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Live Dungeon! – Chapter 225, Leleia, Stoking the Fire

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“The Orbis Church MUST be destroyed.”


Although the explosion of the fully loaded magic sac had only caused damage to the interior of the execution chamber, Brooklyn Kantjelucia, who was inside, could not absorb the whole impact with her Shields. She ended up with multiple fractures all over her body. After being healed by White Mage over the next few days, Brooklyn announced her intention to crush Orbis and the Orbis Church.


Having broken through House Kantjelucia’s Shields, which she considered her masterpiece, Orbis made it to the top of her list of perceived threats to nobility, taking priority over the Explorers. Therefore, for this occasion only, House Babenberg agreed to set up their Shields around the Royal Capital and even personally approached the explorers to discuss future plans.


“Brooklyn’s been much more enthusiastic these days. Love to see it!”


“…Well, considering what she’s been through, I guess it’s not so surprising that she’d change her stance,” Tsutomu replied, slightly exasperated at Leon’s wide range of interests — in this case, a woman as androgynous as Rook.


Still, it could not be denied that House Kantjelucia’s increased cooperation with the Explorers was a welcome development to Tsutomu.


With what was effectively the apex of nobility lending their support, other noble households were sure to follow suit. Unlike before, where cooperation was merely lip service, there was now a sense of unity in cooperating to defeat a common enemy.


The distribution of Magic Stones, which had been monopolized by nobles until now, was now being negotiated to be handed over to Ealdred Crow, and the placement of Shields to protect the Royal Capital was being discussed with Christia and House Babenberg.


[And in the end, we still have no idea what Orbis is trying to achieve…]


According to Brooklyn, who had faced Orbis directly, the latter seemed to have discussed regulating the God’s Dungeon. While it was understood that he had tried to recruit Brooklyn, who was notorious for disliking Explorers, Tsutomu could not fathom why he went through the trouble of using a magic sac to emulate the Devourer Dragon’s power.


Normally, if one was trying to recruit an enemy to their cause, they would propose it discreetly, away from prying eyes. However, Orbis had appeared conspicuously in public, and even injured Brooklyn, whom he tried to recruit. This would only serve to fuel hostility rather than foster cooperation.


While it was understood that his main goal was to capture the Royal Capital, the most prosperous and influential city capable of moving other cities, even so, Meena and Orbis’ attacks seemed too straightforward. Despite their ability to manipulate underground or aerial ambushes and sabotage the Magic Stones inside monsters, their actual assaults were clumsy.


Meena had failed miserably in her attempt to capture Leon alone, exposing the true nature of Orbis Church as the manipulator behind this Stampede. Orbis’ use of a magic sac revealed the existence of a powerful weapon in their possession. Meena’s childish behavior could be explained by her appearance, but the same could not be said for the Pope.


[What if they’re announcing their power to put the Royal Capital on high alert, distracting us while they capture Dungeon City… Yeah, maybe that’d work, but if they don’t capture the Capital, they’ll eventually be surrounded and none of that will matter in the end.]


Most cities obeyed decrees issued from the Royal Capital, so first and foremost, the King must be removed or else they would be fighting an uphill battle. Tsutomu could not quite picture it, but it was a fact that the King wielded that much power.


[Sir Melchor and the Labyrinth Conquerors’ vice-captain are still missing, too… Well, from what I see, we still have enough force to win. The issue is how they’ll attack.]


With high-speed information relayed by Leon, Rook’s Eidolons, Weiss’ combat prowesses, Christia’s leadership, the nobility rallying together, the marching band and the knights on standby, and over a hundred high-level Explorers, they would not lose to ordinary monsters.


“So…” Leon said, “What’s on your mind?”


“Just wondering if Sir Melchor is all right, that’s all.”


“Yeah, still nowhere to be found — but I’m sure he’s fine. I can’t imagine that old man being dead.”




Considering that Melchor had single-handedly defeated the Winter General, it was unthinkable that he would be taken down by monsters. Leon showed no concern at all, and upon hearing Tsutomu’s answer, he suddenly grinned impishly.


“Oh, by the way, there’s gonna be another Amy concert tomorrow, right? I missed the last one, so I’m definitely going to be there this time!”


“Leon, you’re not allowed in.”


“Huh?! Why not?!”


“Your face looks like that of a criminal, that’s why. And don’t you already have a knight you should be taking care of?”


Tsutomu’s expression grew even more exasperated, remembering that he had seen that Leon’s bed sheets were oddly wet during his treatment period. Leaving Leon slightly startled by his remark, Tsutomu got up to leave, returning to his room to get ready for today’s guard duty shift.


Amy was preparing for the concert scheduled for tomorrow, with Korinna, Daryl, Xeno, and Diniel by her side. Tsutomu knew Amy was someone who excelled in such areas, so until there was an attack, he planned to let her do as she pleased.


Since Garm and Amira had already headed out for their shifts, Tsutomu, along with Leleia and Hannah who were staying at the inn, headed toward the outer wall. Just as they were getting ready, there was a modest knock on the room’s door.




Just as Tsutomu attached Potion vials to his belt holder, Hannah slightly opened the door and peeked her head through. Observing that Hannah was a little less energetic than usual, Tsutomu looked at her with a puzzled expression, and then Leleia also appeared from behind her.


“Preparations are in order, I assume?”


“Uh, yeah.”


“It seems Hannah wants to talk with you about something. Well, I can pretty much guess what it’s about, so I’ll stay here and listen.”




“Enough already — just spit it out. I’m sure it won’t last that long anyway,” Leleia urged, letting herself into the room and sitting on a chair, then she nodded as if prompting the continuation of the conversation.


Hannah, with a troubled expression, immediately locked eyes with Tsutomu, who himself tensed up slightly.


“So, what’s this about?”


“…Well, you see, I… overheard you talking with the conductor the other day,” Hannah spoke hesitantly, her blue wings drooping slightly. “You didn’t mean it, right? When you said you didn’t ‘particularly care’?”


“…Umm, could you be more specific?”


“I mean, you said you didn’t particularly care about other people! That’s what I heard! Do you really not care about them!?”


With her wings spread out menacingly and her tone becoming more intense, Tsutomu looked at Hannah with a perplexed expression. Thinking that Hannah must have misunderstood something, he carefully chose his words to respond.


“I didn’t say that. I do value our Clan members and feel responsible as the leader. And if possible, I hope the people of the other Clans can safely overcome this Stampede too.”




“But it’s just that the people of the Royal Capital and other cities have a lower priority. I won’t put us in danger for their sake.”


Hannah looked a bit flustered, feeling deflated after being rebuffed and being spoken to so bluntly. Yet, even so, she grimaced at the final part of Tsutomu’s statement.


“But… why!? You’re meant for much more — if you just try a little harder, you could save so many people! You’re not even trying at all! It’s like you have way less motivation now than when you were in God’s Dungeon!”


“If that’s what I wanted to do, I would have joined the Labyrinth Conquerors already. I have no interest in total strangers, and I don’t intend to help them.”


“Why…!? Why are you being so cold!? You’re ignoring people in trouble — when they could very well die without your help!?”


“…Listen, Hannah — you’re taking all of this too lightly.”


Hannah’s desperate questioning seemed to hold no weight to Tsutomu. With that pointed out, Hannah looked bewildered.


“What’s that supposed to mean!?”


“Back in Dungeon City, I knew you helped with the reconstruction efforts up north. And I’ve seen you lend a hand to those in need here and there. But you’ve never imposed that onto others before.”


Hannah was not acting out of hypocrisy to present herself as a good person; she was genuinely kind and pure-hearted. Tsutomu understood that much, but since arriving in the Royal Capital, Hannah had clearly changed. She became even more proactive in helping others and seemed to trumpet her sense of justice to those around her.


“Maybe seeing the Labyrinth Conquerors helping people influenced you. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, taking in the inspiration and all that, but it’s not right to impose your views on others, don’t you think? Besides, you’ve never defended against a Stampede before.”




“If the opinion was from Miss Christia, who’s been working to protect humanity from the Stampedes for centuries, I could understand. But you, Hannah? The words out of your mouth just feel like what you’re thinking at the moment — weightless and inconsequential.”


“Fine, then! If that’s what you say, then so be it! But I still want to save people, even if it’s just one person! …If you’re not gonna let me do that, then I’ll leave the Clan!”


“Uh, I mean, I’ve never said anything about leaving, have I? I don’t know what kind of help you think you’ll be offering, but if it’s something you’re doing on your own, I won’t stop you. Thanks for letting me know beforehand. I appreciate it.”




Surprised by the unexpected response, Hannah looked wide-eyed at Leleia. Tsutomu, observing her, gently patted down her bouncing blue hair and lowered himself slightly to her eye level.


“But remember — the situation is dangerous and unpredictable, so it’d be helpful if you could do it where I can keep an eye on you. You never know what’s going to happen.”








With Tsutomu releasing her hand from her head, Hannah steadied her bouncing blue locks. Then, with a vigorous shake of her head, she quickly reached for the door handle, as if eager to escape.


“Don’t run off on your own just yet, all right? Wait for us outside!”


“Y-Yeah, got it!”


As Hannah’s footsteps faded away, her defiant departure reminiscent of a rebellious child, Tsutomu withdrew his calm expression and shot Leleia a sharp glance.


“Man, I wonder who’s been putting ideas into Hannah’s head…”


“…Whatever are you talking about?”


Tsutomu sighed heavily at Leleia’s feigned innocence, then picked up one of Hannah’s fallen feathers from the floor and turned it over in his hand.


“Were you expecting me to tell her to leave the Clan? You really don’t know her well enough… but it’s clear to me that your views clash.”


“…I merely spoke the truth. If I were to act against your wishes, I run the risk of being forced to leave the Clan myself.”


“Look, if you have a problem with anything, just tell me.”


“I don’t have any problem in particular. It’s just that… I grew frustrated with Hannah’s idealistic talk.”


Indeed, Hannah had recently shown signs of awakening to a strange sense of justice, perhaps influenced by the Labyrinth Conquerors. Yet to Leleia, who had been raised in a knightly lineage, it might have seemed like blatant hypocrisy — especially apparent in how Hannah currently was not exactly toiling away like the Labyrinth Conquerors were.


With a rough idea of the situation, Tsutomu sighed heavily once more, but he was not particularly angry. The fact that Leleia had incited Hannah this time was problematic. However, Hannah’s proactive approach of thinking things through and informing him beforehand was a positive sign. Given the current atmosphere, it did not seem like things would spiral out of control.


“…Ugh, all right, then let’s leave it at that. I’ll consider this an opportunity for Hannah to reflect and sort out her thoughts. As for you, don’t go stirring up trouble like this again.”


“…Yes, I understand.”


“Sure hope you do. The way your work is going, you might even make it to Team 1 next time, so try not to do anything weird.”


“Wait, really!?”


Tsutomu reassured Leleia, whose eyes brightened at the mention of making it to Team 1, and then finished preparing to leave the inn. Meanwhile, Hannah did follow her orders properly and waited for everyone in the lobby.


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