Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1181, Sneak Attack

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


It was extremely frustrating being unable to fly.  Having descended several thousand meters, even if Yang Kai climbed as fast as possible, it would still take him about half an hour to reach the surface.  Fortunately, he had the benefit of being in a good mood at the moment.


After half an hour, Yang Kai finally returned to the ground again.  Standing in place, he took a light breath before pulling the Yuan Magnetic Compass out from his Space Ring to determine which direction led deeper into the Flowing Flame Sand Field.


But before he could move forward again, an incredible sense of crisis suddenly gripped his heart.


This feeling was like death was upon him.


Hurriedly, Yang Kai pushed his Saint Qi and tried to leap to the side.


An astonishingly quick bolt of red light suddenly shot out from a nearby location and pierced through the right side of Yang Kai’s chest.


The huge force behind this blow sent Yang Kai flying as every bone in his chest cried out in pain.  Suffering this unexpected attack, Yang Kai discovered that he had actually been injured, and seriously at that!


Before his body even landed, Yang Kai’s powerful Divine Sense spread out madly and instantly locked onto the source of the attack.


The moment he saw who his attackers were, Yang Kai’s killing intent erupted!


It was that idiot Xie Hong Wen and his two Third-Order Saint King guards Yang Kai had seen earlier.  These two had obviously been sent by the Xie Family to protect this delinquent Young Master but at this moment, one of them was kneeling on the ground exhausted as he held a crossbow-shaped artefact.  This artefact gave off a strange aura and seemed to be madly absorbing the man’s Saint Qi, causing his aura to become more and more unstable. Yang Kai also clearly saw that the cultivator holding this strange crossbow artefact was leaking blood from his hands and lips, blood that was actually flowing down into the crossbow.  This strange crossbow was like a fierce beast and was actually swallowing all of this fresh blood, giving it a blood-red colour.


The other Third-Order Saint King saw this and quickly took out several pills from his Space Ring before shoving them into the mouth of the weakened cultivator.


As for Xie Hong Wen, seemingly thinking Yang Kai had been killed, he leapt to his feet and stood atop the hidden hill in excitement, looked towards the site of the deed while joyfully dancing and applauding loudly.


However, after seeing Yang Kai hit the ground but not actually fall down, Xie Hong Wen froze up.


Yang Kai didn’t immediately try to counterattack.  Xie Hong Wen wasn’t worth worrying about and the cultivator that had used that powerful crossbow artefact to launch a sneak attack on him was clearly an arrow at the end of its flight, possibly unable to even move.  In Yang Kai’s eyes, these two were already dead. As for the remaining Third Order Saint King, Yang Kai believed that he wouldn’t have any difficulty killing him.


Right now, it was more important for him to check his injuries.


Right now, in his right chest, there was a small but sharp arrow that gave off a powerful aura.  This sharp arrow had sunk ten centimetres into his chest and probably punctured his lung, making it feel like he was breathing fire every time he inhaled.


In his heart, Yang Kai was secretly shocked while at the same time thankful.  He was shocked that the other party actually possessed such a strange artefact that could send out such a powerful attack, but thankful as well that he had sensed danger in advance and managed to avoid a fatal blow.


It was obvious to Yang Kai that his enemy had aimed at his heart, but because he had dodged at the last instant, this arrow had only managed to hit his right chest and injure his lungs.


It was mainly thanks to his tough physical body that Yang Kai was able to resist this attack. If not for his physique being so intrepid, such a blow would have blown a hole straight through his chest!


Yang Kai’s face became gloomy as murderous intent permeated the air around him.  He stretched out his hand wanting to remove the arrow inserted into his right chest, but before he could, it actually disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a gaping wound out of which his Golden Blood flowed.  The incredibly vitality contained in his Golden Blood soon began to repair the wounded at a rate visible to the naked eye.


He then turned his eyes towards the nearby hilltop and walked step by step towards it.


Xie Hong Wen fell to the ground as his legs gave out, his face completely pale as he called out, “Xie… Xie…”


Even after all this time, he actually didn’t know the names of either of these two cultivators who had been sent to protect him.


Xie Yun thought he was worried about his weakened appearance and reluctantly smiled, “Young Master does not need to concern himself about it, I’ll be fine after a month or two of rest and recuperation.  This is simply the price I must pay to use this artefact!”


It was because of this strange artefact that he had absolute confidence in assassinating Yang Kai.


As soon as Xie Yun finished these words, the strange crossbow artefact that had been pulling blood from his wounds finally stopped and fell from his hands.


Hearing this, Xie Hong Wen wanted to curse Xie Yun out.  [How could this Young Master care about you, even if you died? What difference did it make to this Young Master?]


Filled with anxiety, he turned his head back and called out in fright, “He’s here.”


“What?”  Xie Yun and Xie Yong’s looks both changed greatly as they too turned to look in the direction Xie Hong Wen was staring.  The moment they did so though, they saw Yang Kai slowly walking towards them, a malevolent aura radiating from his form. With every step he trod, it felt like he was stepping on their hearts, causing the trio’s frail nerves to all but break.


“Impossible!”  Xie Yun’s eyes stared in horror and disbelief, “He couldn’t possibly have survived that!”


He knew better than anyone about the power of his artefact’s attack.


Moreover, he had timed his attack perfectly.  Although he didn’t quite understand how Yang Kai was able to escape from that crevice alive, the other party had been fighting non-stop for more than a day so his Saint Qi should have been completely exhausted.  On top of that, Yang Kai’s clothes were tattered and his body scarred all over, looking thoroughly dishevelled, so Xie Yun had launched his attack without hesitation.


Facing such a powerful blow, Xie Yun was confident no one below the Origin Returning Realm could resist!  Even if it was an Origin Realm master, if they weren’t skilled enough in the use of Shi, they would also die to such a sneak attack. The only thing that could resist this crossbow’s strike was the condensed Shi of a powerful Origin Returning Realm master!


However, no matter how much he didn’t believe what he was seeing, the facts in front of him wouldn’t change.  Yang Kai was indeed alive, and the wound he suffered didn’t even seem that significant.


This made Xie Yun, who was already so weak, suddenly lose all strength and collapse to the ground.


[What kind of existence had this stupid pig Xie Hong Wen provoked?  Xie Hong Wen had wanted to exact revenge upon a monster that even my certain kill strike couldn’t defeat?  Even if Xie Hong Wen wanted revenge, why did he have to drag me down with him?]


“Xie Yong… what are you doing?”  Xie Hong Wen suddenly called again.


Xie Yun turned his head weakly to the side and smiled miserably.


Xie Yong had actually escaped without a word.  It seemed that he also understands that this guy named Yang Kai wasn’t someone he should be messing with, so he had decisively fled.  When one’s strength reached a certain height, their ability to sense crisis became quite strong. Xie Yong must have realized this and taken off.


“Xie Yong, you get back here!”  Xie Hong Wen didn’t dare to face Yang Kai, but he had no reason to act polite to Xie Yong, he just wanted to get him to stay behind so he could seek some sense of security, thus he shouted vigorously, “If you dare to escape, when this Young Master gets back he will tell his father and you will face the Family Law’s punishment!”


Xie Yong ignored him and ran even faster.


“Don’t waste your energy.  If you want to survive, run away quickly, if you can that is,” Xie Yun said lightly. He knew he would die here no matter what, so he immediately calmed down greatly and even began to snicker, “En, I’d say it’s impossible for you to run away actually. You’ll die here without a doubt.  Hahaha, I didn’t expect that I, Xie Yun, would have to accompany a stupid pig like you to the Underworld. It’s really a shame!”


In the original plan, after Xie Yun used his certain kill strike, he would depend on Xie Yong’s protection to survive, but now that Xie Yong had fled, even if by some miracle Yang Kai didn’t kill him, there was no way he could survive alone in such a state in the Flowing Flame Sand Field.


Naturally, he didn’t expect Xie Hong Wen to take care of him.


Xie Hong Wen froze up upon hearing this before turning to look at Xie Yun in a rage, “What do you call me?  You dare call this Young Master a stupid pig? You…”


Suddenly, Xie Hong Wen couldn’t say anything more, because he saw this Xie Family disciple, who had always been deferential and obedient toward him was at this moment, staring at him with a look filled with mockery and disdain, it was almost like… he was looking at an ant crawling around the ground, unworthy of even a passing glance.


A whistling sound suddenly rang out, causing Xie Hong Wen to scream and fall to the ground.  When he looked up, he suddenly found Yang Kai standing quietly in front of himself, the pressure coming from him as heavy as a mountain.


The atmosphere in the Flowing Flame Sand Field was incredibly hot, but right now, all Xie Hong Wen could feel was an infinite chill, as if he had fallen into a frozen hell that could even freeze his soul, causing him to tremble uncontrollably.


A loud dragon roar suddenly filled the air and Xie Hong Wen’s eyes widened as he saw a black dragon leap out from Yang Kai body and soar off in the direction of the escaping Xie Yong.


A short while later, Xie Yong’s shouts and the sounds of battle reached Xie Hong Wen’s ears.


Gradually, the fallout from this battle became smaller and Xie Yong’s shouts grew weaker, eventually disappearing.


The black dragon then swiftly returned and disappeared inside Yang Kai’s body.


There was no need to even think about it, Xie Hong Wen knew that Xie Yong was gone.  Xie Hong Wen suddenly began weeping as he stared at Yang Kai with an imploring look. His lips wriggled a few times, seemingly wanting to beg for mercy but unable to make any sound.


His courage had been completely drained at this moment.


Yang Kai stared back at Xie Hong Wen, his eyes ice-cold, like he was staring at a disgusting piece of garbage, angry this kind of waste had actually brought people to ambush him and had even managed to wound him.


“You managed to survive last time only because of Qian Tong’s mercy, but unfortunately you didn’t cherish that gift. Since you court death, I’ll help deliver it to you!”  Yang Kai was too lazy to continue staring at Xie Hong Wen’s disgusting face and simply sent out a burst of Demonic Flame to engulf him, burning him to ashes in the blink of an eye.


From the beginning to the end, Xie Hong Wen had never thought about putting up some kind resistance, it was really a wonder why he had even bothered cultivating all these years.


The Demonic Flames were capable of burning everything in existence, so even Xie Hong Wen’s Soul was burnt down, literally destroying him in body and soul.


Yang Kai then turned to Xie Yun.  This person was actually a bit interesting. Even knowing he would die, he didn’t show the slightest bit of fear, only some slight shock when Xie Yong had died.


He hadn’t expected that Yang Kai would be able to kill Xie Yong without even having to make a move personally.


The difference in strength between them was even bigger than he had imagined!


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