Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1110, Qian Tong’s Recruitment

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


Young people always enjoy being flattered, so Qian Tong felt that receiving such praise from someone of his position and status would win him some favour with Yang Kai.


But to his surprise, Yang Kai remained indifferent, seemingly thinking such an evaluation was only natural. Not showing the slightest reaction, he just sitting in a relaxed posture in his chair.


Qian Tong coughed lightly, fixing his expression before continuing to ask, “I wonder if Nephew Yang is interested in seeking better opportunities?”


Yang Kai simply grinned. Since coming here just now, Qian Tong had treated him so enthusiastically that Yang Kai was able to faintly guess what he was thinking. Now hearing him ask such a question, Yang Kai was even more certain of his guess, directing a flat look at Qian Tong and asking, “Elder Qian, if you have something to say, you might as well just say it.”


Hearing this, Qian Tong’s collected the smile on his face and replaced it a solemn expression, “Nephew Yang, please do not take offence, this old man has no malicious intentions, it’s simply that when a young man like yourself appears, this old man can’t help wanting to recruit him. En, if you’re interested, this old man would like to invite you to join my Shadow Moon Hall. I can assure you that we will provide you with the most abundant cultivation resources and environment. With Nephew Yang’s aptitude, the Sect will surely spare no effort to cultivate you in the future!”


Qian Tong had quickly discerned that Yang Kai did not like talking in circles so he decided to take a direct approach instead, dropping all subtlety and replacing it with a straightforward appeal.


Qian Tong was a worldly man and naturally understand that if he tried to right away solicit the Grandmaster Artifact Refiner behind Yang Kai, he would fail. An Artifact Refiner of such skill would have their own pride and would not be so easily swayed, so Qian Tong had decided to first rope in Yang Kai.


In Qian Tong’s opinion, as long as Yang Kai was willing to enter Shadow Moon Hall, whether the master behind him could be recruited or not, a connection would still be forged. When everyone became familiar with one another in the future, making an attempt to recruit him would be much easier.


Qian Tong’s scheme was quite well thought out.


After making his proposal, Qian Tong silently observed Yang Kai’s reaction again, but to his disappointment, Yang Kai remained indifferent.


Sighing secretly to himself, Qian Tong felt that this young man indeed worthy of being a retainer of an Origin Grade Artifact Refiner. Although he couldn’t be sure Yang Kai was this Grandmaster’s disciple, year after year of being influenced by the sights and scenes around him had clearly caused his vision to be quite high. Simple empty promises were not enough to move him.


“That’s right, my Shadow Moon Hall is also in possession of a rare treasure known as the Divine Stone. Anyone who touches the Divine stone will have their consciousness led into a strange world where their Soul can receive purification and sublimation, it is quite useful for those seeking to strengthen their foundation in the Martial Dao. When the disciples of my Shadow Moon Hall encounter bottlenecks in their cultivation, they will often request to enter retreat alongside the Divine Stone to assist them in their practice. Such an opportunity though is normally not possible to obtain without first making great contributions to the Sect, but if Nephew Yang is willing join my Shadow Moon Hall, this old man can make an exception and allow you to cultivate with the Divine Stone for a period of time. Nephew Yang will soon break through to the Saint King Realm so I believe such an opportunity would be of great interest, yes?”


As Qian Tong made this offer, he directed an eager look towards Yang Kai, feeling that such a condition would not be one he could refuse!


Because Yang Kai’s cultivation was on the verge of breaking through to the next Great Realm, if such a good opportunity were to be offered to him, he would surely try to seize it.


But soon, Qian Tong’s look dampened, because he found that Yang Kai still showed no signs of interest. Qian Tong couldn’t help feeling shocked, wondering if this kid simply didn’t understand the preciousness of the Divine Stone. As he prepared to explain further though, Yang Kai waved his hand and somewhat impatiently said, “Elder Qian, this Junior appreciates your kind intentions but must politely decline, I am used to being free and am unwilling to join any force, let us put this matter aside and discuss business.”


Qian Tong’s face twitched for a while but soon let out a hollow laugh, “Good, since Nephew Yang is here to discuss business, we shall discuss business, as for this old man being a bit wordy, please do not pay it any mind.”


Although this time’s solicitation was not successful, Qian Tong was a patient man and naturally would not become so easily frustrated, feeling that as long as he showed enough sincerity, he would one day succeed.


The two then began discussing the transaction before them.


Seven Saint King Grade artefacts for a total price of fifty-nine thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals! Qian Tong made an offer, and Yang Kai accepted it.


The matter was open and closed in short order.


“I also want to buy some ore,” Yang Kai pulled out a list from his Space Ring and handed it over.


Qian Tong’s eyes lit up upon hearing this and the slight disappointment he felt in his heart was swiftly swept away, quickly summoning the shop assistant who was on standby outside the door. The man came in a respectfully asked, “What is Elder Qian’s command?”


“Take Nephew Yang’s list here and collect the ores for him. Also, withdraw fifty-nine thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals from the storehouse.”


“Yes!” The shop assistant accepted the list and nodded.


Yang Kai turned to him and said, “The money required to purchase those ores can be deducted from the Saint Crystals directly, just report to me the final cost.”


“Use the most preferential price, understood?” Qian Tong added solemnly.


Sometimes, when showing favour, one needed to make sure the other party was aware of your intentions.


“Understood,” The man nodded and immediately went out.


After he left, Qian Tong looked at Yang Kai with a smile, “Nephew Yang is now a frequent customer here, are you satisfied with our service?”


“Very satisfied,” Yang Kai smiled and nodded. Regardless of what kind of hidden agenda Qian Tong had, he had truly not taken advantage of him during these transactions, greatly satisfying Yang Kai. “Good, I’m certain Elder Qian is busy, please don’t mind me and attend to your own affairs, I’ll just wait here for my order and payment.”


Qian Tong smiled back and did not pester him any further, kindly stating, “Very well, but I hope Nephew Yang can remember to come to my Trade Company first if you ever have any more artefacts for sale.”


“I’ll remember.”


Receiving this pledge, Qian Tong stood up and left.


Yang Kai waited for about half an hour before a shop-assistant came to led him to another back room. Inside this room was a large collection of rare ores as well as a heap of Saint Crystals.


Having already been instructed by Qian Tong repeated about this matter, the shop assistant didn’t dare treat Yang Kai carelessly, respectfully reporting, “These are the ores honoured customer requested. The total price is seventeen thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals, but because honoured customer is a VIP, we will sell them to you at a twenty percent discount for a total of thirteen thousand six hundred. Deducting the cost of these ores, honoured customer will receive forty-five thousand four hundred High-Rank Saint Crystal. Would you like to inspect the wares first?”


“No need,” Yang Kai shook his head, feeling a little surprised at the price of these ores.


Last time he had purchased ores here it had only cost him three thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals, but this time his order was several times more expensive. No wonder Yang Yan had told him to prepare for some massive haemorrhaging.


Yang Kai trusted that this shop assistant would not try to deceive him as Qian Tong was still clearly intent on forging a connection with the Artifact Refiner behind him.


Releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai swept almost everything into his Space Ring, leaving behind one hundred Saint Crystals.


The shop assistant smiled brightly as he gave Yang Kai a grateful look before escorting him away, neither of them mentioning the hundred Saint Crystals.


On the third floor of Trade Company, Qian Tong watched Yang Kai’s back disappear from his sight, his brow furrowing slightly, wondering what kind of method he should use to pull Yang Kai into Shadow Moon Hall. Both his attempts today had failed because he knew nothing about this young man’s preferences, if he at least had some background information on him, things would be easier to handle, but he couldn’t send someone out to spy on him, causing him to be caught in a difficult situation.


Soon, there was another knock at his door.


“Come in!” Qian Tong sat back in his chair.


The same shop assistant walked in and immediately reported, “Elder Qian, when that young man left just now, he left behind a hundred Saint Crystals for this disciple.”


“Oh?” Qian Tong glanced over at him in surprise, “Did you accept them?”


“En, this disciple did not decline. That young man did not say anything explicitly, but disciple naturally understood that he was deliberately leaving them before for me. If Elder Qian doesn’t believe this to be appropriate, I will immediately send them back to him,” The disciples said while carefully watching Qian Tong’s expression, lest this old man become angry.


Qian Tong however just waved his hand and said, “No need! Since he sent them to you, accept them. This young man prefers straight dealings, if you had tried to hypocritically refuse, he would have been displeased. En, if he comes to buy ores again, make sure you attend to him. Treat him as the highest level of guest, understood?”


“Disciple understands.”


“Right, what type of ore did he buy this time? Is it the same as last time?”


The shop assistant immediately shook his head, “He bought ore worth seventeen thousand pieces of High-Rank Saint Crystal this time, I gave him a twenty percent discount, therefore it cost…”


“Seventeen thousand?” Qian Tong’s expression changed dramatically, seemingly realizing something and asking urgently, “He bought Origin Grade ores?”




A smile blossomed on Qian Tong’s face as he let out a great laugh, “Good good good, it’s really so…”


Qian Tong seemed to be very excited and began pacing back and forth across the room, causing the shop assistant who was still at the door to be quite confused, unable to understand what was happening. If this shop assistant recalled correctly, Elder Qian hadn’t even been this happy when he broke through to the Second Order Origin Returning Realm.


After a while, Qian Tong suddenly took out a piece of jade and filled it with his Spiritual Energy before tossing it over to the shop assistant, “Contact every steward and shopkeeper in our Shadow Moon Hall’s shops in Heavenly Fate City, tell them to remember the appearance of this person. If he visits their stores, they are to receive him with utmost courtesy; however, they are not to act too obviously, just give him preferential treatment and some discounts. If anyone fails to recognize him and ends up offending him, I’ll make them regret being born into this world!”


Qian Tong’s last words were spoken with a frigid seriousness that caused the shop assistant to tremble as he held the jade block. Quietly inspecting its contents, the shop assistant found a portrait of Yang Kai’s appearance which had been created by Elder Qian Tong’s Divine Sense.


Holding onto the jade block extremely carefully, the shop assistant immediately set out to notify all the necessary personnel in Heavenly Fate City, not daring to delay.


After this man left, Qian Tong swept the seven artefacts placed on the table into his Space Ring and hurried over to Grandmaster Ge Lin’s residence.


He had to inform Grandmaster Ge Lin that there truly was an Origin Grade Artifact Refiner behind Yang Kai.


Although the two of them had some speculations before and knew that the artefacts Yang Kai had brought to sell the first time had been refined by an Origin Grade Artifact Refiner, they weren’t completely certain this Grandmaster really existed. Perhaps these artefacts were accidentally obtained by Yang Kai somewhere. But now, it was apparent that their speculations were true.


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