees were quarantined in the walled-off southern city.


During this time, Tsutomu had the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with the head of House Babenberg, so he asked about something that had been on his mind.


“What impression do you have of the suspect… Orbis, sir?”


Although Tsutomu had already received information about Orbis, he wanted to hear the impression from the head of House Babenberg, since he had met the former in person before. When asked, he placed his hand on his chin, looking thoughtful.


“…I’ve met Orbis three times. The first was back when he was an artist — he had already made a name for himself by then. The second was when he became the vice president of the Monster Safeguard Association, and the last was when he protested against access to the God’s Dungeon as the Pope of the Orbis Church. Throughout all these encounters, Orbis seemed gentle.”


“…Gentle, you say?”


“Despite some members of the Monster Safeguard Association holding radical beliefs, Orbis didn’t seem influenced by them. Even when his wife fell victim to the blade of a criminal Clan, he managed to pacify the extremist members of the Monster Safeguard Association.”


“Miss Christia also mentioned this, but do you think he’s doing this out of personal vendetta?”


During the initial emergence of the God’s Dungeon, there were many Explorers committing crimes using the power obtained from skills and status ratings. Orbis’ wife, who had protested against various groups as the chairwoman of the Monster Safeguard Association, was resented by the monster-hunting Explorers. Eventually, she was targeted and killed by a criminal Clan, so Tsutomu wondered if this incident was Orbis’ way of seeking revenge.


“The criminal Clans at the time were subsequently crushed by the Security Team and executed. If it were a personal vendetta, he would have acted then. Orbis had the power to do so. Instead, he gathered volunteers and founded a religious organization. That’s the Orbis Church, which aims to change the current situation where anyone can enter the God’s Dungeon.”


The Orbis Church, which rose from the assertion that only those with the favor of Gods, namely individuals possessing unique skills, should be allowed entry into the God’s Dungeon, primarily consisted of individuals who had suffered at the hands of criminal clans.


From then on, they continued to advocate for stricter regulations on the God’s Dungeon, citing the Stampede as a manifestation of divine wrath and calling for restrictions whenever criminals emerged among the Explorers. Claiming that divine judgment had finally been delivered during the previous Stampede, the Orbis Church gained many followers in its wake.


“Even with them gaining in influence as of late, they still weren’t considered an extremist group. After the last attack, however, a girl affiliated with the Orbis Church appeared in a grotesque state. Orbis’ aim is likely the regulation of the God’s Dungeon, but… I find it eerie. There might be other motives at play.”


“I see. By the way, did he ever say anything strange, by any chance? Unfamiliar words or anything of the sort?”


“He was originally an artist, so he might have had an unconventional sensibility. But such things didn’t come up in our conversation, no.”




Tsutomu looked slightly disappointed as he dropped his shoulders. He had been trying to find out if there were any others like him — suspecting the Deputy Guild Master to be Japanese, he had tested the latter by slipping some Japanese-specific words into conversations, and occasionally did the same whenever he was being broadcast on the Monitors.


After the evacuees were quarantined in the southern city and while there was still Magic Stone to spare, Tsutomu and his companions, along with the Labyrinth Conquerors and the Scarlet Devil Squad, decided to return to the Royal Capital for a brief respite.




An abundance of magical energy circulated through a certain room within the Royal Capital’s imposing estate. In the center of this room was Brooklyn Kantjelucia, engrossed in the meticulous task of infusing energy into Magic Stones. Done for now, she proceeded to take a moment to catch her breath.


The nobility relied on energy drawn from Magic Stones for spellcasting, embedding these stones into various precious metals such as necklaces and rings. Brooklyn, preferring simplicity, adorned herself with small earrings and tucked high-quality Magic Stones into her pockets.


The ability to fill Magic Stones to their utmost capacity was a measure of a noble’s prowess. Having already filled hundreds of various-sized stones to their brim, Brooklyn rang a bell at her side, summoning a servant.


“Get me some tea and sweets.”


“Yes, Master.”


After completing her daily task of filling Magic Stones, Brooklyn indulged in her customary solitary tea time. Various types of tea leaves, already prepared, awaited her, along with a pot of hot water and a plate of freshly baked sweets brought in to complement the hour.


As the usual afternoon passed, Brooklyn reclined in a throne-like chair, crossing her legs and savoring the aroma of the tea with closed eyes. Yet, the tranquility was interrupted as a breathless servant entered the room.


Brooklyn cast a displeased glance at the servant, but her expression shifted to one of suspicion upon hearing the unexpected news.


“Repeat that. Slowly and clearly this time.”


“Y-yes. A person claiming to be the Pope of Orbis Church has arrived at the estate and wishes to meet with you, Master. Both the attire and appearance match the Pope’s known description. At present, the knights are keeping him at bay…”


Already informed by Leon during his most recent visit to the Royal Capital about the Orbis Church’s involvement in the Stampede, Brooklyn was somewhat surprised by the arrival of the mastermind at her estate.


Motioning for the servant to step aside, Brooklyn picked up a ring with a freshly filled magic stone.


“Hmm… Okay, fine. I’ll meet him personally.”


“Shall I inform the Explorers…?”


“No need. Whether this Pope guy is real or fake, I’ll take care of him.”


Rising from her seated position with a languid grace, Brooklyn swiftly exited the room, followed by the hastily trailing servant. As Brooklyn slipped the ring onto her finger, she peered down from the second floor of the estate, observing the man positioned amidst the bustling knights below.


“Well, well. I did not expect you to grace me with your presence. You are familiar with who I am, aren’t you?” Orbis called out.


“Pope of Orbis Church, or so you claim. I’ve heard that you’re involved in this Stampede.”


“Hahaha… Well, that makes things easier. I have a proposal for you, but are you willing to hear it?”


“Sure, why not? Come.”


Brooklyn, already surrounded by Shields, ordered the knights encircling Orbis to step back. While she cared little for the lives of knights, she could not afford to waste them needlessly. Sensing faint traces of magical energy emanating from Orbis, Brooklyn erected a staircase with Shields to allow him entry into the estate.


Within the estate, Shields were already woven throughout. Leading Orbis, Brooklyn guided him to a particular chamber.


[She has this down to an art form…]


For anyone capable of sensing magical energy, the density of Shields within the room would be overwhelming. These Shields rivaled those painstakingly erected in Dungeon City by House Babenberg and, moreover, were constructed solely by Brooklyn herself.


House Babenberg’s Shields were crafted primarily by the head of the household, with some being done with assistance from his eldest son and daughter, Smith and Biancaea. The Shield layers created by the three’s combined magical energy were strong enough to nullify even the attacks of the Devourer Dragon, but in terms of defensive power alone, Brooklyn’s efforts alone could achieve the same result. And even though their variation required vast amounts of magical energy, House Kantjelucia required less time to construct them, too.


The moment Orbis stepped into the room with her Shields, Brooklyn ensnared him within. Unusually pristine and devoid of even a speck of dust, this room had been used for the executions of revolutionaries, yet it gave no hint of the bloodshed that had occurred within.


“Now, let’s hear your proposal,” Brooklyn demanded.


“Yes, of course. I believe you are already aware that I am orchestrating this Stampede. And my ultimate goal is the regulation of the God’s Dungeon. The current situation is dire. Do you not agree?” Orbis spoke calmly, despite Brooklyn’s piercing, discriminating gaze. “In the current state, individuals gain immense power far too easily. Furthermore, the conquest of the God’s Dungeon has progressed alarmingly, and overall power levels have risen. Gaining power in the God’s Dungeon is remarkably simple. It pales in comparison to the rigorous training ordinary knights undergo or the discipline practiced by the nobility.”


“So what?”


“At this rate, we will inevitably repeat past mistakes. Therefore, the God’s Dungeon must be regulated immediately. Master Brooklyn Kantjelucia, I implore you to stand with me,” Orbis concluded, extending his hand.


Brooklyn glanced down at the offered hand before emitting a disdainful sigh.


“Is that all you have to say?”


“Hahaha… That is a yes, I assume?”


“Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve lost interest.”


Gazing at her ring for a moment, Brooklyn then cast a sidelong glance. Instantly, the Shields surrounding Orbis contorted menacingly.


“Consider yourself lucky for being able to speak this much and still live.”


“I’ve heard that House Kantjelucia has an execution chamber utilizing Shield magic. It’s said to feature Master Brooklyn’s finest Shields… Is this where we are?”


“Right, it is. Here is where your insignificant life will meet its end.”


“Is that so?” Orbis replied calmly, reaching out to touch the shrinking Shield layer.


Instantly, the Shield began to melt like heated glass, eventually turning blackened like charred remains. As the putrid liquid dripped onto the ground, the Shields beneath also began to dissolve with a sizzle.


“Would breaking this suffice as proof of my strength?”


“…Hmph. Don’t get ahead of yourself. You’re already surrounded by thousands. There’s no escape.”


“Are you familiar with the monster called Devourer Dragon?” Orbis asked, ignoring Brooklyn’s words.


Pulling a Magic Bag hidden within his formal attire, Orbis dropped a massive organ-like object onto the ground. Resembling a heart in shape, it was known as a magic sac.


“This replicates the attack from the monster that caused heavy damage to Dungeon City.”


Sensing the immense energy emanating from the organ, Brooklyn moved to destroy it with her Shields, but Orbis, suddenly turning his arm into one resembling that of an Orc’s, prevented the Shields from crushing it.


“I’ve put considerable effort into making this, so please refrain from crushing it prematurely. House Babenberg took it head-on, you know?”


“Ridiculous. What nonsense magic is this? It’s impossible!”


“Oh my, you don’t sound too well. Look, it’s about to explode!”


“You’ll die, too.”


“Don’t mind me — you’d be better off worrying about yourself. After all, didn’t House Babenberg gather their Shields in one place to defend against it? Perhaps you should do the same?”


Struggling against the unprecedented amount of magic, Brooklyn attempted to crush the magic sac, but Orbis’s strength proved too formidable to overcome. Realizing she could not destroy it, Brooklyn mobilized all the Shields in the room to defend herself.


“Now then, until we meet again.”


With that, a massive surge of magical energy erupted from the magic sac, causing Brooklyn’s estate to tremble violently.


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