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Martial Peak – Chapter 107, Sneak Attack

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At this moment, Yang Kai also started to make his move. Currently, all of Disciple Xie’s attention was occupied by the Nine Yin Dew Crystals, so it was the perfect opportunity for him to mount a sneak attack.

Even in his dreams, Disciple Xie would never have thought that Yang Kai would be able to find his position and dare to mount a sneak attack on him.

On Disciple Xie’s face was an extremely greedy expression, his body was nimble and his movement silent like a cat. Slowly, he crept up closer to the Nine Yin Dew Crystals.

With the distance slowly becoming smaller and smaller, 10 meters, 5 meters, 2 meters…

The Nine Yin Dew Crystals continued to stay in their position, continuously absorbing the Qi in the valley and raising gusts of strong wind.

When the distance between Disciple Xie and the Nine Yin Dew Crystals was only 5 meters, his Yuan Qi exploded and surrounded him. Then leaping out like a cheetah, with his eyes ablaze, he reached out to grab at the Nine Yin Dew Crystals.

At that time, Yang Kai also made his move. With his eyes fixed on Disciple Xie, Yang Kai’s feet carried him swiftly out like the wind. Clutching the newly acquired blade in his hand, he prepared to strike a killing blow when his opponent’s defences were at their lowest.

Just when Disciple Xie thought he had obtained it, the Nine Yin Dew Crystals suddenly stopped absorbing Qi. Then from within its core, it burst out waves of cold Yin energy that started to attack Disciple Xie.

All of this happened far too quickly. So quickly that he couldn’t even stop.

Great astonishment showed on Disciple Xie’s face. Previously, he could tell that this was a Heavenly treasure, but he could never have predicted this thing had spirit awareness and could counterattack at the most critical of times.

Disciple Xie’s mind forced into a mess. When facing this sudden cold attack, his mind and body were scared beyond belief as he spurred his Yuan Qi to protect him from the incoming attack.

Just as he finished his preparations to take that strike, the Nine Yin Dew Crystals flashed and the attack vanished without a trace.

In the moment it flashed, the brightness in the surrounding area also vanished and dimmed.

With the sudden loss of light, Disciple Xie’s eyesight was greatly impacted and he was unable to see any changes in the surrounding area. And it was in that split moment that Yang Kai acted.

Even though Yang Kai’s sight had also been affected, he could make could out the approximate position of his enemy. Even if that blade couldn’t take a life, it was guaranteed to make his life uncomfortable.

All of Disciple Xie’s attention was focused on the cold, so how could he spare any attention on the incoming death blade?

In the next instant, Disciple Xie’s entire body flashed. Attacked by the cold, his entire body was like an ice block as he furiously revolved his Yuan Qi; he unconsciously shivered. Before he could even take a breath, he felt a piercing pain from his waist; it was like something had stabbed him.

Disciple Xie’s battle experience was plentiful; after all, he was a Separation and Reunion Boundary cultivator. Although his view was partially blocked, he still instinctively kicked towards Yang Kai’s location.

With a muffled grunt, Yang Kai was hit and flew backward.

Both people started to pant really hard. Now, there was no longer a need for Yang Kai to hide anymore.

With his eyesight gradually returning, Disciple Xie looked poisonously at Yang Kai, meanwhile his body shook unconsciously and his hand clasped the wound he had received.

The blade had penetrated quite deeply into his side. Just then, Yang Kai used all of his strength to make the stab. And because Disciple Xie had to use a fair amount of Yuan Qi to defend against the cold, how could he spare any defences to block that stab?

“It’s you!” After confirming Yang Kai’s identity, Disciple Xie’s face momentarily lit up. Just then, various possibilities had run through his mind. One possibility was that either Yuan Lang or Junior Brother Wu had mounted a sneak attack. Eliminating him when they had the chance; fellow Disciples killing each other was quite normal after all. Another possibility was that that female had attacked him with the intention to kill. Or another unlikely possibility was that within this mountain valley, there was another group of people.

But no matter what, he would have never thought that the attacker was actually someone they had determined to be a sheep on the cutting board; Yang Kai.

*He he!* Slowly rising, Yang Kai smiled maliciously and stretched arm which had taken the kick. After confirming that nothing big had happened, he began to walk fearlessly, step by step, over. At present, Disciple Xie was a crossbow at the end of its rope.

“How could it be…” Disciple Xie’s face quickly paled.

“Although I don’t know what you are flabbergasted about, I presume that this situation differs greatly from what you anticipated.” Yang Kai replied, laughing coldly.

“We…” Lowering his head to look down, Disciple Xie’s face revealed his surprise. “That is Junior Brother Wu’s sword.”

“That’s right. He is already dead. Now it’s your turn!”

“Turns out we had all been fooled by you!” With this realization, an intense sense of humiliation and unwillingness burst out from Disciple Xie’s heart.

When Senior Brother Cai death under Yang Kai’s hands, they could still say it was due to the secret artifact’s might. But now, he himself would die under Yang Kai’s hand.

Your father is a Separation and Reunion Boundary practitioner! Now, he would actually be killed by a practitioner at the Initial Element Stage. What logic is this? Stifling, this was extremely stifling.

Crying out *Wa*, an arrow of blood streamed out from Disciple Xie’s mouth, he was depressed to the limit. The wound on his body, the mental humiliation, combined they had made him haggard and he was left with no chance to redeem himself.

“I don’t have any grudges or enmities with you, but since you came knocking, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!” His face cold, Yang Kai walked up and struck out.

Disciple Xie was like the final radiance from a dying sun, his eyes glittering many times brighter. Forcibly extracting the blade from his side, he used it to slice towards Yang Kai.

Crouching down, Yang Kai sent out a hook punch to Disciple Xie’s chin, crushing it to pieces. Flying backward from the momentum, he then proceeded to smash heavily into the Earth.

Not allowing him any more chances to resist, Yang Kai followed up with two more punches containing his Yuan Qi, leaving Disciple Xie completely at his mercy.

Standing back, he sneered. “You want to play with crafty plots and machinations; well I am your grandfather!”

His eyes clear, Disciple Xie wanted to appear weak and helpless before dealing the killing blow to Yang Kai.

But Yang Kai had long been prepared for it. Even rabbits will lash out when cornered, let alone a martial practitioner. Before the enemy was completely dead, any mistakes and the lowering of one’s guard would result in death.

After killing him, Yang Kai searched around for anything useful. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much, only two more bottles of pills and some money.

These people were still on an outing, so they wouldn’t bring too many things.

Those pills were useful for him and the money too. Without any shame or guilt, he shoved them into his pockets.

In the same manner, as before, he hid the corpse in a large nearby tree before looking around. To his surprise, the Nine Yin Dew Crystals had long since vanished without any trace.

Previously, when the Nine Yin Dew Crystals burst out in its brilliance, Yang Kai could feel the energy quite clearly; that energy was extremely domineering. It is no wonder they needed him to come and help subdue it. That object’s spiritual awareness was quite high, and when danger arose it would immediately flee. Apart from Yang attributed energy, there wouldn’t be anything else that would be useful in countering it.

[There was still about two hours left until the sun rose! I must hurry up, but before that, I must return and ask Xia Ning Chang on how to subdue the Nine Yin Dew Crystals.]

Erza: 1/3 of last week. I was sick and had to study for a test today. This test has also told me that extension 1 maths was NOT a good choice…. -_- The second chapter has also been released. Final will come tomorrow because my body’s too sore all over; muscles are all aching.

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