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Martial Peak – Chapter 105, The Mystery Hidden Within the Pill

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Settling on their course of action, Senior Brother Xie suddenly turned towards Yuan Lang. “Senior Brother Yuan, just as Yang Kai was leaving, he seemed to have taken out something. Do you know what that thing may be?”

Surprised, Yuan Lang smiled. “Junior Brother Xie really observes things down to the smallest detail.”

As he said this, he also opened up his hand to reveal a small bottle within the palm of his hand. “It should have been a bottle of pills.”

“May I take a look?” Junior Brother Xie asked as he smiled slightly. Yang Kai and that female both possessed high leveled artifacts, so their statuses weren’t ordinary. When that bottle had accidentally fallen out, Yang Kai clearly showed his reluctance to part with it. Any reluctance on Yang Kai’s part hinted that these pills would be worth quite a decent amount.

Due to this, Junior Brother Xie didn’t want Yuan Lang to hog all the benefits. Since all of them had participated in the battle, naturally they should all receive their share.

“You can!” Yuan Lang knew what his Junior Brother Xie was thinking, so he wouldn’t try to monopolize this spoil of war. Replying, he opened the bottle up to look inside. Upon looking inside, he let out a cry of bewilderment.

“I think they’re Yang attributed pills!” Traces of happiness could be seen on Yuan Lang’s face.

Junior Brother Xie and Junior Brother Wu became excited. “Are you serious?”

“Once you see, you’ll understand.” Saying this, he tipped out some of the pills and gave them to the other two Disciples.

“They are Yang attributed pills!” That Junior Brother Wu became really ecstatic. As he held the pill within his hand, he immediately felt the chilling cold disperse around him by a lot. It even reached the point that he no longer needed to waste Yuan Qi to restrict the invasion of the Yin Qi into his body. This pill was the ultimate nemesis of the Yin Qi within the valley.

[No wonder Yang Kai wasn’t willing to part with them! In this type of evil environment, the most important thing was the Yang attributed pills. Once he lost this advantage of his, he would definitely regret it.]

Shaking the bottle a bit, Yuan Lang announced. “Since we have shared the pills with us already, my Junior Brothers, there may even be some profound mysterious hidden within them. So you shouldn’t just eat them to defend against the cold. On that note, I shall take my leave.”

After all, this was something that Yang Kai had left behind. What if there was poison inside? Although they weren’t as calculating as their Senior Brother Cai, they still weren’t stupid enough to eat something their enemy left behind.

Finishing his warning, Yuan Lang flourished his arms and disappeared.

Shortly afterward, both people stashed the pills within their bosoms and each went their respective ways to search for Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was licking his wounds, stealthily hiding in the dense foliage at the top of a tree. Suppressing his presence as much as he could, he surveyed the surrounding area.

His current situation wasn’t very good. After the large battle with the five Disciples from Storm House, his body had suffered some wounds. Coupled with the ferocious attack from the four Blood Battle Gang Disciples, his injuries had become even more severe.

The most serious one was probably the sword cut on his shoulder; it should have reached his bones. This caused Yang Kai’s left arm to feel weak and it numbed his sense of touch.

In order to avoid being followed by those remaining Disciples from the Blood Battle Gang, Yang Kai had used his Yang Liquid to burn his injuries, cauterizing the wounds and preventing further bleeding.

Even though willpower and special methods allowed him to stay in peak condition, at the end of the day, he was still only an Initial Element Fourth Stage practitioner. Under the stress of numerous large battles, his stamina and mental energy had been greatly sapped. If it weren’t for his immense willpower, he would have long since collapsed.

Recalling the savage battle that had occurred, Yang Kai couldn’t help but let out a grim chuckle.

That Senior Brother Cai was worthy of being a powerhouse at the Separation and Reunion Boundary. Even if more than half of his strength had been sealed away, Yang Kai still had to expend ten drops of Yang Liquid in order to break his defenses and deliver a fatal blow.

[But this was all worth it!] Although using ten drops of Yang Liquid was challenging, it was still worth it! It had allowed him to take the life of a Separation and Reunion Boundary master.

In this tense environment, Yang Kai’s mind was as clear as ever. He knew that if he lost even one fight, not only would he lose his life, but Xia Ning Chang would also lose her life.

With such great stakes, how could Yang Kai dare to relax for even a moment?

In the Blood Battle Gang, apart from Long Hui and that extremely high leveled person, there were only three people left. But their cultivations weren’t as high as Senior Cai’s had been. If it were one on one, Yang Kai had nothing to fear, but if they teamed up, then things would take a turn for the worse.

Know yourself, know thy enemy, only then will you emerge victorious in every battle! Yang Kai must know the three’s plan of attack and their location. Only then would he have a chance of winning.

(Erza: This is one of the more famous [I guess] From Sun-Tzu’s Art of War. If you like Xianxia and Wuxia, you should try reading it. “War is a grave affair of state.)


That’s why before he left; he purposely left one of his pill bottles behind. You could say that one of the more important goals of that battle was to leave behind that pill bottle, the other being to kill the Disciple called Cai. Both goals were completed without a single hitch.

The discarded bottle contained, Black Yang Blood Pills. Just a few days prior, he had found some Black Yang Bloodflowers, they had then been refined by Xia Ning Chang.

At the time, his Dantian still had plenty of Yang Liquid, and they were hurrying on their way to the valley so Yang Kai didn’t take any. Unexpectedly, they had come in handy at such a time.

Sometimes, even if one didn’t eat the pills, they would be unable to evade trouble. This time, Yang Kai was going to teach them that even if they had placed the pills within their clothes, trouble could still appear.

He believed that his plan would succeed. After all, this was the gathering place of the Nine Yin Dew Crystals, a place Yin Qi was naturally attracted to. So if Yang attributed pills were to suddenly appear, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine what one would do with them.

So long as they kept the Black Yang Blood Pills on them, he could use the Origin of Yang to probe his surroundings and sense for their whereabouts. Because of this, all of their movements were within the palm of his hand.

After waiting for a while, the Origin of Yang within his chest area started to have a reaction. Yang Kai’s expression became cold; he immediately took a few deep breaths and tried to calm his rising heart rate.

Before long, someone had appeared below a nearby tree. Looking down, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled.

How come there was only one person?

Waiting a bit longer, in a nearby place, someone else hurriedly rushed over.

Following that, a third person arrived at the place that Yang Kai was hiding. Looking down, Yang Kai found out that it was actually the Blood Battle Gang Disciple with the lowest cultivation.

This person looked around in all directions before scurrying off again.

[Strange, why did these three people separate?] His brows wrinkling, Yang Kai couldn’t think of a reason for them doing so.

Unbeknownst to him, those three were treating him like an arrow at the end of its flight. Moreover, since they believed he possessed a high leveled weapon-type artifact, they wanted to test out their like luck and see who would obtain it.

It was no wonder those three would think like that. If it were any other Initial Element Staged practitioner, the amount of Yuan Qi within their bodies wouldn’t be a lot. So after that battle, with the exhaustion of large amounts of Yuan Qi, one shouldn’t have much left. But Yang Kai wasn’t the same. The amount of Yuan Qi he possessed was far more than ordinary practitioners.

Not to mention the amount of Yang Liquid he had stored within his Dantian! Before he had left, he had stored forty complete drops of Yang Liquid. So, even if he used up the Qi within his meridians, it didn’t matter because one drop was enough to replenish all of his Yuan Qi; allowing him to once again return as a ferocious tiger.

In other words, as long as he had Yang Liquid in reserve and his mental and physical strength could keep up, Yang Kai would be an untiring battle robot.

If that Senior Brother Cai was still alive, given his cautious nature, he wouldn’t allow his group to separate and give Yang Kai a chance to retaliate. But previously, with his serious wounds, Yang Kai had killed him, leaving Yuan Lang in command. Naturally, Yuan Lang wouldn’t think that deeply.

Although Yang Kai couldn’t figure the reason why they had split up, the current situation was far better than the one he had imagined. So how would he grasp this opportunity?

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